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Tamil Cinema Director Hari - Interview

Tamil cinema director Hari interview
We the audience of Tamil cinema would have definitely got excited by seeing the movies of Tamil cinema director Hari that they are with very high speed, blasting dialogues and laughters with color full video songs etc., So here we have the complete interview of Tamil cinema director Hari talking generally about his movies and his experiences.

Question to Tamil cinema director Hari?

When did you understand that, the movie with action and entertainment is your perfect route in Tamil cinema?

Answer from Tamil cinema director Hari:

Tamil movie Poojai - Casts and Crew; Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio we shall look about Tamil movie Poojai which was released as one of the Diwali 2014 releases in Tamilnadu Cinema theaters. We shall look in this page with the sub titles, Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Poojai, Story of Poojai and Complete Review of Tamil movie Poojai.
Tamil actor Vishal and Andrea JEremiah for
Tamil movie Poojai

Tamil movie Poojai - Casts and Crew

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vishal

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Shruti Hassan

Male supporting actors - Tamil actor Sathya Raj, Tamil actress Radhika Sarath Kumar,

List of Tamil movies releasing in October 2014 ( Diwali ) and November 2014

Usually we ( Tamil Cinema audience ) call the movies coming with high budget in production as the big movies and the movies coming with the low budget in the production as small movies. On the other hand we have a normal opinion that all the Tamil movies shall be categorized as the big movies and small movies only after the release of the movie and we have been seeing the losing big movies and Super hit low budget movies too. But after seeing the result of a movie in Box office / collection, most of us do not talk about the movies with the language of big movies and small movies, we ( Tamil cinema audience ) only as the Super hit movies and average movies only.

By the date today, we have a few number of movies in the List of Upcoming Big Tamil movies in October 2014 and November 2014 as follows;

1. Tamil movie Kaththi

This movie is coming by having Tamil actor Vijay as hero, Samantha as Heroin under the direction of A R Muruga doss with the music of Harris Jayaraj.