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02 February 2022

List of Tamil Cinema Music Directors, their Birthdays and Current Age

 A R Rahman Birthday: 6 January 1967

Age:  55

Anirudh Ravichander Birthday: 16 October 1990

Age: 32

Tamil Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja

Bharadwaj Birthday : 3 July 1960

Age: 62

D. Imman Birthday: 24 January 1983

Age:  39

07 September 2020

List of Tamil Music Directors and their castes

This page of Tamil cinema bio contains information on the list of Tamil music directors and their castes. 

The intention of this article is for information sharing, collected from various online and offline sources. Please comment below if you have any objections/corrections in this article. 

1. Ilayaraja - Parayar

2. D Imman - Pallar

3. G V Prakash Kumar - Mudhaliar 

Music Director Santhosh Narayanan
Music Director Santhosh Narayanan

4. Vijay Antony - Pillai

5. Harris Jayaraj - Nadar

15 October 2017

How to become a Music director in Tamil Cinema

Role of Music directors in Tamil Cinema:

How to become a Music Director in Tamil Cinema
Tamil Cinema is one of the biggest entertaining industries in India nowadays. Tamil Cinema has deep root in the name of history for more than 100 years of time. This Tamil Cinema has seen a lot of faces who have become the most favorite celebrities of all time, even some celebrities from Tamil Cinema have become Political leaders of the Tamilnadu State. In this Tamil Cinema, even though the actors and actresses are the front end representatives, the caption of the ship is the director is a common sentence has been uttered by various people on various stages. Now here we are going to have a look about Music directors, their roles and their importance. ( Courtesy to Hindu Talkies ).

19 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil music director A R Rahman

As our Kollywudz blog which is specified for Tamil Cinema / Kollywoods cinema I have taken the topic of Isai Puyal A. R. Rahman who is a dedicated Music Director of Tamil cinema and won Oscar Awards which is the life dream of each and every artists around the world.

Before going to the comprehensive, detailed Profile, biography, filmography (List of Movies for which A R Rahuman did music composing) and personnel information about the Music Director A R Rehman, let me give you a brief explanation about the life story of A R Rahman. Rahman born as Dileep Kumar at Chennai, Tamilnadu. The father of A R Rahman was a musician and our Isai Puyal was doing the musical works such as operating the musical instruments like, Keyboard and other instruments which are quite tough to operate in the early ages. A R Rahman was facing many challenges in his life before getting his very first chance to compose music in his debut Tamil movie Roja. But after getting the film Roja, A R Rahman reached many heights in his Music career.

Profile and Biography of Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichander

Profile and Biography of Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichander:
The world knows the song, Why this Kolaveri sung with the own voice of Tamil actor, Dhanush. But the creator of this song, that is, the song was composed by the music director Aniruth Ravichander. I have taken that young music director to talk about in this article.
Profile of Music Director Aniruth Ravichander:
 The age of this young director is 21.
Our Anirudh is a Chennai boy, that his birth place is Chennai, Tamilnadu.