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27 April 2014

Narendra Modi is like our family member - says Tamil Actor Rajnikanth's wife

Mr. Narendra Modi went to Tamil actor Rajnikanth's house which is located at Pous Garden of Chennai at the 13th day of April 2014 and there was a conversation took place. This event has been considered as if a big change in the Tamilnadu Politics. When it was asked to Rajnikanth about this event, Rajnikanth has said that Narendra Modi is one of the friends of Rajnikanth and thats the reason for this meet.

When the wife of Rajnikanth spoke about this conversation to an English newspaper she has mentioned that Rajnikanth ans Narendra Modi are friends, even Narendra Modi came to hospital and met Rajnikanth when he was admitted in hospital. Since then we have been consider Narendra Modi as one of our family members. He has come to our house and proud us.

17 August 2013

Tamil movie Kochadaiyan Updates

Tamil movie Kochadaiyan: 

Tamil Super Star Rajini Kanth's upcoming movie Kochadaiyan is scheduled to release on Diwali. Till now story of Kochadaiyan is not yet revealed. Now we have discovered the
theme of Kochadaiyan. Now its reviled that Rajini plays dual role in Kochadaiyan. He plays Dad and Son role in this movie. This is second time to take dad and son role. Muthu is the first movie in which Rajini took Dad and Son role.