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Top / Best Tamil movies of the year 2016

Top Tamil Movies of 2016:

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Top 10 Tamil Movies ( 2016 )
Every year more than 200 movies are screening as Tamil Cinema. Some movies are entertaining us , some movies make us emotional, some movies make us laugh and there are some movies which bored us , irritate us too. Whatever main backbone of cinema industry is business and art. Now we are going to see some list of Tamil movies result.

Highest grossed Tamil movies in 2016:

Box office collection is one thing followed from starting of Tamil movies. At that time box office is not noticed by audience but now audiences were expecting the result of this box office collection too . There are so many confusions in finalizing the real gross of the movie. So we refer some websites and collected some gross of movies. These may not accurate but near to it. Lets see;

Top 10 Best Actors - Tamil of the year 2016

Every year the competition about who is at the top most among all heroes is a common thing so let us have a look about who stood this crown this year? Except the leading actors kamal Hassan and Ajith, movies from almost all the leading heroes had released this year. In fact Actor Rajini kanth is always at the peak so excluding him, let us know who captures the top position this year?
Tamil Actor Vikram 2016

Tamil Actor vijay in the year 2016 :

Vijay used to have a policy of giving movie once in a year. In this year his movie Theri was a big hit where he showed up his different shades like a soft father, a fierceful police officer, a
beloved lover was awesomely welcomed and adored by his fans. In spite of all his up and downs box office hit movies, Theri is a quite normal hit movie for him rather giving him a mass hit.