05 December 2019

Tamil Actress Vadivukkarasi Latest Interview

Actress Vadivukkarasi has given her experience in a video statement to one of the leading Tamil Website. In her statement she said as follows:
Tamil actress Vadivukkarasi in Sigappu Rojakkal

My native place is Ranipet situated near Vellore. My father name is Shanmugam, interested in Cinema. He is financing for Cinema, also acting in small characters in movies. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the entire family has migrated to Chennai. Leading film director A.P.Nagarajan is my uncle. This means he is my mother's elder sister's husband. Even though it is very hard to go to theater to see movie. I started to continue my school studies. But due to family situation unable to complete my studies. But have studied up to PUC.
After stopping my studies I have started to work. During which I have worked as anchor for the programme Kanmanippoonka in Doordarshan and I have been paid RS.75/- as salary per programme. Also I have worked as a teacher for a salary of RS.75/-. In the meantime I worked as Designer for sarees in shop. The owner of the design shop told me that Connimara Hotel is recruiting and asked me to apply for that job and have worked at Cannimara Hotel. In this situation, I already got chance to act in movies.I have been approached to act in Director Bharathiraja's movie.

That was Kilakke Pogum Rail. But I have been told that I am too lean. But I was continuing in my work without giving attention to act in movies. During this period, my life was going in work at Cannimara Hotel and Kanmanippoonka. When I was at my work at Cannimara, I have been informed that my father has come to see me. But I informed in thinking that he won't come here to see me. Producer KRG and his Manager came there to see me. They approached me to act in two scenes of Bharathiraja's next movie in which Kamal Hassan is acting. But I refused to act. But my co-workers at Doordarshan told me and advised me that every one is searching with their album in hand for chance to act in movies and accept it when it comes on its own without rejecting it. I got fear to tell at my house that I am going to act. I went to acting after informing in house that I am going for work. I have been costumed and my eyebrows has been removed, but I don't know anything about it. I acted with Kamal Sir with as if some one is asked me that are you the daughter of A.P. Nagarajan.

Packiyaraj Sir only taught my dialogues to me. That movie was Sikappu Rojakkal and was released in the year 1978. On the next day when I saw me in mirror, my eyebrows were missing. But I went to my work with masking my forehead by my hand. I was avoiding my mother as she should not see my eyebrows. Bharathiraja has send a person to my house and asked me to come for shooting as I have to act in a scene. But without any anxiety my father told that man that my daughter won't do any acting and advised that man to go to four house next to our home where a women is living who is acting in Y.G.P.'s dramas. The person gone back and reported this to Director. The director shouted and told them to carry the photo and approach me. They were having the stills of me with Goundamani acting in that movie. Similarly they were having the stills of me coming out from Kamal sir's room with wearing stylish hand bag on my shoulder and shown those still at home and told that they need this girl. That's all, my father was in severe angry upon me reaching home from my work. My father told me all this and asked me. I said no. But he showed me all those stills, then I said yes by shaking my head. Then I got severe beating from my father and he threatened and shouted at me that he will hang himself. But my mother interfered and stopped this. Finally Vadivukkarasi told that this is her entry into the acing has taken place.

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