Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor MGR ( M G Rama Chandran )

             REVOLUTIONARY- Magnanimous Gigantic Revolutionary

MGR as he is popularly known, the late charismatic Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and a matinee idol  for millions of movie buffs was born M.G Ramachandran. His earlier movies showed him as M.G. Ramachander in the title cards.He later became (nick names of Tamil actor M G Ramachandran ) Vaadhyaar, Makkal Thilakam and ultimately Puratchi Thalaivar.

His is a rags to riches story.. until he reached the pinnacle of glory...

Early life of Tamil actor MGR

Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran ( Real name of tamil actor MGR) was born to Mr.Melakkad.Gopala  Menon and Marudur SathyaBhama ( parents of tamil actor MGR )in Kandy ( birth place of tamil actor MGR) in January 17,1917 ( date of birth of tamil actor MGR ) . Due to the untimely demise of Mr. Gopala Menon, his poor mother was compelled to return to her  native Kumbakonam with her two sons M.G.Chakrapani and M.G. Ramachandran. Unable to make both ends meet she sent  her sons to the  Madurai Original Boys company headed by Mr Kandasami Mudaliar.The boys were trained to act in the various plays staged by the troupe continuoulsy.MGR dedicated himself in all the activities of the troupe.

Filmography of Tamil actor MGR

In 1935, MGR got his  first break in the celluloid world after years of toil in the movie Sathi Leelavathi where he had played a minor role.The climb to the top wasn't easy at all. It was inch by inch, nay millimeter by millimeter.After more than a decade of struggle he made it as the hero in the film RAJAKUMARI in 1947 , which turned out to be a hit. Manthiri Kumari followed Rajakumari ..or success followed success rather. As they say History repeated itself ..but." N" number of times in M.G.R's case. For his success rate is the highest ever in the Tamil film Industry.He has an amazing track record in the box office with very few failures.

...Now a different Hero had arrived..for the Tamil films - a fair muscular handsome young man with a robust physique-  a charismatic personality..with exceptional sword fighting skills.

His movies were all fast paced..action oriented..entertainers and money spinners for the distributors and producers.The songs of his movies with catchy numbers had motivating lyrics.Even the titles of his movies were different and  inspiring  with a  message.

He was a  master of all trades in the movie world. He knew the A to Z of film  making and dedicated himself totally - right from the launch to the release of all his movies even if he didn't direct or produce them.He made the worrying common man outside the theater a very happy man watching his movies.

Thus were born several super duper hits and block blusters like like Alibaabavum Naarpathu Tirudarkalum,Madurai Veeran, Naadodi Mannan, Manaathi Mannan,  Aairathil Oruvan,Adimai  Penn, Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban and Maatukaara Velan  to name a few.

The Matinee idol image of his was built brick by brick meticulously.--The common man's  Man -MGR  the succour - the action hero had modelled himself on the then Hollywood Superstar Douglas FAIR BANKS, his childhood inspiration.

He always portrayed characters who were highly moral  with exemplary character and  who had no vices at all..He was always the good samaritan , an ideal son groomed so well by a single parent mother against all odds. He would fight against all evils in any form and  fight for the  cause  of the down ridden and emerge victorious ultimately.He neither displayed any vices in his movies nor did he take to  any of them  in real life too.He had thus perfected the image of the current day Superstar, Mega star or the Ultimate star for his successors to follow his foot steps rather smoothly.

He was  a philanthropist who contributed for several worthy causes.During the Chinese agression he  had donated Rs 75000/- for the war fund . Any one who went to his house never returned hungry.He was well known for his MAGNANIMOUS hospitality and generosity.

 His term as the Preisdent of the THEN (South) INTHIYA NADIAGAR SANGAM  was a golden period  for the sangam..  

He took utmost care of  the enitre crew of his movies including the light boys. He would ensure that every one was treated equally. Many times he ate along with them.

 Though he had paired with several top heroines during their peak periods the following were his best pair at various points of time - V.N Janaki ( his wife to be later ), Bhanumathy, Saroja Devi, J.Jayalalitha, Manjula and Latha.

Highlights of Tamil Actor MGR Movies

He acted in the first ever colour movie of the South - Alibaabvum Naarpathu Thirudarkalum.

His movie Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban was the first tamil film to be shot in Japan and Thailand . It had broken all box office records then.

His movie Naadodi Mannan was in  color from the second  half introducing the Heroine Saroja Devi.
His movies Madurai Veeran ( 1956 ) netted 10 millions and Naadodi Mannan ( 1958) netted 11 millions.

He used cinema as a medium to propagate his political and social views. It greatly helped  him shape his political aspirations to success which would later inspire many to follow his footsteps.He served successfully as M.L.A. for 5 terms successively and as the  Chief  Minister of Tamilnadu from 1977 till his demise in 1987( except for a brief period when his Government was dismissed by the center and President's rule was in force in the state) heading his party  the AIADMK. The free noon meal scheme for School children during his tenure was  lauded by all.

He had won the Bharat Award for best actor in Indian films for his  performance in the film Rickshakaran besides winning the award for best actor of  TamilNadu and that of  Filmfare  He was also conferred with an honorary Doctorate by the Madras University. and the World University, ARIZONA ( 1974).He was given the Bharat Ratna Award- the highest honour for an Indian, posthumously for his overall contributions

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