Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Arjun

Tamil Actor Arjun Profile Photo
Personal details of Tamil actor Action King Arjun:

Name: Arjun;

Mother tongue of Tamil actor Arjun : Kannada

Education :B.Sc

Father name : J.C.Ramaswamy

Mother name: Lakshmi devi

Favourite colour: lemon yellow

Brother name : Kishor

Children names of Tamil Actor Arjun : Aiswarya and Anjana

Tamil Actor Arjun Wife Name : Niveditha

Contact address of Tamil actor Arjun:

108, g n chetty road
T nagar chennai

Hobbies: play with his children

Date of Birth of Tamil actor Arjun : 15-aug-1964 and the current age of Arjun is 50

Favourite actors :  Karthik and Tamil Actor kamal

Favourite actress : kajol

Awards won by Tamil actor Action King Arjun:

Tamilnadu state best actor award for Tamil movie - Gentleman

Filmfare award best actor for Gentleman

Filmy Career of Tamil actor Action King Arjun:

In 1985 to 1989
          Tamil actor Arjun acted around 130 films in tamil industry. In 1985 to 1988 his many movies was not succeed and then he do direct the film and acted that films.Arjun is one of the best producers in these times. He is basically a hanuman baktha. Now he built temple of hanuman in height 32 meter in chennai.

Best actor Award for Gentleman:

  Arjun performed best actor at Gentle man (Tamil director Shanker's first movie) In this film his dialogue was famoused. This film  educational lock in Tamilnadu. One of the best films in his career is rhythm.

Arjun did more Tamil films released per year in between 1990's and 2006.

Even though his co actors falling in the industry, Tamil Actor Arjun has been standing in his stage for action movies only.

The latest movies of Arjun are Vana Udhdham and Moondru per moonru kadhal.

Kanada films of Arjun:

Arjun did some kannada films too. Latest kanada film of Arjun,  prasad has got screening for 50th day.It is played in berlin award function.

Aim of Arjun before entering Tamil cinema industry:

Arjun has wanted to become a police officer. He has passed exam but due to some reason he did not go for police job. He started action role in films he has block belt in karate .He knows kunfu.

Arjun Personnel Life:

Arjun has done love marriage He has two children (names mentioned above).
His wife is also a female actress in Kannada film.

Total number of movies directed by Arjun so far - 12 films.(include tamil and kannada)

Total number of films produced by Arjun are,  5  Tamil and kannada

Mani rathanm film -acting arjun

Then Arjun acted together with Tamil actor Aravind Saamy under the direction of Mani rathanam in the movie namely Kadal . The role of Arjun in the movie Kadal was a complete negative one resembling with the Saathaan of the holy bible. And then Arjun has been acting more films in malayalam and telungu languages.

Others details about Tamil actor Arjun:

Arjun is not interest in politics and he is interest in aanmikam hanumann bakthi. His film shows his talent of karate and hanuman bakthi. In vana yutham he acted as tamil nadu police officer .Story about that veerapppan early life to death. Tamil actor Arjun is interested in boxing, internet browsing, book reading.

He do collector role in the Tamil film -vanavil. He showed his six packs in 1987. He shows his six packs latest Tamil movie durai also.Really he is the first six packs in tamilnadu industry nobody can forget that.As a shunt Supervisior in film giri directed by sundar c. Arjun's favouite director: also sundar. Tamil actor Arjun's favourite body builder is the hollywood actor, Arnold Schwashnekar.

Favourite dress of Arjun is gipa

Favourite food of Arjun: chicken fry

Total number of movies done by Action king - Arjun is 200 films all over languages in india. His vedham film is go to bollywood. He act bollywood remake the vedham directed by arjun.

Special characters of Tamil actor Arjun:

Tamil Actor Arjun is basically kind hearted. He has done many helps for the financially backward peoples.

Guest roles done by Tamil actor Arjun:

Arjun did guest role appearance in Tamil movie mankatha. The role of Arjun in the movie Mankatha is a negative role too as the cop friend of the role of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar in that movie. It is well proved his style directed by venkat prabu.In Tamil movie mankatha 2 he will doing same role as mankatha 1 .

Another guest role in sTamil movie Suyamvaram. It is a guiness record Tamil film that, the whole shoots of the movie was done in a single day.. Arjun did another guest role and dual hero role in kuruthi punal.

Tamil cinema industry friends of Tamil actor Arjun:

Kamal haasan
Tamil actor Navarasa Naayagan Karthik

Presently Tamil actor Arjun is acting villian role in mani ratham film. In this film hero is karthik (navarasa nayakan) 's  son.Named as movie kadal.Another up coming movies om, Vana yutham(real story) His first film name nandri.His best friend name comedian gowndamani. He spend more time for free hours with gowndamani.

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