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Tamil Rockerz - Review ( Web Series )

 This Web Series has taken one of the interesting things that happened to the Indian Cinema Industry starting from Tamil Cinema and affected the revenue of the Industry heavily through online Movie Piracy.  

Tamil Rockerz - Tamil Web Series Review

Before talking about this Tamil Web Series, we shall have a look at the Tamil Rockers website which is the baseline of this web series:

Tamil Rockers:

Tamil Rockerz - this name was so popular in Tamilnadu and even throughout India because this website was releasing many Tamil Movies and other language movies in India and even some Hollywood movies without any permission from the Film Production teams or from the Government. from the late 1990s till now. 

That website was making money through online monetization. Initially, this website was collecting content openly from its members and commenting on each other after uploading the content online. 

Those members and admin of the website were uploading full movies on black websites such as torrents and the link to those pages were posted in Tamil Rockers. 

Now about this web series, here is the beginning stage of Tamil Rockers, the evolution of it as a massive threat to the Cinema Industry, and how some of the important persons who were handling Tamil Rockers were arrested by police against movie piracy have been taken in account to talk in this web series. 

  • There are many cinematic elements have been added to this web series such as many scenes with emotional drama. 
  • The baseline of this web series is so unique and is not touched by any Tamil movie/web series yet. 
  • The casting of this web series is so good that the on-screen presence of Arun Vijay has given big strength to this web series. 
  • Even though M S Baskar comes in only one scene, his immersed acting has added value to the concept of the web series that the scene point outs, how Cinema Industry people are affected by the Tamil Rockerz website. 
  • Acting of Azhagam Perumal has given soul to his role in each and every scene he comes on screen. 
  • This is yet another mass medium ( Web series with well-known casts and crew ) talking in detail about how the Cinema directors are facing problems before their movie gets released such as pressure from the production team, the hero of the movie, and other things. 
  • The endpoint of this web series that gives leads to the Part 2 of Tamil Rockers is really interesting. 

For me, the following are the issues raised in my mind while watching this web series. 

  • The foremost thing is the detailing handled in this web series about Tamil Rockers. Many of us, especially from the 1990s know very well how Tamil Rockerz and other pirating websites were running at the beginning and the changes they made on the website itself as time passed. 
  • In this web series, it's shown as if the protagonist ( Arun Vijay ) gets involved in the Tamil Rockerz case after losing his wife in front of his eyes and because she likes cinema, he gets into the case. 
  • Also when he loses his wife too there was not much impact in my mind due to fewer in-depth scenes showing the bonding between this couple. 
  • There is no strong scene showing how powerful are Tamil Rockerz such as how strong web site they made. 
  • Also there could have been follow-up scenes showing if the Tamil Rockerz team was involved in Criminal activities like regular kidnaps. 
  •  With the very strong introduction scene and follow-up scenes, for me, Arun Vijay's role was like so strong and the same did not allow me to get any doubt if the Villain ( admin of Tamil Rockers ) can win the protagonist and so at some point it made me feel as if the whole remaining web series is going to be lengthy. 
Overall, if you want to know the story behind Tamil Rockers website roughly, know the struggles of Tamil cinema directors in the Industry and if you like to watch the massive presence of Arun Vijay then this web series can be watched if you have enough time. 

Details about Tamil Rockers - Tamil Web Series:

OTT Playform : Sony Liv

Number of Episodes: 8

Episode 1 : Pirates of Kodambakkam
Duration : 32 Minutes

Episode 2 : Aye Aye Captain
Duration : 35 Minutes

Episode 3: The Gosspi Protocol
Duration : 41 Minutes

Episode 4 : Seed and Leech
Duration : 25 Minutes

Episode 5 : Dead Man Tell No Tales
Duration : 34 Minutes

Episode 6 : Peer Tracker
Duration : 38 Minutes

Episode 7 : Walk the Plank
Duration : 25 Minutes

Episode 8 : Shiver me Timbers
Duration : 52 Minutes

Casts and Crew of Tamil Rockerz - Web Series:

Arun vijay 
Iswarya Menon 
Vani Bhojan
Azhagam PErumal
M S Baskar
Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan
Ramesh ( Kaaka Muttai fame )
Vinoth Sagar
Sharath Ravi etc.,

Director : Arivazhagan
Co Director : N Kumar Ramaswamy
Story : Manoj Kumar Kalaivanan
Producer : AVM Productions
Music : Vikas Badisa

List of Body Builders in Tamil Cinema

Top Body Builders in Tamil Cinema
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at the top 10 bodybuilders of current Tamil cinema which also contains the other details about those bodybuilders such as their age, height, weight, and other body measurements.

note: all the below-mentioned data are as of today - March 2020.

1. Tamil actor Surya Body measurements

Age: 44
Height : 170 Centimeters / 1.7 meter / 5 Feets and 7 Inches
Weight: 72 Kilograms ( Kg )
Chest Size: 40 inches
Waist/hip size of Tamil actor Suriya: 32
The Biceps size of Suriya is 13 inches

Tamil Cinema Latest News Today - 15th February 2019

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have a look at the Tamil cinema news for 12th February 2019, shall have a glance on news about Yesteryear Tamil Heroine Roopini to act in Tamil Films again and yet another hot broadcast about Tamil Actor Arun Vijay teaming up with Tamil Actress Rithika Singh in a forth coming Tamil cinema Boxer

Tamil movie Kuttram 23 movie review

Tamil Movie kuttram 23 review:

Cast:  arun vijay, mahima nambiyaar, thambi ramayya

Cinematography: bhaskaran k.m.

Editing: bhuvan srinivaasan

Music :  vishal chandrasekar

Music Label: sony music india

Which is a good movie, Let it be decide by people - Tamil Actor Arun Vijay

Which is a good movie, Let it be decide by people - Tamil Actor Arun Vijay

Tamil Actor Arun Vijay
Tamil Actor Arun Vijay in outrage Which is a good movie let it be decide by people there is no backtrack in pongal release actor Arun Vijay informed. Kutram23 is a movie in Arivazhalagan direction and Indhar kumar production, acted by Arunvijay ,Mahima and yet some more people. This movie was expected to release on pongal.

Including Tamil Actor Illaya Thalapathy Vijay's Bhairava movie there are six movies, going to release for pongal. There is also a tough competition among the movies that which is going to back down. It is also to be noted that there are no movies back tracked so far. In this situation Arunvijay tweeted in his twitter page, that i am not competing with any legends, am here to do my work with full dedication, so please don't hit me from back. Live and Let live ,like he tweeted.

Tamil movie Yennai Arindhal Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio we shall look about the Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal in which Tamil actor Ultimate Star Thala Ajith has done the main male role ( Hero ) under the direction of Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon with the music of Tamil cinema music director Harris Jayaraj. We shall start the article with the Casts and crew section.
Ajith with Arun VIjay in Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal

Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal - Casts and crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Thala Ajith Kumar

Main female actresses ( Heroines ) - Tamil actresses Anushka Shetty and Trisha Varun

Main Villain actor - Arun Vijay

Tamil Cinema Director Gautham Vasudev Menon Interview - Talking about Thala 55

Tamil Cinema director Gautham Menon
Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon who has been directing the next Tamil movie of Tamil actor Thala Ajith which is not yet named and widely called as Thala 55 has given an interview about the movie Thala 55 and has revealed some interesting facts and interesting shooting spot events below. The interview of Gautham Vasudev Menon started with his words about the lyrics of a song from Thala 55 that "Oru Velli Golusu Pola Indha Boomi Sinungam Keezha, Aniyadha Vairam pola Andha Vaanam minungum mela" and Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar is singing this song on screen and this song is establishing the role of Ajith in thala 55 - says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Then the director Gautham Vasudev Menon revealed the basic story line of Thala 55 that the story is the thin line of the travel of an youngster from his 28th year of age ( Entering the marital life ) upto 38th year of age ( 10 years of life after marriage ). So there are 4 number of different character looks for Ajith in the movie Thala 55 that one of the portions of the role is coming with the look of curling haired Ajith Kumar, Ajith with Salt and pepper look and two other looks and Ajith has done many things to show the difference between those four looks of him in the movie. Ajith has done ocmplete work outs and became fit for an action block in the movie, Then the people who were traveling in his real life for more than 10 years are telling that Ajith is totally looking different and they like the looks. If this is the same reaction from the audience after the release of Thala 55, then the part 2 of Thalla 5 can be expected -says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Tamil actor Arun Vijay's ALS Ice bucket challenge complete video

Tamil actor Arun Vijay
In this page of Tamil cinema, we shall have a look at the complete video of Tamil actor Arun Vijay's ALS Ice bucket challenge. Arun Vijay was nominated to do this Ice bucket challenge by Tamil actress Karthika Nair. At the end of this video, Tamil actor Arun Vijay is nominating the Tamil celebrities who have participated in the movie Thala 55, namely Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan, Tamil music director Harris Jayaraj, Tamil cinema director Venkat Prabu and Tamil actor Jayam Ravi,.

Watch ALS Ice bucket challenge of Tamil actor Arun Vijay complete video online here:

Taiml actors Arun Vijay and Aravind Saamy to act as villians in Ajith Kumar movie??

Ajith, Arun vijay with Aravind saamy photos
There are so many news and updates have been coming across about the new Tamil cinema planned with the combination of Tamil actor Ajith Kumar and Tamil cinema director Gautham Menon; importantly about the music director of the movie and about the Villian actors to act in the movie. The heroin of this Tamil cinema would be Tamil actress Anushka Shetty and the production banner of this movie is A N Rathnam who has done many block buster Tamil movies like Ghilli, Dhool, 7G Rainbow Colony etc.,

Tamil movie Review - Thadaiyara Thaakka

Complete Review and Story of Tamil movie Thadayara Thaakka:

In this page of Tamil Cinema blog, I am going to discuss with you the Complete Review and Story of Tamil movie Thadayara Thaakka in which Tamil actor Arun Vijay has done the lead male role. Before going to the detailed Story and review of this Tamil movie, we shall have a glance into the casts and crew employed in the film, Thadayara Thaakka.

Casts and Crew of Thadayara Thakka:

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