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12 February 2019

Latest Tamil Cinema News Today - 12th February 2019

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have look about the Tamil cinema news for 12th February 2019 having glance on certification for Upcoming Tamil Movie Thirumanam and about agreement released by Tamil Cinema Director Bala for the walk out from Upcoming Tamil Movie Varma.

11 February 2019

Tamil Cinema Latest News Today, 11th February 2019

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have look about the Tamil cinema news for 11th February 2019 having glance on a movie with Rajini - Yogibabu combo Movie and change of Director for Tamil Movie Varma.

08 February 2019

Tamil Cinema Latest News - Today's News 8th February 2019

tamil cinema foto: Actor Atharva Latest Photos
Tamil Actor Adharva
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have look about the Tamil cinema news for 08 February 2019 having glance on the upcoming movie of Tamil actor Adharva, the reason behind the Tamil movie Varma under the direcdtion of Tamil cinema director Bala drop etc.,

Tamil actor Atharva to act as fan of Ajith Kumar

Tamil actor Ajith Kumar has reached the pinnacle of glory to stardom on his own without backing of anyone. He reached this mega status in a very short span due to his untiring efforts. He has a large fan following and they fondly call him as Thala,meaning leader. A Tamil film is being produced which has in the lead a character who is an ardent fan of Thala Ajith Kumar . Tamil actor Atharva plays this character in the Tamil movie titled Kuruthi Aattam.

Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 8th February 2019

I too have a Love says Tamil Actor Parthiban in the function to celebrate the success of the Tamil Actress Trisha - Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy starrer Tamil Movie 96

Trisha Latest Photos
The Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy & Tamil Actress Trisha starrer Tamil Movie 96  had a function to celebrate its runaway success recently in Chennai. Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi, Tamil Actress Trisha, Tamil Actor Thirumugan Gandhi, Tamil Actor Parthiban and Tamil Film Director Premkumar spoke on the occasion.

Noted Tamil Actor/ Director Parthiban known for his excellent poems and gifted of the gab was his usual self - winning the hearts of the audience.

Here are the excerpts of the speech Tamil Cinema Artist Parthiban-

As they say God will not let down those who believe in him, those who believe in Love too will not be let down. All of us will have divine love in our heart. I too had a love . Its been so long since I spoke to my love. I am still awaiting a call from my beloved to say when shall we meet.

Every director is egoistic without an exception. The Tamil film 96 has hit every egoistic director hard on his head saying this is how a film should be.

Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy has been adored by the people. He is liked by the female audience. Like the yesteryear superstar M.K.Thiyagaraja Bhagawathar  he has such  a huge female following.

Tamil Actor Prabhu's views on Chinna Thambi Elephant and Vikram Prabhu starrer Kumki Elephant

The elephant that had acted in the yesteryear super hit Tamil film Chinna Thambi must be sent to its family to the place where it really belongs, said Noted Tamil Actor Prabhu.

Vikram Prabhu Photos,Vikram Prabhu Images, Pictures ...He continued saying that during the audio launch of his son Vikram Prabhu's Kumki, many had said that Tamil Actor Rajnikanth was one tusk and Tamil Actor Kamalhasan was another tusk. And he added that Vikram Prabhu is seated on both these two tusks after seeing the poster where Tamil Actor Vikram Prabhu would be seated on both the tusks of the Kumki elephant.

Lord Ganesh is the favourite God of most of us. I am glad to note that the elephant that had acted in my son Vikram Prabhu's Kumki is friendly with Chinna Thambi Yanai. The forest officers have  told that Chinna Thambi Yanai is harmless. So it should be sent back to the forests to join its family and the place where it should rightfully be too.

Author : M.Chidamabram

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06 February 2019

Tamil Cinema latest news today - 6th February, 2019

Tamil Actor Udayanidhi Stalin to act in the Tamil movie Kannai Nambaathey
Udhayanidhi Stalin trolls 122 ADMK MLAs –
Director of Tamil Movie Iravukku Aiyuram Kangal, Mu Maran will direct his next Tammil Film Kannai Nambaathey with Tamil Actor Uthaya Nidhi Stalin in the lead. Genre of this Tamil Film Kannai Nambaathey is a suspense crime thriller.

The success of Tamil Film Iravukku Aaairam kangal,  the debut movie of Tamil Director Mu Maran prompted him to work on the script of this Tamil Movie Kannai Nambaathey..

Tamil cinema latest news today - 5th February , 2019

Double role for Tamil Actor Aravind Sami in an action thriller Tamil film  

Yesteryear popular Tamil Hero Aravindsami is very choosy when it comes to stories and the character of the projects he would like get involved in. Tamil film director Nirmal Kumar who had earlier directed Salim could get the nod from him after narrating a gripping story. This untitled movie has Tamil Actor Aravindsami playing a double role for the first time.

As the script demands him to play a role where  he has to be slim, handsome and a rugged man in the other role, the actor is on a very strict diet and regular exercise. On account of this you can see a very sleek Aavindsami for the film.

03 February 2019

Tamil cinema latest news today - 3rd, February 2019

Tamil actors Lakshmi Menon Vs Keerthi Suresh - A comparison

Lakshmi Menon New Photos Lakshmi Menon in Avatharam Stills ...
Keerthi Suresh Latest Cute Photo Shoot for Vanitha ...
Popular Tamil Heroine Lakshmi Menon and Tamil Heroine Keerthi Suresh have a few things in common. Both these heroines hail from Kerala. Both of them have a grandmother whom they love so much. Wherever they go they are always accompanied by their grand mother. Even for public functions the grandmothers escort the leading ladies.

Their mothers are very good dancers. While Tamil Actress Keerthi Suresh's mother Menaka was a successful heroine of Tamil and  Malayalam movies, Tamil Actress Lakshmi Menon's mother runs a dance school in Kerala.

Ace Tamil comedy Actor turned Hero Santhanam will continue to act as Hero in Tamil films 

Santhanam Marriage Stills Images | FemaleCelebrityThe most popular Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam who turned hero with the film, Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya? continued in the same vein in films like Sakkai Podu Podu Raja,Vallavnukku Pulum Aayudham, Inimel Ipadithaan, Dhillukku Dhuddu etc.

The success of the film Dhikkukku Dhuddu urged him to go for Dhillukku Dhuddu - 2 which is slated to be released shortly. In this film contrary to the common custom that human beings will fear ghosts, ghosts will fear human beings. In this full length comedy where Tamil Actor Santhanam plays an auto driver role as the hero who makes the audience laugh. The viewer will get the feel and satisfaction of watching a Tamil Actor Chandrababu or a Tamil Actor Nagesh starrer. Such will be the class of the comedy in the film. Tamil Actor Mottai Rajendran and Tamil Actor Shiva Shankar master have key roles in the film which  is being shot currently in Chennai and Kerala.
I would continue to entertain the audience as the hero in a lighter vein. Many of the films in which I had acted as the hero are complete. The release has been delayed for reasons out of my control. As Dhillukku Dhuddu -2 is my own home production it will be released shortly. - quipped Tamil Artist

His Excellency The Governor of Tamil Nadu Hails Maestro IlayaRaja in a function organised by the Tamil films producer's guild -

To commemorate the Mastreo's composing music for more than one thousand Tamil films and on the occasion of his 75th Birthday, the Tamil film  producer's guild had organised a mega function at Chennai, Nandanam yesterday (2nd February 2019).

His Excellency the Governor of Tamilnadu Sri Banwarilal Purohit lauded the achievements of Tamil Music Director Ilayaraja and paid rich encomiums for his dedication and contribution to Tamil Cinema through his evergreen enchanting music for well over three and a half decades.

Popular Tamil Music Director A.R.Rehman said that he had learnt self discipline and dedication from Ilayaraja. He (Ilayaraja) lived life the way it should be lived. Most legends will never appreciate others talent, but Ilayaraja had not only blessed him but had appreciated him on many occasions. Tamil Music Director A R Rahmaan also told that Ilaya Raja was like a school Principal to him.

He had laid the foundation for my music -  was the climax statement of Tamil Music Director A.R. Rahman.

A.R.Rehman had spent more time with me than he had spent with his father. He had worked with me in more than 500 films - replied Tamil Music Director Ilayaraja.

The Tamil producer's association had presented a golden violin to Ilayaraja on the occasion.

Tamil Actor Dhanush to act in an Action Thriller

Dhanush in Tamil Movie 3 Pics : 3 tamil movie on Rediff PagesTamil Actor Dhanush who acts in risky scenes himself without employing any dupe actor is known for his acrobatics, speed, swift movements and stunts. In one of his future Tamil movies titled Asuran, the fight scenes and the stunts he has been involved in are beyond comparison and will be appreciated by all.

The winning combination of  Tamil Director Vetri Maran and Tamil Actor Dhanush who had given hits like Pollathavan , Aadukalam and Vada Chenni  are at it together in Asuran with their success formula. The expectations from the fans are indeed sky high.

Popular Malayalam Heroine Manju Warrior will play the heroine in the film. She is extremely happy  that her very first film in Tamil itself is such a rich film. Tamil Cinema audience are eager to welcome Debut Tamil Actress Manju Warrior.

Author - M. Chidambaram

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Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 3rd February 2019

A Tamil film based on real life incident in Jharkhand is complete and ready for release

Aal Illaatha Oorle Annann Thaan MLA, a Tamil film is a political satire. Tamil Cinema Actor Selva who had acted in Veeravamsam and Tamil Cinema Actress Anitha are the lead pair in this movie.
Tamil Actor Rahul, Tamil Actor R. Sundarajan ,Tamil Actor Vaiyapuri. Tamil Actress Meera Krishnan and Tamil Actress Nalini are also in the cast. Directed  by Tamil Film Director Bhagawathy Bala, this Tamil picture has music by Tamil Music Director Deva.

This Tamil Movie Aal Illaatha Oorle Annann Thaan MLA, is based on the real life incidents that happened in Jharkhand. The film is complete and ready for release after a thirty six day shoot in places like Salem, Kodaikanal and Hyderabad.

An entire crew of a Tamil film take to vegetarian food during the 40 day shoot of the film

A.G.Ezhumalai, who worked as an assistant director to Tamil Film Director Prabhu Solmon makes his debut as director with the film which has a very different title Ahavan.

There is God within every one of us. One who is harmony with this turns out to be good and the one who is disharmony turns out to be bad. The confrontations between these two is the essence of the film, explains the Debut Tamil Director A G Ezhumalai.

Tamil Actor Kishore Ravichandran makes his debut in the film as the hero. Debut Tamil Actor Sriraasri, Debut Tamil Actress Nithya Shetty and Debut Tamil Actress Priyanka are introduced as heroines in this movie. Veteran Tamil Actor Charanraj, Tamil Actor Chinni Jayanth and Tamil Actor Thambi Ramiah form the remaining cast. Produced by Tamil Cinema Producer R. Ravichandran, the picture has music by Tamil Music Director C. Sathya while R.Ravichandran handles the camera.

Vijay's 63rd film to be released in Diwali this year 

The deadly combination of Tamil Director Atlee and Tamil Actor Thalapathi Vijay which had already given 3 super hits like Theri, Mersal and Sarkar are all set for the much awaited Vijay's 63rd movie. The pooja of the film took place recently. Tamil Actor Vijay, Tamil Cinema Director Atlee and several other technicians graced the occasion.

This untitled film has Tamil Actress Nayanathara as the female lead. Tamil Actor Vivek, Tamil Actor Yogi Babu, Tamil Actor Anandraj and Tamil Actor Pariyerum Perumal have prominent roles. The film is likely to have two more heroines. Tamil Actress Keerthi Suresh and Tamil Actress Aathmika have been approached for the same. As noted Tamil Actor Daniel Balajee had come for the pooja its quite likely that he may play the villain in the film.

Thalapathy Vijay who had earlier donned the role of a  Kabbadi player in one his films now plays the role of a coach for a woman football team in this Tamil film which centers around football. For the first time in his career to suit his character Vijay will shed some weight.

Produced by Tamil Cinema Producer A Gyanavel Raja with A.G.S Entertainment it has music by Tamil Music Director A.R. Rehman and Tamil Movie Choregrapher G.K.Vishnu will handle the camera. The shooting which commenced recently will go in full swing and the film is likely to be released during Diwali this year.

 Enakka Redcard - Tamil actor Simbus's latest song creates a sensation.

Tamil Film producer Michael Royappan had launched a complaint with the Tamil Film Producer's Association that his film Anbaanavan, Asarathavan and Adangathavan, met with a huge loss to the tune of 20 crores and that Tamil Actor Simbu who was responsible for this huge loss should compensate for the same. So there were rumors that efforts were on by the Tamil film producer's association to show a red card to Chimpu (that is the producers were instructed not to do any film with Simbu). Simbu has gone to the court and is handling this issue legally.

In the meanwhile Simbu has sung a song - Yenakka Red cardu..Eduthu Paaru record. This song is seen as a counter to Tamil Actor Vishaal and the producers association by Chimpu's fans and is viral on line. Hope the dispute is settled soon amicably in the interest of all.

Author -M. Chidambaram

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01 February 2019

Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 2nd February 2019

In this Tamil Cinema Bio page, let us know Latest Updates About Tamil Movies. Today's Tamil Cinema News is all briefed in this article.

Shakthi Chidambaram to direct Tamil Movie Charlie Chaplin - 3

Shakthi Chidambaram to direct Tamil Movie Charlie Chaplin - 3
The Tamil Cinema Actor Prabhu Deva - Prabhu starer Tamil Movie Charlie Chaplin was released in 2002. As it was a mega hit
its Tamil Cinema Direct
or Shakthi Chidambaram went ahead to make Tamil Film Charlie Chaplin - 2. The sequel which was released on 25th January 2019 is running to packed houses. The Tamil Cinema audience in the theater are obviously enjoying the Tamil Cinema Charlie Chapin - 2 that was released last week. So Tamil Cinema Director Shakthi Chidambaram is once again motivated to make another Tamil Cinema sequel Charlie Chaplin - 3.

Tamil Cinema Hero Prabu Deva too has once again agreed to act in this film too. This time he has three heroines to be paired with him.

Tamil Film Charlie Chaplin -2 will be remade in Hindi with Salman Khan as the hero. Tamil Cinema Director Shakthi Chidambaram will direct the hindi version too which is most likely to be produced by Tamil Cinema Heroine Sridevi's husband Tamil Cinema Producer Boney Kapoor.

Hollywood Technicians add value to Tamil Cinema Hero Shivakarthikeyan's forth coming film

Popular Tamil Cinema Actor Shivakarthikeyan who has acted in Tamil films like Remo, Kaaki Chattai, Maan Karathey, Edhir Neechal, Rajni Murugan etc is acting in a Tamil film directed by Tamil Cinema Director R.Ravikumar.

In this Science fiction movie in which Tamil Cinema Heroine Rahul Preeth Singh pairs with Tamil Cinema Hero Shivakarthikeyan. For the first time Tamil Cinema Music Director A.R. Rehman is composing music for a Tamil Cinema Actor Shivakarthikeyan movie. Produced by Tamil Cinema Producer R D Raja, this film's choreographer is another popular technician of Tamil Cinema Choreographer Neerav Shah.

Hollywood Technicians add value to Tamil Cinema Hero Shivakarthikeyan's forth coming film
60% of this Tamil film has already been completed.  As its a science fiction it has many graphics. So more than 100 technicians have been invited from Hollywood who are working round the clock to give it a face lift for this Tamil Movie .

The  most advanced camera Alexa L.F. which has so far been used only in Hollywood has been used here for the first time in the history of Tamil film Industry. The shooting of this  Tamil film took place in Chennai and Hyderabad.

This Tamil Movie may very well turn out to be a turning point in the career of Tamil Cinema Hero Shivakarthikeyan who plays a farmer role in this film. Tamil Movie Actor Karunakaran and Tamil Cinema Artist Yogibabu are also in the cast.

Tamil Cinema Hero Vinay and Tamil Movie Hero Thaman risk their life in a car chase sequence for the Tamil Film Nethra.

Canadas's Swetha Cine arts and Tamil Cinema Director A.Venakatesh jointly produce the Tamil Film Nethra. This Tamil Movie directed by Tamil Cinema Director A.Venkatesh  has Tamil Cinema Actor Vinay and Tamil Cinema Actor Thaman as heroes while Tamil Cinema Actress Rithvika and Tamil Cinema Actress Subiksha are the heroines.

Tamil Cinema Actor A.Venkatesh, Tamil Cinema Actor Vincent Asokan, Tamil Cinema Actor Mottai Rajendran, Tamil Cinema Actor Robo Shankar and some lead Canadian Actors are having significant roles in the movie.

The climax car chase would be the highlight of this Tamil Film where both the heroes have risked their life and will definitely take the audience to the edge of their seats.

Tamil Cinema Artist Robo Shankar plays 5 roles, Tamil Cinema Artist Mottai Rajendran plays 6 roles and Tamil Cinema Actor Imaam Annachi acts in 7 roles and will take the audience to hilarious heights.

The Tamil film is likely to be released in over 700 theaters across the globe in February.

Author -M.Chidambaram             

Tamil cinema latest news today - 1st February 2019

Wedding bells for Tamil Actor Aarya  - Tamil Actress Sayesha Sehgal

Leading  hero of the Tamil film Industry Aarya, who began with a bang in his debut movie in 2005 with 'Arinthum Ariyamalum" went on to become one of the most popular heroes with films like Patiyal, Naan Kadavul, Raja Rani etc.

Known for his romantic overtures this heart throb of many girls  did a Television show  titled "Enga veetu maapillai" to choose his life partner. Sixteen contestans were short listed among the innumerable girls who vied with one another to marry the charming man. But that did not materiailise and Tamil Actor Aarya continued to act while his parents were busy looking for an alliance.

Tamil Actress Sayesha Sehgal who had acted in Tamil Movies Vanamagan, Kadaikutty Singam, Junga acted with Tamil Actor Arya in the Tamil film Gajnikanth. Cupid lured Tamil Actress Sayesha to Tamil Actor Arya and the inevitable had to happen. Yes, they fell in love. Now the two will be married on 10th of March in Hyderabad. Let the couple enjoy a happy married life. 

Tamil Actor Super Star Rajinikanth's next film

While the whole world was expecting Tamil Actor Rajnikanth to launch his party, he took every one by surprise when he decided to act in another movie. Riding on the success of  2.0 and Petta, Tamil Actor Super Star Rajinikanth turned politician will now work with big time Tamil Director A R  Murugadas for the first time.

The screen play for the Tamil Film is complete and the shooting is likely to commence in March and continue non stop for 3 months. The Tamil Director A R  Murugadoss denied the rumors that the title of the Tamil movie would be Naarkaali.

Tamil Director Muruga doss had dealt with issues of the farmers in Tamil Movie Kathi and the wrong doings of the politicians in Tamil Film Kathi. The inside information is that the next Tamil Actor Rajnikanth starer would be an out and out Political film. With Tamil Actor Rajnikanth deciding to stay away from the parliamentary elections and is gearing up only for the state assembly elections he has postponed the launching of his much awaited party.

Tamil Actor Prabhu deva to act as Tamil Actor Chandrababu

Hindi Movies Films Songs Books ... - 1958 Piya MIlanThe  stylish, versatile comedian, character artist, singer, dancer Tamil Actor Chandrababu's life is to be filmed. The title of the Tamil film is J.P. the legend of Chandrababu.

The late legendary Tamil Actor Chandra Babu who was the top heroes of his days (1950's and 1960's) demanded to act in a movie and in a few movies he was paid more than the heroes too. Such a Tamil Actor Chandrababu had a 20 ground bungalow in R.A.Puram, Chennai -28. And even in those days his car could go straight up to the second floor of his house.

Kungumapoovey, Bamabarakannalle etc are the evergreen Tamil songs rendered by him.

From the pinnacle of glory to the dust bin - this adage suited him aptly. Leading a Royal life he produced a film incurring a heavy loss and struggled for survival until he died as a miserable man at the age of 47.

The above film will be directed by the Tamil Director Amaran and Sivalperi Pandi fame Tamil Director K Rajeshwar. The selection process for the Chandrababu's role is on. Since Tamil Actor Prabudeva is a versatile dancer he is likely to get the nod to play the role of the legendary Tamil Actor Chandrababu.

Author - M.Chidambaram

28 January 2019

Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 28 Janaury 2019

Indian - 2 to be filmed in eight countries.

Indian 2Indian 2
Actor Ulaganayagan Kamalhasan

The names Shankar and Kamalhasan take you to cloud 9. For such is their  class, caliber  and commitment. The duo who have teamed up yet again for Indian -2 , are busy with the first schedule of the shooting .

Actor Sidarth will play a key role in the film. He will play the son of Kamalhasan in the movie. In Indian , Kamalhaasan  played the roles of Chandru, and Senapathy. Sidarth is likely to play the son of Chandru.

Kajal Agarwal is the heroine in this magnificient production of LYCA. The future shoots of this film  will take place in eight different countries.  Anirudh will compose the music and the movie buffs and music lovers are in  for a lovely audio and visual treat.

Pepperfeed | Top Trending News,Hot Stories and Viral VideosPriya Warrior's dream

ORU ADAR LOVE  heroine Priya Warrior, who won instant stardom when one video (where she winks her eye) of her's went viral. Getting millions of viewers across  the world, has a dream, Oru Adar Love, which centers around school days love is produced by S.Dhanu's V. Creations. The  plans are to release the movie on February 14th which is Valentines day. The release of the music album was held recently. Priya Warrior who graced the occasion  was interviewed by the scribes.

Here is the nutshell of her interview:

I am from Trissur. I am a second year B.Com student. I continue my studies along with acting. I never dreamt that my winking during the teaser would fetch me such a fame and name. But now I have a dream. I wish to reach the number one heroine spot which my role model Nayanthara has been enjoying all along. Though I am no where near her heights as of now , but taking her as my role model I will go all out to reach that height. I wish to be that dream girl of the movie buffs ..I will choose such roles. I am a courageous girl by nature,,I know how to safe guard and project myself to stardom  by  choosing good projects. Vijay Sethupathy is my favourite actor. I will now focus only on my education and career.

Ace Comedian Yogi Babu has 15 Tamil films on hand

Today's most popular comedian Yogi Babu who features in most of the movies  has 15 films on hand. But his climb to the top was not that easy at all . He had to put up with several hardships including being booked  and being detained  by the cops. Here then his success story, a story of struggles, tears joys, and victories.

Yogi Babu to act with Vijay Sethupathi
Hailing from Sri Perambadhur,  he lost his father while he was still in the tenth standard. This 32 year old  most eligible bachelor and  most sought after comedian has two siblings. His family is on the look out for his better half, He lays no conditions for his future wife to be, He has never had a love affair for he says which girl would love this face of mine. Since his trademark specialty is his  hair style would never have his hair tonsured (Mottai).

Excerpts from his interview:

I don't demand huge sums for my films as the rumors go. I ask for a an honorable decent pay to match my performance which the producers too give willingly.

I never thought  that I would make it to this big. Without knowing what I would become one day I was simply loitering in the streets of Chennai. One midnight, while  I was walking back home after acting in a drama, the police booked me suspecting me to be that psycho who was setting all parked 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers ablaze. They had even detained me, not believing me and one of them even slapped me brutally such that my  nerves of my ears  stopped functioning for quite a while. It took them a long time to realize that I was innocent and then they let me go free.

Goundamani and Senthil are my Favorite comedians. Many ask me whether I am related to Senthil. But I am not. I am happy to hear that though. Senthil Sir  is not my relative but my well wisher. Senthil sir told me that the good times have come for me and I should make full use of it. I will follow his advice

Author - M.Chidambaram