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20 June 2021

Tamil Movie Jagame Thandiram Story and Review

 In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at the latest Tamil movie Jagame Thandhiram which has been released through OTT due to COVID 19 pandemic situation. 


Suruli is a gangster living in Madurai. Due to a police case on him, he gets a situation to hide from Tamilnadu police and at the same time, he gets an opportunity to go to London for doing a murder. 

So, Suruli moves to London and kills a man who opposes the man who called him to London from Madurai. 

Only after killing him, Suruli comes to know that the man who was killed by him was a good man, helping the refugees, especially from Sri Lanka to London. 

28 November 2016

Revolution time of Tamil Cinema in the year 2012:

Revolution time of Tamil Cinema in the year 2012:

Tamil Cinema in other name called as Kollywood is one of the most notable cinema industry in Indian cinema industries. Lot of movies , actors, actress, music directors, singers, directors etc are noticed all over india.

The release date of very first Tamil movie falls in the year of 1918 now Tamil Cinema crossed 98 years . In these years Kollywood faced so much of revolution in movies and technicians. On 60s there was 10 songs in each movie but later it reduced to 5 or below 5 songs some movies it may not need songs too. Mass scenes , hero introduction songs, climax fight sequence all were revolutions happens before in Kollywood.

04 June 2016

Tamil movie Iraivi - Casts and Crew, Story Line and Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall look about Tamil movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema Director Karthi Subbu Raj with multi star acting that Tamil actors S J Surya, Vijay Sethu Pathy and Bobby Simha with the music of Tamil cinema director Santhosh Narayanan.

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Iraivi:
Tamil movie Iraivi - Review, Story - Casts and Crew

Actors  - Tamil actors Vijay Sethu Pathy, S J Surya, Bobby simha, Radha Ravi, Karuna Karan, Cheenu Mohan and others

Actresses - Tamil actresses Anjali, Kamalini Mukherji, Pooja Devariya, Vadivukarasi and others.,

Director - Tamil cinema Director Karthik Subbu Raj

Producer - C V Kumar

21 May 2015

Tamil movie Iraivi Casts and Crew

The shooting of Tamil movie Iraivi in which Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathy Bobby Simha, S J Surya and Tamil actress Anjali are doing the major roles under the direction of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj has been started today ( 21st May 2015 ) in Chennai.

Tamil movie Iraivi - Casts and Crew:

S J Surya and Bobby Simha for Tamil movie Iraivi

Main actors ( Hero's ) - Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathy, Bobby Simha and Tamil actor S J Surya.

Main actresses ( Heroin's ) - Tamil actresses Anjali and Ananya.

Comedy actor - Tamil cinema comedian Karunakaran.

13 September 2014

Tamil movie Iraivi - name of Tamil cinema director KArthik Subbu Raj's third movie !!

Tamil cinema director Karthik Subbu Raj who directed the movies, Pizza and Jigarthanda has named his next movie said to be Iraivi. Karthik SubbuRaj was introduced to Tamil cinema as a director from his movie Pizza and he was a short stories director before that. The movie Pizza was a big Super hit movie in the box office and also the movie gave a nice name to Karthik Subbu Raj as a nice director in Tamil cinema. So he took a step forward with his second movie namely Jigarthanda by keeping Tamil actor Sidharth in the main lead male role ( Hero ) and Tamil actress Lakshmi Menon in the main female main role ( Heroin ). Tamil actor Bobby Simha did a significant role in the movie Jigarthanda as a Madurai Rowdy.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha in Jigarthanda

The second movie of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subbu Raj; Jigarthanda also went well and good with the box office and got better marks from the Tamil cinema Reviewers. We have seen many Tamil cinema directors giving the first movie super hit but not the second and went off from the sights of Tamil cinema. But in this case, Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj has proven that he will be one of the good directors of Tamil cinema for the next generation. So now Karthik Subbu Raj has got ready with the script for his third Tamil movie and the name of the movie is said in the media as Iraivi. As the script for the movie is almost ready, when he completes the script works he will come to the character selection of this movie itseems.

31 July 2014

Tamil movie Jigardhanda - Over view

Tamil movie Jigarthada 
In this page of Tamil cinema we shall look about one of the most awaited movies for this friday namely Jigardhanda in which Tamil actor Sidhardh has acted in the lead role under the direction of Karthik Subbu Raj. We shall see some important and interesting factors about this movie here.

Release date of Tamil movie Jigarthanda - 01st August 2014.

Total time of playing of Jigarthanda movie - 2 hours and 51 minutes

The director of the movie Jigarthanda is a well known director with his debut movie namely Pizza. The movie Pizza was remade in bollywood could be mentioned here.