22 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Jeeva

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Jeeva
Tamil actor Jeeva
At this page, I have taken the topic of the Profile and Biography of one of the famous, talented Tamil actors, Jeeva. Jeeva is also a Tamil actor who has come to act in the Tamil movies with cinema background that, his father is a famous Tamil cinema director namely, R. B. Choudary, owns the Production Company Super Good Films. The entry of actor Jeeva into the Tamil film industry was in the year 1996. Not only the father of Jeeva, his brother also a Tamil actor he is none other than Githan Ramesh.

Profile of Tamil actor Jeeva:

 Real name of Tamil actor Jeeva is Amar. As we have seen above, the name of Father of Jeeva is Mr. r. b. Choudary. Tamil actor Jeeva’s birth date and age is 04th January 1984 and 27. Birth place of Jeeva is Chennai, Tamilnadu.

The siblings of Jeeva are totally 4. 

The first elder brother of Tamil actor Jeeva is Suresh who is one of the Co-producers of Super Good Films. 

His second brother is an entrepreneur in the steel industry. 

Another brother of Tamil actor Jeeva is Jithan Ramesh. Jitthan Ramesh has acted in some Tamil movies as a hero and he is one of the contestants in Tamil Bigg Boss season 4 - 2020 ( a reality show on Star Vijay TV ).

The name of the wife of Jeeva is Supriya married in November 2007. 

Jeeva has a son who born in October 2010.

The nickname of Tamil actor Jeeva is Pal Pandi.

Even though Jeeva was born in Chennai, his native place is Rajasthan.

The Mother tongue of Jeeva is Hindi.

Education of Jeeva is, Adarsh, T.Nagar (Multimedia Graphics course).
Factor Actor of Jeeva: Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Sharukh Khan, Nana Patekar, Rajini, Kamal.

Favorite Actresses of Tamil actor Jeeva: Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Manisha, Karishma, Sridevi Boney Kapoor.

Favorite Music Director of Jeeva: A.R.Rahman, Harris Jeyaraj.

Favorite Film Director of Jeeva: James Cameroon, Mel Gibson, Ashtosh Gowrikar, Farhan Akthar, Mani Rathnam, Vikraman, Shankar.

Favorite Singer of Jeeva: Mettalica, Kumar Sanu, Unni Krishnan.

Favorite Movies of Jeeva : Philadelphia, Dil Chatha Hai, Alai Payudhae.

Favorite Color of Jeeva: Black and White.

Favorite Food of Tamil actor Jeeva: Delicious South Indian dishes, his mom's preparation, burgers, pizzas.

Favorite Sports of Jeeva: Badminton, Cricket.

Filmography of Tamil actor Jeeva:

In the beginning, Jeeva acted as one of many actors with some fantasy based on usual formulas in acting. But then, he got his own way step by step and as one of the results from his dedication and nice acting performance is his accepted opportunity in one of the biggest Tamil Directors, Shankar in Nanban. Lets have a look at the brief Filmography of Tamil actor Jeeva.

Acting Career of Tamil actor Jeeva:
The debut movie of Tamil actor Jeeva is, Tamil movie Suryavamsam as a Child artist. Then he got introduced as a main hero in Aasai Aasaiyai which is one of the movies from Super Good Films own by his father, R. b. Choudhary in the year 2003. Jeeva had done the role of a normal teenager who falls in love with a girl by seeing her on the road. Then this love story mixes with the family of Jeeva and his childhood life. How Jeeva gets succeeded in that love stands as the climax of this movie. Then,Jeeva acted in the movie, Thithikkudhe. In this movie, the Tamil actress Sri Devi had done the pairing role of Jeeva. This was with a triangular love story. In both of the first two movies of Jeeva, he had done normal Tamil hero roles. But even in those very first movies, Jeeva had shown his nice dance performance in the songs like “Jean-Jean”, Hey penne thirumbi paaru songs.
But the third movie of Tamil actor Jeeva, Raam was entirely different from the first 2 films of Jeeva. This was a film from one of the great Tamil directors of this generation, Ameer. In the movie Raam, the acting of Jeeva was excellent. He had done the role of a tenant who has full of his affection with his mother (Tamil actress Saranya). At a stage of the movie Raam, Saranya gets murdered by her student, but the suspect falls on Jeeva by the police. The climax of Raam shows how Jeeva kills the student who killed his mother. The Tamil actress Kajala had done the pairing role of Jeeva in this movie. The way of moving the story of this movie was nice by the different directions of Ameer and the action of Jeeva was talked about years in this movie. Also, his acting was recognized and given the “Cyprus International film Festival Award for Best Actor".
At the same year of release of Raam (2005), Jeeva acted in another successful movie namely Dishyum. This fourth movie of Tamil actor Jeeva got a commercial hit in the Tamilnadu Theaters because of the nice different story. The story of Dishum was mainly about the risky life of Stunt actors in films. Jeeva had lived as a Stunt actor for this movie is not a big word to explain. The Tamil actress Sandhya had done the pairing role with Jeeva in this movie. In addition to the stunt actors' story, Dishyum had included the story of the fire Service employees. The director of Dishyum, Sasi had shown in this movie very clearly the troubles and risks being faced by those professionals.
In the year 2006, Tamil actor Jeeva acted totally in 5 numbers of movies. The first one was a Malayalam movie. Then actor Jeeva acted in the Tamil movie Aran in which, Gopika had done the pairing role with Jeeva. The movie Aran didn’t go well from the point of the commercial. The next movie of Jeeva was, E directed by one of the famous Tamil directors, Jananathan. In this movie, Jeeva had done the role of a rowdy, low-class guy who does anything for money (Even a murder). In this movie also Jeeva had done a nice performance-oriented role. The first half of this movie was with the comedy scenes of Jeeva. The presence of one of the Tamil actresses, Nayanthara had made the first of this movie a colorful one even though the story moves in a slum. The second half of this movie said a very strong message of awareness for the audience about the medical lines, which was very new for the audience in fact.
After doing a rough role in E, Jeeva signed in the Tamil movie Pori, in which he had done a jolly role with the Tamil actress Pooja. The whole movie was entertaining things.
In the year 2007, Jeeva acted in the movie Katradhu Tamil (which was renamed from Tamil M.A). This movie was also with a strong message with its line. In this movie, Jeeva had done the role of a psychopath who kills much normal public who does some social mistakes like ignoring the Tamil language, tempt ting the boys in the name of modern culture, etc., In this movie, the Tamil actress Anjali had done the pairing role of Jeeva. The songs from this movie got hit. One of those best is, “Paravaye engu irukkiraai? In the same year, Jeeva acted in the movie, Rameshwaram.
In the year 2008, Jiiva acted in one single movie, namely Thenavattu. In this movie, Jeeva had done the full flow of action role. In this movie, Tamil actress Poonam Paajva had done the main female role. In the year 2009, Jeeva acted in a single movie, Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS). This is my favorite movie among the movies of Jeeva. Because Jeeva had done his excellent part in the complete comedy based story of this movie. The comedy scenes Jeeva had done with Tamil actress Anuya in this movie were admirable. The song “oru kal oru kannaadi” from this movie under the music direction of Yuvan Shankar got a giant hit in those days.  
Followed by the super hit of SMS, Jeeva acted in Kacheri aarambam again with Poonam Bajwa. In this movie, the songs were nice too. In the year 2010, Jeeva acted in 3 movies namely Boss Engira Bhaskaran, singam Puli, and Ko. In the first one, Boss Engira Bhaskaran, Jeeva had done the guest apprearance as he had worked with the director of Boss Engira Bhaskaran already in SMS. The main role of Boss engira Bhaskaran was done by Tamil actor Arya. The Superhit movie of Jeeva in the year 2010 was, Ko in which he had done the biggest roles of his acting career. In this movie, he had done the role of a press Cameraman who helps his college friend to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. But with the continuous twists in the story of Ko, Jeeva comes to know that the friend to whom he has been helping to get the peak position of the State is not a good man and having a link with Terrorists and a pure selfish man. At the climax of this Tamil movie, Ko gets in the scene how Jeeva kills his friend, Tamil actor Ajmal. The acting of the Tamil actresses, Tapsee Bannu and Pia Pajbai were talking fully.
In the year 2011, Tamil actor Jeeva acted in a couple of movies namely Rowthiram and Vandhaa vendraan. In the movie rowthiram, Tamil actress Shriya Sharan had done the role of heroin. The song from Rowthiram, Maalai magnum neram got a super hit from this movie. To tell you about the movie Vandhaan Vendraan, this movie is a different kind of brother's affection showing the story. The song, “Kaanchana maala” got a super hit among the songs of the Tamil movie, Vandhaan Vendraan.
Then Jeeva acted in the movie Mugamoodi under the direction of Myskin. In this movie, Jeeva did the role of a Superhero pairing with Pooja Hedge. Jiiva's role in the movie Muhamoodi was a Karate expert who lives a normal life and the story gets the role of a Super hero saving many people from a mob of maphia. Jiiva did his best by maintaining his physique as a Karate man and as a Superhero too.

In the year 2013 Jiiva movie Endrendrum punnagai got released and ran successfully. In the movie Endrendrum Punnagai, Jiiva paired with Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan and Andrea Jeremiah. In this movie, Jiiva did his excellent acting with Tamil actor Vinay and Santhanam.

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