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Story for Actor? or Actor for Story ? - Vetri Maaran Answers

This page of Tamil cinema bio is about one of the interesting interviews of director Vetrimaaran with Cricketer Dinesh Karthik for a Youtube Channel. 
Vetri Maaran with Dhanush

Question :

How do you select actors and actresses in your movies? The story for actors or actors for a story?

Answer from Vetri Maaran:

It varies from movie to movie. I did not have Dhanush in mind when I wrote Polladhavan. Later on Dhanush joined the crew. Then, with the same team of Velraj, G V Prakash Kumar and Dhanush joined together and made the movie Aadukalam for Dhanush. 

Latest Interview with Tamil Cinema director - Priya Dharsan

Learnt from Bharathi Raja - Director Priyadharshan proudly saying:

The famous actor Priyadharshan proudly saying he learnt from Bharathi Raja. Priyadharshan is a famous director in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. He directed many successful movies in these four languages. In 2016, Mahesinte Prathikaram has released in Malayalam, this movie has won many awards.  This movie is remade by Priyadharshan in Tamil, titled Nimir, produced by Santhosh T.Kuruvila and staring Udhayanidhi Stalin.  When priyadharshan came to Chennai for Nimir film production he said,

Tamil Cinema Director Hari - Interview

Tamil cinema director Hari interview
We the audience of Tamil cinema would have definitely got excited by seeing the movies of Tamil cinema director Hari that they are with very high speed, blasting dialogues and laughters with color full video songs etc., So here we have the complete interview of Tamil cinema director Hari talking generally about his movies and his experiences.

Question to Tamil cinema director Hari?

When did you understand that, the movie with action and entertainment is your perfect route in Tamil cinema?

Answer from Tamil cinema director Hari:

Tamil Cinema Director Gautham Vasudev Menon Interview - Talking about Thala 55

Tamil Cinema director Gautham Menon
Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon who has been directing the next Tamil movie of Tamil actor Thala Ajith which is not yet named and widely called as Thala 55 has given an interview about the movie Thala 55 and has revealed some interesting facts and interesting shooting spot events below. The interview of Gautham Vasudev Menon started with his words about the lyrics of a song from Thala 55 that "Oru Velli Golusu Pola Indha Boomi Sinungam Keezha, Aniyadha Vairam pola Andha Vaanam minungum mela" and Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar is singing this song on screen and this song is establishing the role of Ajith in thala 55 - says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Then the director Gautham Vasudev Menon revealed the basic story line of Thala 55 that the story is the thin line of the travel of an youngster from his 28th year of age ( Entering the marital life ) upto 38th year of age ( 10 years of life after marriage ). So there are 4 number of different character looks for Ajith in the movie Thala 55 that one of the portions of the role is coming with the look of curling haired Ajith Kumar, Ajith with Salt and pepper look and two other looks and Ajith has done many things to show the difference between those four looks of him in the movie. Ajith has done ocmplete work outs and became fit for an action block in the movie, Then the people who were traveling in his real life for more than 10 years are telling that Ajith is totally looking different and they like the looks. If this is the same reaction from the audience after the release of Thala 55, then the part 2 of Thalla 5 can be expected -says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Tamil actress Priya and director Atlee - Love Story

Tamil cinema has been getting a lot of love stories not only on the theater screens but also out of the screen between the artists working in Tamil cinema industry. Starting from Gemini Ganeshan - Savitri, Tamil actor Kamal Hassan - Gauthami, Sarath Kumar - Radhika, Mani Rathnam - Suhasini, Raja Kumaran - Devayani, R. K. Selva Mani - Roja,  Sundar C - Tamil actress Kushboo, Ajith - Shali, Tamil actor Surya - Tamil actress Jothika, Tamil actor Dhanush - Aishwarya, and recently Tamil actress Amala Paul - Director A L Vijay. Now here the buzz is that the Tamil cinema director Atlee who gave the mass hit movie Raja Rani is engaged with Tamil actress Priya who has acted in the movies like Singam, Singam 2, etc.,

Marriage date of Atlee - Priya: 09 November 2014
Tamil cinema couple - Tamil cinema director Atlee with Tamil cinema actress Priya

Soon after seeing the Engagement photos of Tamil actress Priya with director Atlee all of us the Tamil cinema audience got surprised with happy. With happiness, we got a thousand questions when did this couple fell in love? how it was not disclosed this much time? etc., So the following article contains the complete interview with this cute couple, Tamil actress Priya and director Atlee.

Tamil cinema director Suseendran interview about Tamil movie Jeeva

Tamil movie Jeeva is one of the most expected Upcoming Tamil movies which has been scheduled to get released tomorrow ( release date - 29th September 2014 ). As this is the right time, we have got a complete interview with the director of the movie Suseendran.
Tamil cinema director Suseendran Interview

When the director of Tamil movie Jeeva starts talking he said the statement that in every country sports men lose only after playing the game but in India only our players are losing without getting a chance to play the game itself and this is the core story of the movie Jeeva. But to tell this story, the director Suseendhran has chosen the game of cricket. The core story of Jeeva tells about what are the troubles being faced by an youngster who has competency and talent to become a national cricket player. Also the director Suseendran has told that, this movie would be the movie which can make himself proud even after seeing the movie after 10 years.