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Tamil Top 5 Flop Movies of the year 2016:

Tamil Top 5 Flop Movies of the year 2016:

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Many movies released with expectations this year but only some fulfill the expectations. In some case, some movies give best in making and story wise in that case it might fulfill in other ways so that this will not be considered as flop movies. When a movie fails in script wise and also making wise that movie will become a failure in a critical way and also in box office collection too. This movie brings huge loss to distributors and producers too. We already looked best Tamil Movies, Tamil heroes, and Tamil songs of the year 2016. Now we are going to see the list of top 5 flop Tamil movies of the year 2016.

Tamil movie Iraivi - Casts and Crew, Story Line and Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall look about Tamil movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema Director Karthi Subbu Raj with multi star acting that Tamil actors S J Surya, Vijay Sethu Pathy and Bobby Simha with the music of Tamil cinema director Santhosh Narayanan.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Iraivi:
Tamil movie Iraivi - Review, Story - Casts and Crew

Actors  - Tamil actors Vijay Sethu Pathy, S J Surya, Bobby simha, Radha Ravi, Karuna Karan, Cheenu Mohan and others

Actresses - Tamil actresses Anjali, Kamalini Mukherji, Pooja Devariya, Vadivukarasi and others.,

Director - Tamil cinema Director Karthik Subbu Raj

Producer - C V Kumar

Tamil actress Anjali latest Interview- Relvealing about her role in Iraivi

Tamil actress Anjali interview for press - latest

 In this page, we shall see about one of the latest interviews given by Tamil actress Anjali after the release of her movie in the year 2015 in Tamil, namely Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). The interview included the words from Tamil actress Anjali like, she wanted her fans to talk that they have never seen Anjali like this before and that is one of the reasons for Anjali to agree for the Tamil movies like Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ), Mapla Singam in which the role of Tamil actress Anjali having many scenes showing Anjali with sizzling dresses. Also she added that the role of Tamil actress Anjali in the movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj will have the flavour of her role in the movies like Angaadi Theru.

Tamil actress Anjali has got a strong position in the Telugu cinema industry. After a long gap, Tamil actress Anjali has come to Tamil cinema industry with hit movies like Tamil movie Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). Now we shall have a look at the questions and answers tool place in the interview of Tamil actress Anjali.

Tamil movie Iraivi Casts and Crew

The shooting of Tamil movie Iraivi in which Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathy Bobby Simha, S J Surya and Tamil actress Anjali are doing the major roles under the direction of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj has been started today ( 21st May 2015 ) in Chennai.

Tamil movie Iraivi - Casts and Crew:

S J Surya and Bobby Simha for Tamil movie Iraivi

Main actors ( Hero's ) - Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Simha and Tamil actor S J Surya.

Main actresses ( Heroin's ) - Tamil actresses Anjali and Ananya.

Comedy actor - Tamil cinema comedian Karunakaran.

Tamil movie Iraivi - name of Tamil cinema director KArthik Subbu Raj's third movie !!

Tamil cinema director Karthik Subbu Raj who directed the movies, Pizza and Jigarthanda has named his next movie said to be Iraivi. Karthik SubbuRaj was introduced to Tamil cinema as a director from his movie Pizza and he was a short stories director before that. The movie Pizza was a big Super hit movie in the box office and also the movie gave a nice name to Karthik Subbu Raj as a nice director in Tamil cinema. So he took a step forward with his second movie namely Jigarthanda by keeping Tamil actor Sidharth in the main lead male role ( Hero ) and Tamil actress Lakshmi Menon in the main female main role ( Heroin ). Tamil actor Bobby Simha did a significant role in the movie Jigarthanda as a Madurai Rowdy.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha in Jigarthanda

The second movie of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subbu Raj; Jigarthanda also went well and good with the box office and got better marks from the Tamil cinema Reviewers. We have seen many Tamil cinema directors giving the first movie super hit but not the second and went off from the sights of Tamil cinema. But in this case, Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj has proven that he will be one of the good directors of Tamil cinema for the next generation. So now Karthik Subbu Raj has got ready with the script for his third Tamil movie and the name of the movie is said in the media as Iraivi. As the script for the movie is almost ready, when he completes the script works he will come to the character selection of this movie itseems.