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National award winning - Tamil cinema editor Kishore is in coma

Tamil cinema editor Kishore
Tamil cinema editor Kishore who won the National award for best editor for working in Tamil movie Aadukalam has been admitted in the hospital as he is in coma stage now. Earlier, not only in Tamil movie Aadukalam, but also Kishore has done the editing work for the Tamil movies, Eeram, Payanam, Engeyum Eppodhum, Kaanchana, Pradesi and Madha Yaanai Kuutam. If we see the personnel profile and back ground of Tamil cinema editor Kishore, he was born in Villupuram in the year of 1978. He has not married yet. Kishore has been one of the remarkable Editors of Tamil cinema and he has been proving himself as the best editor in the industry with his quality works.

The current project of Kishore is Tamil movie Visaaranai under the direction of Tamil cinema director Vetri Maaran. At the time when he was in the work of Editing of Tamil movie Visaaranai, Kishore has got fainted in the working place itself and he has been taken to the hospital immediately by the crew of the Tamil movie Visaaranai.

The Generosity of Tamil cinema Cinematographer - P C Sree ram

Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we are going to see one of the special characters of the leading Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram. P C Sree Ram has been working as a cinematographer since 1982 in Tamil cinema. In those days, the status of media was not so good. In those years, people were waiting for one single video song telecasting program ( Oliyum Oliyum ) for one week of time in the national TV channel called Doordharshan ( DD ). Eventually the competition between the producers to present the programs in that channel was huge then. In those days, P C Sree Ram did remarkable revolutions with the camera he had.

When Mr. Jeyendra started talking one of the experiences he had with P C Sree ram in those days, Jeyendra had gone to ask P C Sree Ram for working with him in the short films for Television. Jeyendran had gone with 13 number of short films and started telling the stories of the films to P C Sree Ram. When Jeyendran had tempted to movie from the first story of the first short film, to the second one, P C Sree Ram has stopped Jeyendran and started describing all the same scenes ( said by Jeyendran ) of the short film with the narration in the style of P C Sree Ram himself. When P C Sree Ram explained the scenes with the flavour from his camera, Jeyendran has got impressed well. Then all the short films made in the collaboration of P C Sree Ram with Jeyendran were submitted to the Doordharshan.

An Interview with Tamil movie I Senior make up technician - Sean Foot

Sean Foot - Tamil movie I
The Weta Workshop which is placed at New Zealand is very special one for creating the characters in movies without using the Computer graphics and animation works. One of the senior technicians of the crew involved in the make up works in Tamil movie I Mr. Sean Foot has spoke with us about his experience with the Crew of Tamil movie I and some interesting facts about Tamil movie I too.

Interview with Sean Foot ( Senior make up technician for Tamil movie I ): 

Question to Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot:

What is special with Tamil movie I

Answer from Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot: