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04 October 2014

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Vimal

Tamil actor Vimal - Profile Photo
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about the Tamil cinema actor Vimal by seeing his personnel life details, Cinema career and other activities of Tamil actor Vimal.

Personnel life of Tamil actor Vimal:

The birth place of Tamil actor Vimal is Pannankombu nearby Manapparaiand the date of birth of Tamil actor Vimal and the father of Vimal is Narasimhan and the name of mother is Ramani. Vimal did love marriage with hes wife Priyadharshini; marriage date of Vimal is 12th December 2014. As the parents of Vimal and his wife side did not approve for the marriage, they decided to get off the home and did simple marriage in a temple and now Tamil actor Vimal has a son.                

Tamil cinema filmography of Tamil actor Vimal:

14 October 2013

Tamil movie Vanakkam Chennai - Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall see about one of the most expected movies at October 2013 only because of the big hit of the Gangster music release and that Mirchi Siva's third movie of the year 2013. The music of Gangster song of this movie have started to get popular in all the streets of Tamilnadu even before the release of the movie.

Story of Tamil movie Vanakkam Chennai:

The movie has been tailored around the 3 characters with Shiva, Priya anand and Santhanam. At the beginning of the movie, Shiva comes to Chennai in search of job and Priya Anand comes to Chennai for a photography competition. To tell more about these two, Shiva character is a Gold medalist from his MSc academic times. The character of Tamil actress Priya anand is from London and have come Chennai for the competition. Name of Santhanam role in this movie is Narayanan who is a house broker doing the fraudulent activity by giving the houses for rent that the houses are not owned by himself, but the locked houses and the owners of the houses getting out of station.