05 October 2014

Tamil movie Yaan - Casts and Crew, Complete Story and Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie Yaan in which Tamil actor Jeeva has done the main male role ( Hero ) and Tamil actress Thulasi has done the main female role ( Heroin ) under the direction of Ravi K Chandran. Before going to the story and review about the movie Yaan, we shall see the Casts and Crew of the movie.
Tamil actor Jiiva/ Jeeva and Tamil Actress Thulasi Nair
For Tamil movie Yaan

Tamil movie Yaan - Casts and crew:

Main Male role of Yaan - Tamil actor Jeeva

Main female role of Yaan ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Thulasi Nair

Other actors in Tamil movie Yaan - Thambi Ramaiyah; Karunakaran, Nasser, Jaya Prakash and Bose Venkat.

Director - Tamil cinema director Ravi K Chandran

Producer - Elred Kumar

Music - Tamil cinema music director Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography - Manush Nandan

Basic Story of Tamil movie Yaan:

The movie starts with an introduction to the Villain of the movie ( actor Nawab Shah ) that he is one of the dangerous International Terrorists have been searched by the Mumbai police and the police plans to do en counter on Nawab Shah. Then the hero introduction scene ( Tamil actor Jeeva ) happens that Jeeva telling about a gun shooting scene he saw on the way and he is adding that he saw his dream girl ( Tamil actress Thulasi ) with visual that Jeeva saves Thulasi from the gun shooing event. At the end of the rescue event of Thulasi by Jeeva from the gun shooting, the commissioner of police ( Jaya Prakash ) looks at Jeeva and Thulasi being together. Then Jeeva is doing so many flirting activities with Thulasi that he is going to all the places she goes, and as she is working as a Trainer in a driving school, Jeeva used to go to the driving schools too to play pranks with Thulasi..

Tamil actor Jeeva and actress Thulasi for a
Video song from Tamil movie Yaan

On the other hand, Tamil Rishi ( acted in the Tamil movie Payanam as a doctor passenger ) is a relation of Tamil actress Thulasi and he hates the love between Thulasi and Jeeva completely. Once, Rishi plays a game in the love between Jeeva and Thulasi that he urges the father of Thulasi ( Tamil actor Nasser ) by knowing that Jeeva does not have any job in hand and their love will be a flop if Jeeva meets Nasser. Just like how Rishi figures, the conclusion of the meeting of Jeeva with Nasser becomes a flop that Nasser tells some strong negative words to Jeeva about the salary of Jeeva etc.,

Then Jeeva takes a decision on finding a good job with his MBA degree to prove his love on Thulasi to Nasser at the same time, he stops talking with Thulasi also by thinking that she supports her father and Rishi. At a moment, Jeeva gets a job in Bajaghazthan which is a very strict Muslim country especially with the sentence that, Carrying drugs to Bajaghazthan is a death sentence. After landing to that country, Bajaghazthan, Jeeva gets into a deep trouble that the police of Bajaghazthan finds drug from the luggage of Jeeva and his co passenger. Then the police arrests Jeeva and get him to the court At the court, Judge gives him punishment of getting sword cut on the neck to death in front of the public people of the country.

After that whether got released from that drug case or not? How that drug bag came to his bag? Who is the head behind this drug smuggling? what is the reaction from Tulasi when she hears about the death penalty for Jeeva? are teh questions answered in the climax of the Tamil movie Yaan.

Tamil movie Yaan Review:

We could easily smell that this movie is the out put from the director whose blood has cinematography. Because each and every frame of this movie attracts our eyes and getting us to the place of the event. Especially the scenes of Jeeva saves Thulasi from that gun shooting place that the scene has shown that Ravi K Chandran is the king of Cinematography with the combination of the cinematographer of the movie Yaan, Manush Nandan, Not only this scene, but also all the songs coming at the first half of the movie are with full of excellent colors making us (the audience) to get the feel of entering a colorful art gallery.
Tamil actor Jeeva profile photo at the
Second half of Tamil movie Yaan

The basic story line is a heavy one that starts with jolly Jeeva and Thulasi love, moves towards the grey colored situation that Nasser talks with Jeeva about the unemployment of Jeeva and the story gets into the black situations that Jeeva getting captured to the Bazhagasthan police and at the end, the movie finishes with the sandal colored desert climax. The feel when Jeeva spends in the jail of Bazaghasthan is not letting us to move away from the screen and sit tight to know what will be the next. The link of the villain from the first half with the second half is also an unpredictable one.

With the music of Tamil music director Harris Jayaraj, all the songs of Tamil movie Yaan are fine and staying on the lips of the audience even after coming out of the theater. Also the back ground music at the situations where the cinematography has been at the high class level, is giving more color to the feel of those scenes. These scenes are making us to think that, the movies like Yaan must be seen only in theaters for sure. Watching these scenes in a TV or other domestic devices will never ever give the joy of seeing this movie in theaters with high visual techniques, The acting of all the casts of the movie are well established that Tamil actor Jeeva has done his part good by giving more value for his character with his acting skill. Tamil actress Thulasi looks like she has got nice development in her acting especially in her scenes in Bazhagasthan. Then all the other actors like, Thambi Ramaiyan, Nasser and others have acted well.

Over all -Tamil movie Yaan is a movie must be watched by all the Tamil cinema fans and it is a worth paying movie.

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