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Marriage of Director Shankar's Daughter

 Tamil cinema director Shankar daughter Aishwarya marriage 

The marriage of Aishwarya who is the daughter of director Shankar happened today. The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Stalin participated in this marriage function. 

Director Shankar Daughter marriage photo

The name of son in law of director Shankar - Rohit Damodharan

Date of marriage 27 Jun 2021

Marriage time : 11 15 AM

Marriage place: ECR Road - Hotel Welcome - Chennai

Tamil movie 2.0 Story line and Overview

Tamil movie 2.0 Story line and Overview

The official launch was held at A.V.M. STUDIOS Chennai in a low key due to heavy rains in Tamilnadu during December 2015.The film shoot comenced in Chennai in December 2015, then to DELHI. From October 2017 to January 2018 to April 2018 and finally to November 2018 there was an inordinate delay in the release of the movie due to reasons beyond control like ill health of the Hero and the delay in visual effects and other technical snags and the perfectionist that he is, Director Shnakar would never ever compromise in quality right from the script to VFX. 

Tamil movie 2.0 Overview

Tamil movie 2.0 Overview

India's first 175 million dollar block bluster movie The VFX has set high standards and carried out in 15 studios across the globe at par with Hollywood standards. Director Shankar deserves special mention for getting VFX and graphics perfect to a T.. Three LILTING songs tuned by A.R.REHMAN- PULLINANGAL written by the late NAA Muthukumar and Enthiran logathu Sundariye, Rajali both by MADHAN KAARKI. 

Trailer 2.0 with its teaser released on Ganesh Chathurthi has rocked the digital world by mopping 140 million views ( only shows how much the movie has been awaited by movie goers far and wide). It was also released in 2D and 3 D theaters . The 3D had received positive feedback exceeding expectations. The makers of the movie teased the audience with behind the scenes footage of the movie. The movie would also be released in 14 other languages. 

Akshaykumar in his fiendish avatar - His ardent fans cannot see his robust physique. smart face, handsome personality or his distinct voice..His fierce evil face in the film will send shivers down your spine..The long spiked eyebrows and cannibalistic teeth is a terror and a horror.Thanks to the advanced sound technology..that can change a voice to any degree.. Rasool pookutty and director Shankar have tirelessly got the near perfect voice for his beastly and ghastly demeanour. . GIANT size bird cage formed out of hundreds of destructive Chitties.. Good Chitti shoots all destructive chitties that are approaching from different directions.. Hurray welcome 2.0 a red carpet awaits you across the globe.

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Tamil Movie 2.0 Overview

Two Point O - 2.0 Overview:

Two Point Zero (2.0 )..A CURTAIN .RAISER - Written by M.Chidambaram

While the Tropical Cyclone Gaja made a landfall in Vedharanyam, Nagapattinam District in Tamilnadu the MAGNUM OPUS ..2.0, the spiritual successor of YANTHIRAN, Director Shankar's dream project and the most expensive Indian movie ever.. is all set to take the whole world by storm on 29th of November 2018..

Ever since its inception this biggest 3D spectacle..has been grabbing the headlines promising out of the world visual experiences, action stunts and sequences that match International standards.
The diehard fans of Super Star Rajnikanth are all gearing for the release of 2.0, India's very own Science fiction visual effects extravaganza.The jaw dropping visuals would enchant the movie goers like never before. 

Tamil movie Endhiran 2.0 Expected release date

Tamil movie Endhiran 2.0 Expected release date
The movie 2.0 is the upcoming and most expected movie. The movie team is giving explanation about the movie release date.  The movie direction by S.Shankar, Production by Subaskaran Allirajah, Ranjikanth reprises his role from Enthiran movie, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Ranjikanth reprises his role from Enthiran movie. The 2.0 is the sequel of Enthiran movie which has been released in the year of 2010. The 2.0 movie shot in Tamil and Hindi simultaneously, dubbing version in Telugu. This is very big budget movie. This movie expected to release in 15 languages.

Has "Indian 2" Film Been Dropped ???- Team Disagreed

Tamil movie Indian 2 under the direction of Shankar and Kamal Haasan as hero of the film, recently faced an issue with the rumour that the film has been dropped by the team.

Since Big boss show has ended up recently actor Kamal Haasan is busy with his shooting in  the last part of Tamil movie Vishwaroopam 2 movie.Following that he started his shooting for his next film Sabbash Naidu. 

Tamil actor Rajnikanth Admitted in hospital and discharged in an hour

Tamil actor Rajnikanth Admitted in hospital and discharged in an hour

Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth has got injured on his leg during the shooting of Tamil movie Endhiran 2.0 and so the shooting of the movie Endhiran 2.0 was ceased.

There are some video scenes of Tamil movie Endhiran 2.0 have been getting shoot in Chennai, Kelambakkam - Vandalur road - Melakottaiur with the presence of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth, Tamil cinema director Shankar, Tamil actress Amy jackson and others. In this stage, Tamil actor Rajnikanth has fell down during one of the fight scene shoot in the Shooting spot of Tamil movie endhiran 2.0 and he has got injury on his leg and so the Shooting spot got shocked.

Tamil movie Endhiran - 2 Overview

Tamil movie Endhiran 2 Overview:

The date December 12, Thalaivar Tamil Actor Rajnikanth birthday, has every reason to be celebrated as a festival for all the die-hard fans of Thalaivar Superstar Rajnikanth. But here comes yet another reason for all his fans to rejoice over. Yes, the much hyped film Endhiran 2 is slated to kick start on this day, which is on his birthday.
Tamil actor Rajnikanth and Arnold Schwarzenegar for Tamil movie Endhiran 2

Endhiran 2 is a sequel to the blockbuster movie of Endhiran which was released in 2010. The talks about this film started surfacing since Tamil movie I audio launch, when Arnold came to India to release the audio. Later when Tamil cinema director Shankar narrated the story line of Endhiran 2 to Arnold, he was satisfied with the storyline that he accepted to be a part of the film. He is going to be paid a whooping amount of US$15 million (which is 100 crores) for 30 days of shoot. The film is said to have a huge budget of 300 crores.

Director of Tamil actor Vijay upcoming movie after Puli?

Tamil actor Vijay Upcoming Tamil movies
The shooting of Tamil movie Puli in which Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay has done the main male role ( hero ) role and Tamil actresses Shruti Hassan and Hansika Motwani have done the main female roles ( Heroins ) under the direction of Tamil cinema director Simbu Devan have been going on with full fledged in the location, Tirupathy of Andhra Pradesh and about to come to the end of shootings in a few days.

After the release date of Tamil movie puli, Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay  is going to act in for the movie which has been signed under the Tamil cinema director Atlee. The pooja for the Tamil movie which is coming in the combination of Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay  and Atlee was conducted in Chennai before a couple of weeks, in this function Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay , director Atlee, the wife of Atlee - Tamil actress Priya and the producer of this upcoming movie of Tamil actor Illayathalapathy Vijay participated. The heroin of this movie comes in the combo of Tamil actor Vijay and Atleer is not revealed yet.

The Generosity of Tamil cinema Cinematographer - P C Sree ram

Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we are going to see one of the special characters of the leading Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram. P C Sree Ram has been working as a cinematographer since 1982 in Tamil cinema. In those days, the status of media was not so good. In those years, people were waiting for one single video song telecasting program ( Oliyum Oliyum ) for one week of time in the national TV channel called Doordharshan ( DD ). Eventually the competition between the producers to present the programs in that channel was huge then. In those days, P C Sree Ram did remarkable revolutions with the camera he had.

When Mr. Jeyendra started talking one of the experiences he had with P C Sree ram in those days, Jeyendra had gone to ask P C Sree Ram for working with him in the short films for Television. Jeyendran had gone with 13 number of short films and started telling the stories of the films to P C Sree Ram. When Jeyendran had tempted to movie from the first story of the first short film, to the second one, P C Sree Ram has stopped Jeyendran and started describing all the same scenes ( said by Jeyendran ) of the short film with the narration in the style of P C Sree Ram himself. When P C Sree Ram explained the scenes with the flavour from his camera, Jeyendran has got impressed well. Then all the short films made in the collaboration of P C Sree Ram with Jeyendran were submitted to the Doordharshan.

Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai in detailed with the sub titles of Casts and crew of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai, Story of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai and Complete Review of Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai.
Tamil movie I - Review

Tamil movie I ( aka ) Ai - Casts and Crew:

Director - Shankar

Dialogues - Tamil cinema director Shankar and Subha

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil Actress Amy Jackson

Main Villain actor - Tamil actor Suresh Gopi

Reason why Tamil movie I is releasing as one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movies

Tamil movie I release date
The official announcement about the release date of Tamil movie I has been done and the movie will be one of the Pongal 2015 Tamil movie releases for sure officially. In the beginning, the Tamil movie I was about to get released as one of the Diwali 2014 Tamil movie releases; later on it was expected that the movie I will be released in the month of December 2014. So here I have got some pin points about the reasons why the release of Tamil movie I has got postponed upto January 14 ( Pongal 2015 ). They are;

1. The production company of Tamil movie I ( Aascar production ) has decided to release the movie I in a large number of theaters as the movie contents huge budget in the production works. But as the Tamil movie Lingaa in which Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth has acted, has been decided to get released on the birth date of Rajnikanth; that is December 12th 2015, it is not possible for Tamil movie I to get huge number of theaters to get released.

Endhiran 2 ( Aka ) Robot - part 2: Over view

Tamil cinema director Shankar has decided to make Endhiran part 2 but the hero of the movie is not Tamil actor Rajnikanth this time and the hero of the movie Endhiran 2 ( Aka ) Robot 2 is bollywood actor Amir Khan. The Tamil movie Endhiran was a huge hit all over India in which Tamil actor Rajnikanth and Tamil actress Aishwarya Rai acted together as hero and heroin respectively. At this situation, Tamil cinema director Shankar has decided to start his works on the movie Endhiran Part 2 ( Aka ) Robot 2. The desire of Tamil cinema director Shankar was to get Tamil actor Rajnikanth again as the hero of the movie Endhiran part 2 also.

Tamil movie I - Overview

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall see about the Tamil movie I getting released either for this Diwali 2014 or in the month of November 2014. The reason for the peak level expectation on the movie I is that the direction for this movie is done by Tamil cinema director Shankar with the huge dedication of Tamil actor Vikram with the music of A R Rahman. The audio launch was done with the presence of Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarznegger from the hands of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth.
Tamil movie I - Wallpapers

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie I:

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vikram

Main Female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Amy Jackson

Other actors in Tamil movie I - Suresh Gopi ( Did famous role in Tamil movie Dheena ), Upen Patel, Tamil cinema comedy actor Santhaanam, actor Ram Kumar Ganeshan, Srinivaasan, Ojan M Rajani and Syed Siddiq.

Tamil actor Vikram Interview about his role in Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram who got noticed by the whole Tamil cinema audience by his acting performance in the movie, Sethu has spoken to the media recently and shared about his experience in Tamil movie I. The trend of Tamil cinema today is the Tamil movie I, directed by Tamil cinema director Shankar with the acting performance of Tamil actor Vikram and actress Amy Jackson with the music of A R Rahman. Even though there are many Tamil cinema director Shankar interviews been made about this movie already, for the very first time, Tamil actor Vikram has spoken out about the movie I for an English channel.
Tamil actor Vikram with beast get up for Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram interview about Tamil movie I:

An Interview with Tamil movie I Senior make up technician - Sean Foot

Sean Foot - Tamil movie I
The Weta Workshop which is placed at New Zealand is very special one for creating the characters in movies without using the Computer graphics and animation works. One of the senior technicians of the crew involved in the make up works in Tamil movie I Mr. Sean Foot has spoke with us about his experience with the Crew of Tamil movie I and some interesting facts about Tamil movie I too.

Interview with Sean Foot ( Senior make up technician for Tamil movie I ): 

Question to Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot:

What is special with Tamil movie I

Answer from Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot:

Interview with Tamil cinema director Shankar about his movie I

Tamil cinema director Shankar is the one who has taken the Tamil cinema industry to the international level with his twenty years of cinema career by directing all his cinemas with the Top class output. If we see the recent previous cinemas of Shankar, they are Endhiran and Shivaji, both of the movies are huge hit movies came with the acting of Tamil actor Rajnikanth. What all the fans of Shankar are thinking that Shankar has done his level best, now he has come up again with the Tamil movie I, in which he has shown, slim cut Tamil actor Vikram stills, Cracking A R Rahman music songs, different make up Vikram, innovative teaser and the grand Audio launch of Tamil movie I etc.,
Tamil cinema director Shankar

Here we shall see the fresh interview of Tamil cinema director Shankar at the time of audio launch of Tamil movie I.

Question to Tamil Cinema director Shankar:

Tamil movie I - Audio Songs Review

Tamil movie - I - Audio Song Review:

The Tamil movie I Audio songs were released today in Chennai with the great event with the presence of Arnold Schwarzeegger, Rajnikanth. The music director of the movie I is A R Rahman, the combination of A R Rahman has happened after the Tamil movie Endhiran.

Tamil movie I Audio Songs

Tamil movie I - Audio Song Merasellayiten:

Singers : Aniruth Ravi Chander and Neeti Mohan

Music - A R Rahman

The complete song is about the beauty of a girl in a complete Chennai slang Tamil. The voice of Aniruth with the young fire is making us the audience to feel the freshness of the song and getting into the situation of being in a Chennai slum area with folk music coming in between the song. There is a lady sweet humming voice has been added in between the song with the voice of Neeti Mohan. All the sentences of the song have the Chennai slang words ex: Krishnail, Thenga Pathai etc.,

Tamil actor Surya met Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger !!

Hollywood actor Arnod Schwarzenegger who has come to Chennai has got meet by Tamil actor Surya and also Surya has got the autograph of Arnold on an Exercises tips book written by Arnold himself.
Tamil actor Surya with Arnold photo / image / picture

The Audio launch function of Tamil movie I which has been directed by Tamil cinema director Shankar; vikram and Amy Jackson have acted with the musical works of A R Rahman has been conducted in Chennai and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger arried Chennai for the Audio launch of I. The name of hotel in which Arnold Schwarzenegger stay while came to Chennai is Hotel Leela Palace. Soon after arriving to the hotel, Arnold has done some exercises in the gyl of Leela Palace.

Hollywood actor Arnold and Tamil actor Rajnikanth on a same stage for Audio launch of Tamil movie I

Today the biggest of all, the function which has not been seen by the Indian Cinema has been going on in Chennai that the audio launch of Tamil movie I. In this event the hollywood actor who made the audience to exclaim to the extremely level in his hollywood movies; Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his appearance in this event all the way from California to Chennai.
Tamil actor Rajnikanth with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger speech at audio launch of Tamil movie I:

When Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the function, he has said that he has had a big desire of taking part in a function of Indian Cinema. Arnold Schwarzenegger added that he wanted to take part in the stage together with Tamil actor Rajinikanth and the producer of Tamil movie I, Mr. Ravi Chandran mentioned that Rajinikanth will take part in the audio launch of Tamil movie I at the time of invitation.