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Tamil Actor Prakashraj gives pleasant shock to Tamil Actresses Archana and Revathi

Among the films that are produced with the purpose of commercial thought some films with a good storyline along with little commercial stuff filled in it will be produced now and then from time to time. As an addition to that list of movies, there is a Tamil film that is getting produced with a combination of Tamil Actor Prakashraj, Tamil Actress Archana, Tamil Actress Revathi and Tamil Actor Naasar acting in it.

Tamil Actor Prakashraj with Tamil Actress Revathi & Archana

Police complaint against Tamil movie Uthama Villain

The director of Tamil movie Uthama Villain, Ramesh Arvind who is one of the cinema industry friends of Tamil actor Hassan has declared that there is no single scene in the movie Uthama Villain as of hurting any religious feelings.
Police complaint on Tamil movie Uthama Villain

As the complete video trailer of the Tamil movie Uthama Villain has been already released and the complete movie is planned to get released on the first day of May moth 2015. Tamil actor Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan, Tamil actresses Parvathy Nair, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Parvathy Menon, actors; Nassar, Jayaram, M S Baskar, K. Vishwanath, K. Balachander and others have acted. The music of this movie is Tamil cinema music director Ghibran. Tamil actor Kamal hassan himself has written Screen play and dialogue for this movie.

Tamil movie Master - Review, Story and Casts and Crew

 Tamil movie Master Casts and Crew:

Main male actor - Vijay

Villain - Vijay Sethupathy

Main female role: Malavika Mohanan

Other actor and actresses: Andrea, Master Mahendran, Shantanu, Arjun Das, Gouri Kishan, Sibi Bhuvana Chandran, Ramya Subramanian, Shreeman, Srinath, Antony Varghese, Sanjeev, Dheena, Boxer Dheena, Nassar, Azhagam Perumal, Rajesh, Mahanadhi Shankar, Arun Alexander, Ramesh Thilak, Chetan, and others. 

Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

Tamil Film "36 Vayathinilae" complete story, review, casts, crew, technicians and artists contribution

In this TamilCinemaBio page, we have condensed the chockfull topographies of the Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae. This Tamil Film 36 Vayathinilae that is released on May 15, 2015 is a societal memorandum with a valuable message to the community. In this Tamil Film 36 Vayathinilae, Tamil Cinema Star Rehman has done the male lead role (Hero ) and Tamil movie actress Jyothika has done the female lead role (Heroine). Tamil cinema director Roshan Andrews has directed this Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae under the production of Actor Surya Sivakumar and the music director of this Tamil Movie is Santhosh Narayanan. The cinematography for this Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae has been done by Dhivagaran. This Tamil film 36 Vayathinilae is an official remake of the “Malayalam movie How old are you?”.

Review of Tamil Film "36 Vayathinilae"

Casts and Crew

Actor - Rehman
Actress - Jyothika

Supporting Stars

Jey Prakash,
Delhi Ganesh,
Deva Dhardhini,
Sanjay Bharathi &
MS Bhaskar

Film Makers and Technicians

Cinematography - Dhivagaran
Music - Santhosh Narayanan
Lyricist - Vivek
Dialogue - Viji
Singers - Kalphana Ragavendar, Santhosh Narayanan & Lalitha Vijayakumar
Production - Surya Sivakumar
Story - Roshan Andrews
Direction - Roshan Andrews

Story and Review

Although being a Commercial Hero in Tamil Cinema Industry & rather than thinking Cinema as a Business, 'Surya' (the producer of this Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae)  has produced this film to convey some good messages to this society. We shall convey our heart felt greetings to Director Roshan Andrews too at first. Don't know whether any other actress will get such a respectable evangelical opportunity. Welcome back Jyo Madam !!!

This film is all about a person one who lost herself by being inside the four walls of her house for the sake of her Husband, Children & Family. She is being relegated by the same husband and children to whom she dedicated herself. How does such a lady finds a great honor for herself is the Story of the Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae.

This Tamil Film 36 Vayathinilae is fully based on the urban (city) story, but director has touched natural farming, food habits, woman dignity and many more things related to rural culture.

Artists Contribution

With the Modest and Brash acting, Jyothika stays in the memories of the audience for long time. Gushingly asking her daughter that "Is a 36 years old lady an Aunty?", Stranding without knowing what question is the President going to ask, realizing and groaning because her husband is hating and avoiding her and rumbling to her friend that "My daughter itself is feeling shy to say that I am her mother".. All these Acts by Tamil Movie Actress Jyothika seems to be natural. In the scene which explains the toxins that are added in the foods that we eat, Jyothika's magnificence thrills and bumps us. That very scene is worth many whips over this society. From now, possibly  many terrace is up to switch into green home.

Tamil Cinema Hero Rehman one who is acting as Jyothika's husband in this movie 36 Vayathinilae has maintained an equitable gap. When seeing this scene "To have a servant maid in Ireland is sole costly and also food is not good here, only so I have arranged visa for you", it feels like slapping such a character. Tamil Cinema Hero Rehman's acting is such realistic.

Instaed of affection only Hatred feel comes on the child character. The director has well naturally shown in this Tamil Movie 36 Vaythinilae, how children are diced among parents in their quarrels.

Delhi Ganesh, Jey Prakash, the Cook lady, quarreling madams in that office have all relized and acted with involvement.

Conscience Music by Santhosh Narayanan and songs that are exempted to impose are adding beauty to this movie. Cinematography of Dhivagar is one more added advantage to this Tamil Movie 36 Vayathinilae. Even though campaign feel is pervasive in some of the scenes after the intermission, let it be. It is good to encourage such films with valuable social messages.

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Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 Review ( Experience )

 This movie is based on a set of books written by Kalki in the 19th century namely Ponniyin Selvan talking about the Great Chola Empire, the people of those days, the culture of Cholas, the Architecture of Chola, and the intense politics involved in the Empire by explaining the Travel of a character namely Vandhiya Thevan.  

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

From the first scene of the movie, with a voice-over of actor Kamal Hassan, we can get straight into the movie and its field. 

The subsequent scenes of the movie take us on the floor of Chola Empire ruled by Sundara Cholan between the sky and Chola soil. 

I could feel that the man Kari Kaalan ( Aditya Karikala Cholan ) has lived like a lion on war fields since from the introduction scene of him with the roaring acting of Vikram, the way how the war scene of Chola Vs Rastriya Kingdom was screened. Especially the acting of Vikram by sitting on his horse by holding his sword and going around the opponent king who is on his knees on the floor. 

Tamil movie Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal Review

Muppoluthum un karpanaigal cast and crew:

Atharva acted Ram role and Amala Paul acted as Charu role. Supporting actors in this movie are Santhanam, Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar and Nassar. Muppozhudhum un Karpanaigal was directed by Elred Kumar and produced by Jeyaram, Elred Kumar and James. Editing and Cinematography made this movie successful which was done by Antony and Sakthi respectively.

Story of Muppoluthum un karpanaigal: