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09 May 2021

Tamil movie Maanadu Preview

 Director Venkat Prabu has said that Tamil movie Maanaadu will be a new attempt in Tamil cinema. 

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Maanadu:

STR Simbu


S J Surya

Kalyani Priyadharshan


15 November 2016

Tamil Movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada ( AYM ) - Movie Review, Casts and Crew and Story Line

Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Tamil movie review :

Tamil actor Simbu and Tamil actress Manjima Mohan
for Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about one of the latest ( released in the mid of Novembet 2016 ) Tamil movies, namely Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada in which the combination of Tamil actor Silambarasan ( STR ) with director Gautham Vasudev Menon has happened after 6 years of time. Now, we shall look about this movie in details with the Sub titles - Casts and Crew of Tamil Movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada ( AYM ), Story Line of Tamil Movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada ( AYM ) and Complete Review of Tamil Movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada ( AYM ).

Tamil Movie Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada ( AYM ) - Casts and Crew:

Main Female Actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Manjima Mohan

Other actors : Tamil actors - Balaji Daniel, Baba Sehgal, Sathish Krishnan and the director of this movie Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Music - Tamil cinema music director - A R Rahman

Direction - Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon,

Producer - Gautham Vasudev Menon

Editing - Antony Gonsalves

26 December 2015

Mother of Tamil actor STR talking about Beep song - Talking about leaving the country

“We don’t need Tamil Nadu. We will go to Karnataka or Kerala and find our ways.”- Says Tamil actor STR / Simbu’s  mother. ‘Beep Song’ which was sang by Tamil actor Simbu and got released in youtube and it became viral and created major issues among the people. Coimbatore Cyber Crime Police have received a case that this song is against women and they filed a case against Simbu and music composer Anirudh and the police have started their investigation. The Police has summoned two times against Simbu and Anirudh to cooperate with the investigation.
Tamil actor STR's Mother talking about Beep Song
Many cases are also filed in Saidapet Court. In between these issues, many non-govermental women organisations have started to protest in front of Tamil actor STR / Silambarasan Simbu’s house which is located in Thiyagaraya Nagar. Some people burned the images of Simbu and Anirudh to show their thoughts against them.In this case, T.Rajendran’s speech about ‘Beep Song’ has been released a few days before. Now, a video of Simbu’s mother in which she expresses her thoughts about ‘Beep Song’ is also released.

23 June 2015

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani to act with Tamil actor STR Simbu again !!

Hansika hugging Simbu photos
We all know about the reason for the break up between Tamil actor STR Simbu and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani. When Hansika and Simbu were in love, there were two Tamil movies started shootings namely, Vaalu and Vettai Mannan. Among these two, the release date of Tamil movie Vaalu has been getting postponed for so many times. The shooting of the Tamil movie Vettai Mannan was dropped off within few days from the starting date of the shooting. But, after crossing many hurdles, Tamil movie Vaalu has got all set for the release on July 17th of this year.

20 June 2015

Tamil Actress Nayanthara's reaction against her hugging selfie gossip with Santhosh Sivan

Tamil Actress Nayanthara says Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan is the reason for this Tabloid gossip around the media and uploading this picture in web is the reason behind it.

Tamil Actress Nayanthara not responsible for this gossip

11 June 2015

Tamil Actress Nayanthara goes close with Tamil Movie Director Vignesh Sivan: Both took a selfie together

After love failure with Tamil Actor Simbhu/ STR and TamilActor Prabhu Deva, Tamil Actress Nayanthara is putting her full concentration on her acting career. In this situation Tamil Actress Nayanthara accepted to act for the Tamil Film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi is acting as a hero in this Tamil Movie Naanum Rowdy Dhan. Tamil Cinema Director Vignesh Sivan is the director of the Tamil Film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Vignesh Sivan is one who directed the film Poda Podi in which Tamil Actor Simbu/ STR is the hero.
Tamil Actress Nayanthara hugging selfie with Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan

07 June 2015

Tamil actress Samantha acts with Tamil actor Sidharth after her love break up

Image of Simbu STR with
Nayantara lip kiss /  ear biting
We all know that Tamil actress Nayantara has been acting with Actor Simbu STR in a movie which is under direction of Tamil cinema director Pandiraj who directed the movies like, Pasanga, Merina etc., This news was a bit vibrating for most of the Tamil cinema fans as the love between Simbu and Nayantara was talked as gossip by the media and it took the talks upto the level of publishing the news like Simbu and Nayantara married. Then Nayantara declared break up with the relationship with STR Simbu. With this back ground, it is very healthy and professional way that the two Tamil cinema stars, Nayantara and Simbu STR are acting together without thinking / considering the past events. Also it is known that the shooting of that movie in which Simbu acts with Nayantara has been going on smoothly without any deviations from Nayantara like, attending shootings with irregular timings and bargaining for more salary etc., Nayantara has been acting in that movie by not hindering the old stories of her with Simbu again.

05 September 2014

Tamil movie Amara Kaaviyam - Review by Celebrities

In this page of Tamil Cinema, we shall see about the Tamil movie Amara Kaaviyam which has released today ( 05th September 2014) as a Friday releasing movie.

Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Amara Kaaviyam:

Tamil movie Amara Kaaviyam

Main Male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil Actor Sathya

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Mia George

Other actors like Ananth Nag and others have acted in this movie.

Music - Tamil cinema music director Ghibran

Editing - Tamil cinema editor Surya

03 February 2014

Love story of Tamil actor STR Silambarasan ( Simbu ) and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

Tamil actor Simbu hugging Hansika
In this page of, we shall see about the love story between Tamil actor Simbu and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani. The love story between Simbu and Hansika begun in the shooting of the Tamil movie Vaalu. In the beginning it is said that there was a distance between the relationship between Simbu and Hansika.

But later on the relationship started become closer with the caravan chats. Then there were many controversies and gossips going around this couple that they are going to get married soon, they are in love. Then later on Simbu was the one who revealed the public through his tweeting that he is in love with one of the young Tamil cinema actresses. There the love story became hot through the news papers and other medias about this love between stars.

22 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor STR Silambarasan / Simbu

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor STR/ Silambarasan / Simbu
I have taken our little Super Star STR / Silambarasan/ Chimbu who is an young, charming Tamil hero who has got a permanent place in Tamil Cinema audience. To say in brief about STR, he came to the Kollywood at his early age and has been shining as one of the leading artists of the industry with his talents of acting, dancing, singing and of course, direction with screen play writing.

Before going to the detailed explanation about STR’s Profile and filmography, we shall have a look into his Biography at a glance.