List of Tamil movies releasing in October 2014 ( Diwali ) and November 2014

Usually we ( Tamil Cinema audience ) call the movies coming with high budget in production as the big movies and the movies coming with the low budget in the production as small movies. On the other hand we have a normal opinion that all the Tamil movies shall be categorized as the big movies and small movies only after the release of the movie and we have been seeing the losing big movies and Super hit low budget movies too. But after seeing the result of a movie in Box office / collection, most of us do not talk about the movies with the language of big movies and small movies, we ( Tamil cinema audience ) only as the Super hit movies and average movies only.

By the date today, we have a few number of movies in the List of Upcoming Big Tamil movies in October 2014 and November 2014 as follows;

1. Tamil movie Kaththi

This movie is coming by having Tamil actor Vijay as hero, Samantha as Heroin under the direction of A R Muruga doss with the music of Harris Jayaraj.

2. Tamil movie I

Tamil movie I - is coming by having Tamil actor Vikram as Hero and actress Amy Jackson as heroin under the direction of Tamil cinema director Shankar with the music of A R Rahman.

3. Tamil movie Kaaviyaththalaivan
Tamil movie Kaaviya Thalaivan - releasing on November 2014

In this movie, Tamil actor Sidharth has done the hero role and actress Vedhika has done the heroin role under the direction of Vasantha Balan who gave Super hit Tamil movie Angadi Theru earlier with the music of A R Rahman.

4. Tamil movie Uththama Villain

In this movie Tamil actor Kamala Hassan has done the hero role in which Tamil actresses Andrea Jeremiah and Pooja Kumar are doing the double heroin roles under the direction of Ramesh Aravind ( who has acted in many Tamil movies and a good industrial friend of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan ). Tamil music director Ghibran has done the music for Uththama Villain.

5. Tamil movie Poojai

In this movie, Tamil actor Vishal has done the hero role and actress Shruti Hassan has done the heroin role under the direction of Tamil cinema director Hari whose previous movies like, Singam and Singam 2 are mega hit movies in the box office. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director for this movie.

As per the previous reports, we have got the situation as if only two number of Big movies in Tamil namely Poojai and Kaththi will be released as the Diwali 2014 Tamil movie releases and all the other, above mentioned Tamil movies will be released in the month of November 2014 only. So far the big and most expected Tamil movies, Kaaviyaththalaivan, Shankar's I and Uththama Villain are to get released in the month of November 2014 for sure. Probably we can expect these three movies to get released at the second week of the month November 2014. As Tamil movie Uththama Villain is Tamil actor Kamal Hassan's acting movie, we can expect this movie to get released at November 07th of 2014 as that is the birth date of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan.

Tamil actor Vishal and actress Shruti Hassan in
Tamil movie Poojai

Following by the Tamil movie Uththama Villain, we ( Tamil cinema fans ) can expect the release of the movies, Kaaiya Thalaivan and Shankar's I. As we know, the director of Tamil movie Kaaviya thalaivan, Vasantha Balan is none other than the one who was working as the assistant director of Tamil cinema director Shankar once. So, if the release of both the movie of Vasnatha balan Kaaviya thalaivan and Shankar's I getting released on a same day, then the situation would be the competition between the Guru ( Master ) and the student on a same field at a time.

On the other hand, if both the movies, Poojai and Kathi got Super hit, then getting Cinema theaters to show these november releasing Tamil movies like Uththama Villain, Kaaviya Thalaivan and I would be difficult up to November second week. As there are only 1000 number of Cinema theaters in Tamilnadu ( approximate number ) and among them Kaththi team has planned for releasing the movie in 400 theaters and Poojai has planned for 300 theaters. So only if these two ( Kaththi and Poojai ) finished running in those theaters, the other movies can be released in those 700 number of theaters. So it is looking like the release of the Tamil movies, I, Uthama Villan and Kaaviya thalaivan are depending on the results of the Diwali 2014 released movies.

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