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24 November 2017

Tamil Actor Vishal Angry speech about the death of Producer Ashok Kumar

Tamil Cinema Producer-Director Ashok Kumar committed suicide at his residence in Chennai. The police authorities has received a letter written by Director Ashok Kumar before his attempt to suicide. He has mentioned the reason for the suicide in that letter. For the details regarding the message in the suicide letter and to see the image of the suicide letter you can click this link.

Tamil Cinema Producer Ashok Kumar is a Co-Producer of Upcoming Tamil Movie Kodiveeran. This will be the last movie that he had produced.Producer Ashok Kumar has mentioned in the letter about the tortures he faced by a financier named Anbu Cheziyan which made him to take this decision.

14 October 2017

Tamil Actor Vishal latest Interview - Talking about Revised Local Body Entertainment Tax, Ticket Fare Details

There were two major issues going on in the film industry recent days.One was the LBTE Tax which was declared as 10% for Tamil films and the other was the raise in ticket fare by 25%So people in film industry decided not to release any new films for Diwali as a protest against the issues.They were making continuous efforts to discuss with the government authorities to sort out the problem.

Finally they have reached a solution for the problem and the revised tax terms and ticket fare details has been given by the concerned authorities from the film industry.Regarding this the secretary of film industry Actor Vishal has given all details in the press meet.

He said like their request has been succeeded.He declared the revised ticket fare details as follows.