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04 October 2014

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Vimal

Tamil actor Vimal - Profile Photo
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil cinema actor Vimal by seeing his personnel life details, Cinema career and other activities of Tamil actor Vimal.

Personnel life of Tamil actor Vimal:

The birth place of Tamil actor Vimal is Pannankombu nearby Manapparaiand the date of birth of Tamil actor Vimal and the father of Vimal is Narasimhan and the name of mother is Ramani. Vimal did love marriage with hes wife Priyadharshini; marriage date of Vimal is 12th December 2014. As the parents of Vimal and his wife side did not approve for the marriage, they decided to get off the home and did simple marriage in a temple and now Tamil actor Vimal has a son.                

Tamil cinema filmography of Tamil actor Vimal:

30 September 2014

Tamil cinema celebrities - Fasting Protest followed by Jayalalitha arrest

Tamil actress Selvi. Jayalalitha was arrested in a civil case on September 26th 2014 and sentenced for 4 years of jail for her. Following that judgement from the court in Bangalore, Tamil cinema industry has made a fasting protest today ( 30th September 2014 ). In this page, you can find all the photos of the participants from that hungry protest.

Tamil actors Vikram, Vimal and Karthi at the Fasting protest by supporting Tamil actress Selvi Jayalalitha

28 September 2014

Tamil movie Oru Oorla Rendu Raja - Over View

Tamil movie Oru Oorla Rendu Raja - Casts and Crew:

Production company - Kannan Pix

Main Male role - Tamil actor vimal
Tamil movie Oru Oorla Rendu Raja

Main Female role - Tamil actress Priya anand

Supporting female actresses - Tamil actress Iniya and Tamil actress Vikasha Singh

Main comedy actor - Tamil actor Soori