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02 June 2014

Complete Review of Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we are going to see about the Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan in which Tamil actor Rajni and actress Deepika Padukone have acted under the direction of Soundarya Rajnikanth.

We always have a great expectation for rajini movies and what we expect is complete perfection. But this movie isn't completely perfect but a very success movie for a very first brave attempt into entering in the world of animation. There are flaws here and there and what I really miss over all is Tamil Actor Rajnikanth style in the animation character and punch dialogues. There is a song full of rajini dialogues but not like his usual punch dialogues which gets great applause in the theater.Happy to see Tamil Actor Nagesh again though. So it gives me the hope to see all the legendary characters back again through these animation movies.

09 May 2014

Real Reason for delay in the release of Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan

Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan has been the peek most expectation of all the Tamil Cinema and Rajni fans in this month. We the fans got many puzzling updates about this Rajnikanth movie that in the beginning the movie was planned to be released on the Rajnikanth's birthday of the last year, then it was officially announced that the movie will be released on 09th May. But still there release date of Kochadaiyaan is a question mark for all the fans.

Tamil movei Kochadaiyaan

02 May 2014

Rajnikanth did not act in Kochadaiyan!! Shocking indeed..

There are some shocking rumors / news going around the internet in the recent days that Tamil actor Rajnikantha has not acted in most of the scenes of the movie Kochadaiyaan. Yes.. As per that internet rumor / news, Rajnikanth has acted in a few scenes of the movie Kochadaiyaan. In most of the scenes of the Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan, one of the famous vijay TV actors Lollu Sabha Jeeva only has acted. Because of this, the Tamil cinema industry and the fans have got big shock.
Rajnikanth Kochadaiyaan

There is a reason is also mentioned in that rumor / news that, as Rajnikanth can not act in fight and dance scenes after his treatment from Singapore this decision was made to make Jeeva who has got good name for his talent of doing mimicry and imitate as Super Star Rajnikanth in the movie Kochadaiyaan instead of Rajnikanth. It is adding that the Tamil actress Deepika Padukone and other stars who came with the expectation to act with Rajnikanth got disappointments too. Even Jeeva only has acted in the romance scenes supposed to be done by Rajnikanth with Deepika Padukone. But it has become the romance scenes between Lollu Sabha Jeeva with Deepika Padukone.