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Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 10 January 2019

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about the latest update about Tamil cinem

Tamil Cinema Music Director Illayaraja to sing a song in an upcoming Tamil movie:

TAMILNADU INFORMATION: Ilayaraja Hits Songs – Part 4
Tamil Cinema music Director Illaya Raja
Ilayaraja's favorite female singer is Asha Bhosle. The moment she creativity is triggered..So when she comes for recording only one song.. I grab the opportunity to record two more songs.. retorted Ilayaraja to the questions posed by the students of Queen Marys College, Chennai in a function held in their College.

Tamil Cinema News - 01 January 2019

New award for Tamil Cinema Music Director Illayaraja

The singers and performers who sing Maesrtro Ilayaraja’s songs in concerts and shows have to pay Royalty as under –

Photos : Ilayaraja Press Meet Pictures, Images - 545579 ...A Category – ( Singers like SP.Balasubramanian, Hariharan,K.J.Yyesudoss, Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra etc) 20 lakhs for shows abroad.
B Category – 15 lakhs   C category – 10 lakhs.
Concerts in open grounds  - 75,000/ Shows organized by private organizations -1.5 lakhs.
Shows in hotels – 30000/-

Tamil cinema Thaara Thappattai - updates

Taiml actor Sasi Kumar in Tharai Thappatai
Thaara Thappattai is one of the most expected Tamil cinema of the year 2014. The main reason for the expectation is nothing but the director of the cinema Bala who has given the spectacular Tamil movies namely Sethu, Pitha Magan and Paradesi etc., The cinema of Bala namely Pitha magan gave the national award for the Tamil actor Vikram and his movie Paradesi was nominated for the best movie category for the Indian National Award 2013.