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Profile and Biography of Cinematographer Sambath Kumar A

Sambath Kumar A is an upcoming Cinematographer in TamilCinema who has worked in various ad films, some Tele Films, 11 Short Films and 7 feature films in Tamil. We shall look at his profile and biography of his below, 

On Screen Name: Sambath Kumar A

Native Place: Salem, Tamilnadu

School Name: up to SSLC in Sri Jothi Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Salem & up to +2 in PV Matriculations School, Salem

The reasons for his school change after SSLC are fees, distance, and the change of correspondent of the school. 

College Name: Sri Sowdeshwari College, Salem 

Educational Qualification: B. Sc Mathematics & Vis Com in E Logic Multimedia, Salem

Name of Father: Arumugham ( Retired from Indian Railways job ); 

The Generosity of Tamil cinema Cinematographer - P C Sree ram

Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we are going to see one of the special characters of the leading Tamil cinema cinematographer P C Sree Ram. P C Sree Ram has been working as a cinematographer since 1982 in Tamil cinema. In those days, the status of media was not so good. In those years, people were waiting for one single video song telecasting program ( Oliyum Oliyum ) for one week of time in the national TV channel called Doordharshan ( DD ). Eventually the competition between the producers to present the programs in that channel was huge then. In those days, P C Sree Ram did remarkable revolutions with the camera he had.

When Mr. Jeyendra started talking one of the experiences he had with P C Sree ram in those days, Jeyendra had gone to ask P C Sree Ram for working with him in the short films for Television. Jeyendran had gone with 13 number of short films and started telling the stories of the films to P C Sree Ram. When Jeyendran had tempted to movie from the first story of the first short film, to the second one, P C Sree Ram has stopped Jeyendran and started describing all the same scenes ( said by Jeyendran ) of the short film with the narration in the style of P C Sree Ram himself. When P C Sree Ram explained the scenes with the flavour from his camera, Jeyendran has got impressed well. Then all the short films made in the collaboration of P C Sree Ram with Jeyendran were submitted to the Doordharshan.