Actor Bagavathy Perumal Profile and Biography

 Bagavathy Perumal Profile and Biography

Town: Thingal Sandhai near Nagarcoil, Kanyakumari district

Dad - BSNL 

Tamil actor Bagavathi Perumal Profile and Biography

School: up to 4th std Scott Christian School

up to 8th Subbiah Nadar Govt School, Virudhu Nagar

up to 12th Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam

B Tech in Production Technology in MIT, Chennai

Fun character, 

Interest : Sports

Passed Engineering with 6.54 which is First Class

He got interest to act in cinemas when he was studying 8th standards. 

He believes that the Ramayana and Mahabaratha stories said by his grandfather when he was younger than 6 years old is the reason for him to enter Tamil cinema. 

His mother was a movie buff that she goes to the movies with her friends every Friday. She was a fan of Shivaji and never miss any movies in those days in the form of VCR too. She has seen almost 1000 movies in 3 years time that he bought VCR for her. 

In those days he used to think a lot of movies. He has a habit of watching the interviews of directors on the DD channel ( TV ). He had the desire of becoming a director when he was young before 8 th standard. His father has said that he should complete a degree either in Engineering or Medical and then he can go to the movies. Bhagavathi followed what his father said. After completing Engineering, he went back to his father and got permission from his father to join as an assistant director any director. 

At the end of engineering, Bhagavathy was referred by his college mate to meet Prem who was working with director Alphonse. 

Initially, Prem advised Bhagavathi and said him not to enter Cinema for one hour and Bhagavathi explained to him back on said that he wants to enter the cinema for more than 6 hours. Also, Prem explained to him to write a resume. 

Then Bhagavathi chose Maniratnam, Shankar, Bala, Bharathi Raja, Balu Mahendra to meet and ask a chance to become an assistant director. 

Then Bhagavathi went to Mani Ratnam office and gave his resume and then he gave his resume to Bala office and talked with someone there for half an hour. For that, Bala has written back a rejection letter with his own hand. 

In Shankar's office, the resume of Bhagavathi was thrown away. 

In Balu Magendran office, he saw Vetri Maaran director ( he was not famous then ). Then Balu Magendra has called Bagavathi inside and talked about his education and the books he has read. Then Balu Magendra referred 25 books to Bhagavathi. It gave high energy for him as he has met one of the best directors in cinema. Balu Magendra saw his resume and said that he will call him again after an year when he does a movie ( Raman Abdullah ). 

Then Bhagavathi got a chance to work in Kannada movie as an assistant director through Prem. In his first movie, one day, the director Karthik Raghunath called him and scolded him not to be reading newspaper and to work in the set. He saw that all the technicians hugged the director of that movie at the last day of the director. 

Then he worked in Kaaka Kaaka movie as an assistant Director. Also, he has got a chance to attend an interview to work with Shankar as assistant director. Shankar has said to write anything about the movie Robot having a scientist, his girlfriend, and a robot. Think whatever and write and give back before 8 o clock. 

Then he continued working with Kaaka Kaaka movie. Arivazhagan is the roommate of another assistant director Manikandan who was working in Kaaka Kaaka movie. Bhagavathi had many discussions with Arivazhagan, Magizh Thirumeni, and others occasionally about Cinema. 

Before Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom he had the mindset of leaving the cinema if nothing big happens this time also. At that time, he said a story to a producer and he referred Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kanom movie as the story said by Bhagavathi was not satisfactory to the producer. Then only, the director Balaji chose Bhagavathi as the actor for that movie. 

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