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Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about one of the latest interviews of Tamil actress Jyothika which was recorded in the end of 2019. 
Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

Acting with Tamil actor Surya is difficult, acting with Tamil actor Karthi is easy: Jyothika. Acting with Surya is difficult. Jyothika said in an interview with Tamil movie Thambi that it was easy with Karthi. Thambi is a film directed by Jeetu Joseph and starring Karthi, Jyothika, Sathyaraj, Sowkar Janaki, Aswant and others. Jyothika's younger brother Suraj produced this film under Vikom banner based on getting first copy of print basis. Govind Vasanths composed music, All the work of the film completed and film will be released on December 20.

Tamil Actress Vadivukkarasi Latest Interview

Actress Vadivukkarasi has given her experience in a video statement to one of the leading Tamil Website. In her statement she said as follows:
Tamil actress Vadivukkarasi in Sigappu Rojakkal

My native place is Ranipet situated near Vellore. My father name is Shanmugam, interested in Cinema. He is financing for Cinema, also acting in small characters in movies. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the entire family has migrated to Chennai. Leading film director A.P.Nagarajan is my uncle. This means he is my mother's elder sister's husband. Even though it is very hard to go to theater to see movie. I started to continue my school studies. But due to family situation unable to complete my studies. But have studied up to PUC.

Latest interview of Vijay TV Anchor DD aka Divya Dharsini

Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini has given an open interview about her latest gossips, controversies and her latest show Anbudan DD which has been getting telecast ed in Vijay TV. The following are the questions and answers asked and given by Divyadharsini;

Question to Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini:

What is the reason for the name change from Coffee with DD to Anbudan DD?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini:

There was a thought in my mind for many days to do something different in the program ( Coffee with DD ). Coffee with DD is a fun filled show, so we wanted to make the same show with fresh thoughts by including more positive things in it. So I took a good time break to in search nice team for this fresh look of Anbudan DD.

Tamil actress Anjali latest Interview- Relvealing about her role in Iraivi

Tamil actress Anjali interview for press - latest

 In this page, we shall see about one of the latest interviews given by Tamil actress Anjali after the release of her movie in the year 2015 in Tamil, namely Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). The interview included the words from Tamil actress Anjali like, she wanted her fans to talk that they have never seen Anjali like this before and that is one of the reasons for Anjali to agree for the Tamil movies like Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ), Mapla Singam in which the role of Tamil actress Anjali having many scenes showing Anjali with sizzling dresses. Also she added that the role of Tamil actress Anjali in the movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj will have the flavour of her role in the movies like Angaadi Theru.

Tamil actress Anjali has got a strong position in the Telugu cinema industry. After a long gap, Tamil actress Anjali has come to Tamil cinema industry with hit movies like Tamil movie Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). Now we shall have a look at the questions and answers tool place in the interview of Tamil actress Anjali.

Tamil actress ( Kaaka muttai movie fame ) Aishwarya Rajesh Interview

Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh
Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh who is just 25 years of age has acted in the mother role in Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai which got several National Awards for the year 2015. Earlier Aishwarya Rajesh has acted in the Tamil movies like Atta Kathi, Satta padi kutram etc., In this page we have got an interview in which Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh talks about her experience in her movie Kaaka Muttai and how she accepted such a big role in her young age etc.,

Question to Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh:

What about the appreciations you got after the release of Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai?

Tamil actress Amy Jackson Interview

Tamil Actress Amy Jackson
Tamil actress Amy Jackson has got huge famous in India by her acting in Tamil and Bollywood movies even though she is an European girl. Amy Jackson introduced to Tamil cinema with Tamil movie Madarasa Patnam director by A L Vijay. We the Tail audience were thinking that the role of Amy jackson in Madarasa Patnam really demanded an European girl thats why she came to Tamil and she will not act in Tamil cinema any more. But she acted in Tamil movie Thaandavam, a hindi movie and now, she is the talk of Tamil cinema now by her appearance in Tamil movie I.

Here is the latest Interview with Tamil actress Amy Jackson:

Question to Tamil actress Amy Jackson:

Dont you have language problem when acting in Tamil movies?

I will give birth before marriage - Tamil actress Shruti Hassan

Tamil actress Shruti Hassan has given a controversial statement to the media that she will get pregnant and give birth to a child before marriage.

Tamil actress Shruti Hassan hot and controversial statement