10 November 2017

Tamil movie Aram - Casts and Crew, Story line and Review

Tamil actress Nayantara - Aram
Tamil movie Aram Review:

This movie is not a normal Nayantara movie. It has a lot of social messages for society.

With the above mentioned bottom line, we shall look about the movie Aram in detailed;

Aram  movie conveys a lot of useful thoughts, mandatory thoughts like - most of the cities in India has the latest things like smart phones, laptops, 3G, 4G but not the basic thing - Water to drink.
Huge importance has been given in this movie for the dialogues.

Even though this movie gives impact such as watching a TV news channel, this movie has very strong and deep messages to get conveyed. But when we watch with full engagement, this movies does not have any screen frame / dialogue as unnecessary for the script of the  movie and for  society.

Another notable thing in Tamil movie Aram is, even though there are many familiar faces in this movie, they are seem to be new faces / native people of the places shown in those scenes.

The presentation in this movie has made the audience to feel the depth of sorrow of people with strong dialogues and simple presentation.

The first 5 minutes of the movie itself has conveyed the color of the movie by using, the words such as democracy, power politics etc.,

The technical things like, lighting, music, and cinematography have made the audience to feel the fear of the people who live in those places.

As additional power for this movie, the effective script, dialogue and direction of this movie has helped the movie to reach a different level.

One of the effective dialogues of this movie is - Please ask some one to give vaccine drops not to get thirsty.

Another minute thing in this movie is the importance given for the Rocket Cake - you will understand Rocket cake when watching the movie. Also the scene when showing the happiness of people living around Shri hari kotta when India launches rocket.

A deep impact is given by the director by more intesed scenes and dialogues in this movie.

Tamil movie Aram - Casts and Crew:

Main lead female role ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Nayantara

Other actors of Tamil movie Aramm - Ramesh , vignesh ( acted prior in Tamil movie Kaakka Muttai ), sunu Lakshmi, Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan etc.,

Director of Aram movie - Gopi Nainar

Producer of Tamil movie Aram - Kotapadi J Rajesh

Music director of Tamil movie Aram - Gibran

Cinematography of Tamil movie Aram - Om Prakash

Editor - Ruben

Release date of Tamil movie Aram - 10 November 2017

Tamil movie Aram - Basic Story :

Basic story of Tamil movie Aram is based on a story that  child is getting trapped in a deep bore well and was that child saved or not is the remaining story of the movie.

The role of Tamil actress nayantara in Tamil movie Aram is the collector of that area where that bore well located.

Interesting fact about tamil movie Aram director is - he is the one who claimed that the story of Tamil movie Kaththi as his story.

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