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Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagamm - Complete Review

Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam
Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam was released at the tail end of the November 2013 with very high expectation among the Tamil cinema audiences. The reason for the peak level expectation of the Tamil movie Irandaam Ulagam is because this movie was directed by Tamil cinema director Selva Raghavan who has given many remarkable movies to Tamil cinema like Aayirathil Oruvan, Kadhal Konden, 7G Rainbow Colony etc.,
Combination of Top level artists Tamil actor Arya and Tamil actress Anushka is one more factor for this expectation. Before going to the story of the movie, shall have a glance on Casts and Crew of this movie.

Tamil Movie Irandaam Ulagam Updates

Tamil movie Irandam Ulagam
                              Upcoming movie of Director Selvaraghavan is Irandam Ulagam. Hero of this movie is Arya and heroin role is done by Anushka. Tamil actress Anushka is going to make dual role in this movie. Role played by Anushka was not announced before. Now the news regarding the role played by Anushka in Irandam Ulagam is released. Actress Anushka is going to play as innocent women role and brave women role in this movie. Director Selvaraghavan is attracted by Brave women role played by Anushka in the movie Aruntathi. Selvaraghavan says that Anushka is the only actress who will be suitable for brave women role for his movie Irandam Ulagam.