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Most Viewed Tamil Movies Official Videos in Youtube in all time

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YouTube is latest social media which helps many movies to reach their promos to the audience. Teaser, trailer , making of the movie, official song with lyrics, video songs and scenes8 are released through you tube are reaching all over the world.  Many fans start to compare Likes for that video , views of the videos and also dislikes for the video. No wonder fans might see before releasing the movie how many likes did the movie trailer and decide to watch.

But now we are going to see 10 most-watched official videos released by the respective Tamil movies crews in YouTube. 

Top 10 Best Actors - Tamil of the year 2016

Every year the competition about who is at the top most among all heroes is a common thing so let us have a look about who stood this crown this year? Except the leading actors kamal Hassan and Ajith, movies from almost all the leading heroes had released this year. In fact Actor Rajini kanth is always at the peak so excluding him, let us know who captures the top position this year?
Tamil Actor Vikram 2016

Tamil Actor vijay in the year 2016 :

Vijay used to have a policy of giving movie once in a year. In this year his movie Theri was a big hit where he showed up his different shades like a soft father, a fierceful police officer, a
beloved lover was awesomely welcomed and adored by his fans. In spite of all his up and downs box office hit movies, Theri is a quite normal hit movie for him rather giving him a mass hit.

Top 10 Tamil Cinema Songs ( Video / Audio ) of the year 2016

Tamil Top 10 songs 2016
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Now we are counting number of days to finish 2016. And as usual we are going to look back the days we came across in this year. Memories are only we can remember , if we talk about memories songs are representation of memories. Now we are listed Top songs of Tamil cinema in year 2016.

Before saying the list we are going to say how these songs are listed. These songs are listed based on how many months listeners asked these songs to play in popular FMs . These songs are placed only in released movies in 2016. Now we can look after the songs list.