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Tamil movie Vaalu Release Date announced - Confirmed by Tamil actor STR Simbu

Tamil actor Simbu with Hansika for
Tamil movie teaser was released in the year 2012 in which Tamil actor STR Simbu, Tamil comedy actor Santhaanam and Tamil actress Hansika Motwani were on the teaser. But even after crossing 3 years from the date of Teaser release, Tamil movie Vaalu is not getting released in the theaters. Recently, after the interruption of the father of Tamil actor STR Simbu and the interruption of Tamil actor Illayathalapathy vijay in the issue of Tamil movie Vaalu release, the release date of Tamil movie Vaalu has been announced as if the movie will get released on 17th July 2015 tentatively. But the movie did not get released on that announced date.

The casts and Crew of Tamil movie contains Tamil actor STR Simbu, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam under the direction of Tamil cinema director Vijay Sundar with the banner of Nic Arts. After when the tentative announcement about the Vaalu movie release date happened, the MAgic Race company went to High court to give trouble for the release of the movie. So Vaalu movie did not get release on that announced date and now the MAgic Race company has got the case back from the high court.                                                                                                                                                      

Tamil movie Inime ipdi thaan - Casts and crew, Story line and Complete Review

Tamil movie Inimey Ippadithaan is a Romance and Comedy journal movie of the year 2015 in which Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted as a hero. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has itself produced this movie under the production company Handmade Films. Suara Networks (Malaysia) has distributed this Tamil Movie Inimae Ippadithaan.

Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan – Casts and Crew:

Main male actor – Tamil actor Santhaanam
Santhanam with Akila Kishore for
Tamil movie Inime ipdi thaan

Main female actress ( Heroin ) of Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan - Tamil Actress Ashna Zaveri

Note : Tamil Actress Ashna Zaveri have previously paired in Tamil Movie Vallavanukku Pullum Ayudham in which Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam first appeared as a hero.

Supporting female actress in Tamil cinema inime ippadi thaan – Tamil actress Akhila Kishore

Supporting actors – Tamil actor Narean

Comedians in Tamil movie Inime Ipdi thaan – Tamil cinema comedians VTV Ganesh and Thambi Ramaiah

Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam in Appu Kamal Get - Up..!

Tamil Comedian Santhanam Unseen Get-up
Tamil comedy actor Santhanam is one of the shining comedians in Tamil cinema after Vadivelu and Vivek. Santhanam started his acting through a famous Tamil Channel Vijay TV. His first TV program was Lollu Saba. Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam entered into Tamil Cinema Industry through the Tamil movie Manmadhan in which Tamil Actor Simbhu / STR is the Hero and the director.

Ten years back Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam has acted as a comedian in a Hindi Film Sinnu Mannu.

This film shooting was made full and full in Bangkok and 80% shooting of this film is over. During the shooting of this movie Sinnu Mannu, the producer of this movie expired. As the director of this movie got expired, shooting got discontinued.  Along with that movie hero, Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam acted as a South Indian. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted in ten different get-ups in this Hindi movie Sinnu Mannu.

Tamil Comedy Actor Sandhanam has taken the character of a south Indian getting his family shifted to North India. Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam's role in this movie is to take something which is in a persons house without anyone's knowledge. For this Tamil Comedian Sandhanam has featured in many get-ups. Tamil Comedian Santhanam has acted in many get-ups like the Tamil Actor Padmashri Kamal Hassan as Appu in the Tamil Film Abuurva Sagotharargal.

This Sinnu Mannu is the only Hindi film in which Tamil Comedy Actor Santhanam has acted. He did not accept any other offers that came from Bollywood. Tamil Comedy Actor Sandhanam has acted one film in malayalam and one film in Telugu.

Tamil actor Simbu STR - Latest Interview, Talking about break up with Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

"In past two and a half years I have lost Movies, Money and even Girl Friend", Says Simbhu.

Audio launch of Tamil Movie "Inimae Ippadithaan" in which Sandhaanam has acted as a Hero was held in Chennai last Sunday.
Tamil actor Simbu break up with Hansika

Lots of Cine field celebrities including Simbhu, Arya, Udhayanithi Stalin, Director Goutham Vasudhev Menon and Director Rajesh took part in this function and wished Santhaanam.

In this Tamil Movie "Inimae Ippadithaan" Audio launch function Simbhu spoke these:

Tamil movie Aambala - Casts and Crew, Story and Review

Vishal and Hansika in Tamil movie Aambala
In this page of Tamil cinema bio., we shall look about the Tamil movie Aambala in which Tamil actor Vishal has acted as the hero and Hansika Motwani has done the heroin role. I have chosen the sub titles, Casts and crew, Complete story of Tamil movie Aambala and Review to explain about the movie.

Tamil movie Aambala - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Vishal

Main female actor ( Heroin ) - Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

Other male actors - Tamil actor Prabu, Vaibhav Reddy, Tamil actor Sathish, Tamil comedian Santhanam, Tamil actor Santhana Bharathi, Singapore Deepan and other actors.

Tamil comedian Santhanam money purse missing !!

At the marriage function of Mr. Rama doss who is one of the political leaders of Tamilnadu, the Tamil cinema comedian Santhanam has missed his money purse. Even though Mr. Rama dass is making many controversies regarding Tamil cinema there were significant number of Tamil cinema celebrities attended the marriage function of the home marriage of Ramadoss and made the function a special one.
Tamil actor Santhanam

The marriage of the grand son of Ramadass was conducted at Mahabali puram at 29th October 2014 evening time. For the reception of this marriage, the Tamil cinema celebrities like directors P Vasu, Vikraman, actor comedian Santhaanam etc., At the time when Santhaanam entered the reception function, there was a huge applause for him in the reception hall. But they have missed Santhanam for introducing him to the bride and bride groom.

Tamil movie Aranmanai - Cast & Crew, Complete Story and Review

Tamil movie Aranmanai

Tamil movie Aranmanai - Casts and Crew:

Main role of Tamil movie Aranmanai - Tamil actor Vinay

Main female role of Tamil movie Aranmanai - Tamil actresses Hansika Motwani, Raai Lakshmi and Andrea Jeremiah

Other main roles - Tamil comedy actor Santhanam and director Sundar. C, Chitra Lakshman; Kovai Sarala, actors Mano bala and Saravanan.

Cinematography - U K Senthil Kumar

Music - Tamil music director Bharathwaj

Tamil Movie Raaja Raani - Complete Review

Tamil actress Nayantara in Raja Rani
Raja Rani is one of the most expected Tamil movies released by competing with the other big movies, Onayum Aaatu kuttyum - by Mysskin and Tamil movie 6 Candles - by V Z Dorai and other movies. Even though the director of Raja Rani movie is a debutant, the huge expectation for this movie is because of the big stars placed in the cast and crew list of the movie and the director of this movie Mr. Atlea has worked as an assistant director of Tamil Cinema director Shankar. This movie has been produced by the director A R Murugadoss.

Before going to the complete review and other details about the movie Raja Rani, we shall see the Casts and Crew of the movie.

Profile and Biography of Tamil comedy actor Santhanam

Profile and Biography of Tamil comedy actor Santhaanam:

In this page of our Kollywudz, I am going to give the complete information about the peak level comedy actor in Tamil cinema, Santhanam who has acted with probably all the leading heroes of Tamil cinema of the current session including the basic, personnel information, list of movies acted by Santhanam, specialities of Santhanam etc.,
Tamil actor Santhanam profile picture

Personnel information of Tamil comedy actor Santhanam:

Birth place of Santhaanam is the capital of Tamilnadu, Chennai ie) santhanam is one of the Tamil cinema artists who are from Tamilnadu. The educational back ground of Tamil comedy actor santhanam is Diploma in a Polytechnic college.

Tamil movie Singam 2 full review

In this page of Tuticorinshops, I have taken one of the Tamil hit movies taken in Tuticorin, Singam 3 in which Tamil actor Surya has done the major male role and Hansika Motwani, Tamil actress Anushka Shetty have done the major female roles.

Crew and Casts of Tamil movie Singam 2: 

Tamil actor Surya acted as Durai Singam

Tamil actress Anushka as Kavya

Tamil actress Hansika as Sathya

Tamil actor Vivek as Elumalai

Tamil actor Santhanam as Suusai

Tamil actor Nasir as Kavya's father

Saguni movie review and story

Tamil movie Sakuni
Saguni review and Story:

Rating: 5.5 out of 10
Audience covered: Commercial movie and everyone will like this movie
Story Type: Political + Comedy
Overall review: 1st half good and 2nd half bad.
Frequency: Can watch this movie for One time

Tamil movie Saguni Story:

Tamil actor Karthi is middle class man who lives in Karaikudi. He owned a house (ancestral) in Chennai which is under risk due to construction of  railway subway. To save his house he moves to Chennai and meets Chief Minister (Prakash Raj) for help. Prakash Raj insults Karthi badly and denies to help him. Frustrated Karthick supports opposition party leaded by Kotta Srinivasan to take revenge.