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14 September 2014

Tamil actress Deepika Padukone supporting words about Swetha Basu prostitution case

Tamil actresses Kushboo and Deepika Padukone have given their supporting voice to Tamil actress Swetha Basu who was earlier arrested in a prostitution case. Tamil actress Swetha Basu was arrested in a prostitution case at Hyderabad on the date - 2nd September 2014. Swetha Basu has acted in the Tamil movie Ra Ra and Chanda Mama. We should also mention here that Swetha Basu has won a National Award for her performance in the movie Makthe when he was child.
Deepika Padukone

The reason for what Swetha Basu went to prostitution is said to be money that Swetha Basu had less Cinema opportunities and less money in hand. At this situation, there is a lot of Cinema celebrities coming forward to support Swetha Basu the one of the National Award winning director Hensel Metha and actress Aditi Rao and Tamil actress Kushboo said their supporting words on Swetha Basu ( Tamil actress Kushboo's support to Swetha Basu ) and now the Tamil actress Deepika Padukone has also come forward with her supporting words to Swetha basu.

02 May 2014

Rajnikanth did not act in Kochadaiyan!! Shocking indeed..

There are some shocking rumors / news going around the internet in the recent days that Tamil actor Rajnikantha has not acted in most of the scenes of the movie Kochadaiyaan. Yes.. As per that internet rumor / news, Rajnikanth has acted in a few scenes of the movie Kochadaiyaan. In most of the scenes of the Tamil movie Kochadaiyaan, one of the famous vijay TV actors Lollu Sabha Jeeva only has acted. Because of this, the Tamil cinema industry and the fans have got big shock.
Rajnikanth Kochadaiyaan

There is a reason is also mentioned in that rumor / news that, as Rajnikanth can not act in fight and dance scenes after his treatment from Singapore this decision was made to make Jeeva who has got good name for his talent of doing mimicry and imitate as Super Star Rajnikanth in the movie Kochadaiyaan instead of Rajnikanth. It is adding that the Tamil actress Deepika Padukone and other stars who came with the expectation to act with Rajnikanth got disappointments too. Even Jeeva only has acted in the romance scenes supposed to be done by Rajnikanth with Deepika Padukone. But it has become the romance scenes between Lollu Sabha Jeeva with Deepika Padukone.