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22 November 2015

Tamil actress Meenakhi Slapped Assistant director hard in Naermugam shooting spot.

Tamil actress Meenakshi writing apology for slapping
Assistant director of Tamil movie NEarmugam
Tamil actress Meenakshi who was introduced to Tamil movies through the Tamil movie Karuppa Saamy Kuthagaikaaran pairing with Tamil actor Kiran has slapped one of the assistant directors of Tamil movie Nearmugam and it has come as a controversy in the media today. Meenakshi made her appearance also in the Tamil movies like, TN 07 AL 4777; Rajadhi raja ( pairing with Tamil actor cum director Raghava Lawrence ), Mandhira Punnagai and Agam Puram etc.,Recently, Meenakshi made her guest appearance for a video song in Tamil movie Vella Kaara Durai and did dancing.

Now, Tamil actress Meenakshi has been acting in Tamil movie Naer Mugam; the shooting of this movie has been going on well versed in Chennai city. At this stage, Meenakshi has slapped one of the Assistant directors of the crew of Naermugam. At once, that Assistant director has got fainted on the spot. As an immediate action, the crew of the movie has taken that Assistant director to the nearby hospital and a serious treatment going on for that Assistant Director and they have arrested Tamil actress Meenakshi inside the shooting spot by telling that she can not go out without making apologies to the Assistant  director for slapping him on the chin.