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22 August 2014

Complete Story and Review of Tamil movie Anjaan

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we are going to see about the Tamil movie Anjaan in which Tamil actor Surya and Tamil actress Samantha have acted under the direction of Lingusaamy.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Anjaan:

Main male role of Anjaan has been done by Tamil actor Surya

Main female role is done by Tamil actress Samantha

Second hero of the movie Anjaan is Vidyut Jamwal ( acted in Tamil movie Thuppaki earlier ).

Director of movie Anjaan - Lingusaamy

Production - Thirupathi Brothers

Cinematography - Santhosh Sivan

Released by - UTV Motion pictures

Release date of Tamil movie Anjaan - 15th August 2014 ( Independence day of India )

Music - Tamil music director Yuvan Shankar Raja

16 August 2014

Tamil movie Anjaan - Over View

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall have an over view about the Tamil movie Anjaan in which Tamil actor Surya and actress Samantha have done the major role under the direction of director Lingusaamy. One of the other reasons for the high expectations on the movie Anjaan is themusic, that the music has been done by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the production banner of the film.
Tamil movie Anjaan

Tamil movie Anjaan - Overview:

12 December 2016

Top shocking Box Office Results in Tamil Cinema

Top shocking Box Office Results in Tamil Cinema

Tamil movie anjaan Box Office Collection
Tamil cinema often gives many shock in Indian cinema industries. But at some times Tamil Cinema faces some surprises too. Unexpected movies gets hit most expected movie becomes disaster in box office, sudden viral hits and many .Now we are going to see Top 3 unforgettable shocks of kollywood based on its Box Office Collection. 

Box Office Collection of Tamil Movie Anjaan in the year 2014:

23 August 2014

Laptop and iPad given as bribe to get U Certificate for Tamil movie Anjaaan

The viral news spreading around in the Tamil Cinema industry today is that, the head of the Central Cinema Censor board has Mr. Rakesh Kumar has got a laptop and an iPad as bribe to give U Certificate for the Tamil movie Anjaan which was released in Tamilnadu just before one week all around Tamilnadu and running in theaters. This news has been declared by CBI officers in the special court. Mr. Sarvesh Jeishwal who is one of the members of the Central Cinema discussion board and Mr. Mishra who is one of the agents have been arrensted on 14th August of this year. Based on the inquiry with the arrested guys, Mr. Rakesh Kumar was arrested on 18th August by CBI officers.
Samantha bikini in Anjaan

25 August 2014

Tamil actor, director Radha Krishnan Parthiban - complete Interview about his movie Kadhai Thirai kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam

Tamil actor come director Mr. Radha Krishnan Parthiban has started his hunting of whom and all selling the Thiruttu VCD / DVD of very new Tamil cinemas soon after his movie, Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam's success in which Tamil actors Vishal, Arya, Vijay Sethupathy actresses Taapsee pannu and Amala Paul have acted. You can find the questions asked to Parthiban and his answers for those questions in the interview.
Vishal in Tamil movie Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakam

Question :

What do you think about the success of the Tamil movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam ?

I have got feelings up to getting tears in eyes after seeing the success of this movie. It took one week for me to see how the people are watching the movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam. Only yesterday I saw the movie in Escape theaters with the people. Before and all they just give a smile when seeing me in public but yesterday during the interval time of the movie all the ladies are screaming by seeing me just like how they scream when seeing Tamil actors like Arya. I am seeing this just the success of the story of the film; this is a success for the admiring style of audience has changed. Nowadays happiness is coming out through eyes as tears. I am going to send Tamil movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam to lot of cinema festivals and hoping that the movie will receive many prices.

27 September 2014

Tamil actor Vijay statement about Lingusaamy and Venkat Prabu

Before many years, the fans of one celebrity were quarreling with the other. But nowadays those things are happening lower than the past comparatively. Instead one fan of other is doing the quarrel through social media websites and engaging in the physical clash for few times comparatively. For now, that kind of social media clash has been going on between Tamil actors Vujay Ajith and Surya.
Tamil actor Vijay

This kind of clashes are not stopping with those leading actors only. Recently tvihe Tamil cinema fans started criticizing the Tamil cinema director Lingusaamy followed by the flop of his movie Anjaan in which Tamil actor Surya did the major role. Earlier to the release of the movie Anjaan, Lingusaamy had spoke in the media that I am tuning all my talents and have been unloading all the talents and arts I have learnt these years in the movie Anjaan.

22 August 2013

Profile and biography of Tamil Actor Surya

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Suriya
Tamil actor Surya Profile Photo
Tamil cinema has been standing as one of the powers of the Indian cinema industry in the midst of the World Cinema culture. The recent movies for the past decade can be shown with pride as the evidence for the above statement. The Tamil cinema has millions of professionals from the Directors, Producers to the basic workers like the light men. Nowadays the young talent and new arrivals have been shining in Tamil cinema with their great talent and performing with great energy.

One of such energies is the Tamil actor Surya. Even though he has much more experience than others who are shining well and good in the Tamil cinema industry, Surya has been working with the extensive energy and enthusiasm and competing them with his nice talents.

23 November 2016

List of Tamil actors who turned as playback singers

List of Tamil actors turned to playback singers:

Hi everyone,

There is a lot of departments in the Tamil cinema industry. Acting direction, editing, director of photography, music direction, production manager etc. Some artist in one department try their level best in another department too. In that case, Tamil Cinema leading heroes try their level in singing is one noticeable try in Tamil cinema.

Tamil Actress ( Tamilnadu Chief Minister ) Selvi Jaya Lalitha
in Shooting Spot - Singing a Song 
While we go back and see Tamil old actors M.K.Thyagaraja bhagavathar, N.S.K, sings a song as playback singer in their respective movies. After that its rare to see a actor sing as playback singer in their movies and also for other movies. Let's see the list of top tamil cinema actors who acts as a heros in movies sings as playback singer.

06 September 2013

Profile and biography of Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Samantha:
In this page of, I have taken the topic of the Profile and Biography of Samantha who is one of the upcoming Tamil cinema actresses including the Profile of Samantha and Biography of her.
Tamil Actress Samantha