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04 January 2017

Top Gossips of Tamil Cinema this week

Gossips of this week:
                   Every Tamil cinema fans will have interest in watching movies, Getting to know about movies list of their favorite actors, actress and also knowing gossips of their actors.Gossips are news that may be true or may not be really happened.So We can't give you assurance about reality of the News followed.So we are not going to mention the person better you guess whom we are saying about. Lets check it out what are all top gossips surrounding the Kollywood area.

Nail biting situation for Spark Hero Upcoming Movie:

    Spark hero latest movie is going to release next week.Producer of that movie spends heavy amount for that movie because that actors previous hit movie collection gave profit for producer and distributors.So producer estimated this movie will give higher collection than previous movie within the week.After Demonetization every collections should moved by bank and ticket rate will followed by government rule.So collection of the movie nearly reduce than the expectations.So production team is so nervous. Already many movies are competete with this movie so the estimated collection will reduce if the movie is not run well. Spark hero movie production team are in nail biting situation and some of that team are talking with other movies to postpone their movies.

19 September 2016

Divorce Announcement of Soundarya Rajinikanth

Daughter of Tamil actor Rajinikanth divorce announcement:

There have been a rumor going around in the internet and in other medias that the younger daughter of Tamil actor Rajinikanth; namely Soundarya Rajinikanth is going to announce her divorce with her husband namely Aswin soon. Even though it was believed by some of the People, most of the Tamil cinema fans and public considers this as a rumor only.

20 June 2015

Tamil Actress Nayanthara's reaction against her hugging selfie gossip with Santhosh Sivan

Tamil Actress Nayanthara says Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan is the reason for this Tabloid gossip around the media and uploading this picture in web is the reason behind it.

Tamil Actress Nayanthara not responsible for this gossip

11 June 2015

Tamil Actress Nayanthara goes close with Tamil Movie Director Vignesh Sivan: Both took a selfie together

After love failure with Tamil Actor Simbhu/ STR and TamilActor Prabhu Deva, Tamil Actress Nayanthara is putting her full concentration on her acting career. In this situation Tamil Actress Nayanthara accepted to act for the Tamil Film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi is acting as a hero in this Tamil Movie Naanum Rowdy Dhan. Tamil Cinema Director Vignesh Sivan is the director of the Tamil Film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Vignesh Sivan is one who directed the film Poda Podi in which Tamil Actor Simbu/ STR is the hero.
Tamil Actress Nayanthara hugging selfie with Tamil Director Vignesh Sivan

07 June 2015

Tamil actress Samantha acts with Tamil actor Sidharth after her love break up

Image of Simbu STR with
Nayantara lip kiss /  ear biting
We all know that Tamil actress Nayantara has been acting with Actor Simbu STR in a movie which is under direction of Tamil cinema director Pandiraj who directed the movies like, Pasanga, Merina etc., This news was a bit vibrating for most of the Tamil cinema fans as the love between Simbu and Nayantara was talked as gossip by the media and it took the talks upto the level of publishing the news like Simbu and Nayantara married. Then Nayantara declared break up with the relationship with STR Simbu. With this back ground, it is very healthy and professional way that the two Tamil cinema stars, Nayantara and Simbu STR are acting together without thinking / considering the past events. Also it is known that the shooting of that movie in which Simbu acts with Nayantara has been going on smoothly without any deviations from Nayantara like, attending shootings with irregular timings and bargaining for more salary etc., Nayantara has been acting in that movie by not hindering the old stories of her with Simbu again.

06 January 2015

Tamil actress Monika is to marry Malik on 11th Januray

Tamil actress Monica has acted in number of movies in Tamil like, Silandhi, Sandai Kozhi, Nadhikal Nanaivadhillai, Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi etc., Tamil actress Monica is one of the actresses who was introduced into Tamil cinema as a child artist. Monika was born and brought up in Kottayam of Kerala ( birth place of Tamil actress Monika ). Date of birth of Monika is 25 August 1987.

In theyear of 2014, Monika got converted into the Muslim religion having Hindu father and a christian mother. When Monika talked about her religion change, she said that there was no force / no love / no money behind her conversion of her religion and she has got converted merely due to the interest she has in muslim in a private video she made and released in Youtube. Monika changed her name from Monika to Raheema and she announced that she stops acting in movies as it is against the holy book of Muslim, known as Quran.

31 October 2014

Tamil comedian Santhanam money purse missing !!

At the marriage function of Mr. Rama doss who is one of the political leaders of Tamilnadu, the Tamil cinema comedian Santhanam has missed his money purse. Even though Mr. Rama dass is making many controversies regarding Tamil cinema there were significant number of Tamil cinema celebrities attended the marriage function of the home marriage of Ramadoss and made the function a special one.
Tamil actor Santhanam

The marriage of the grand son of Ramadass was conducted at Mahabali puram at 29th October 2014 evening time. For the reception of this marriage, the Tamil cinema celebrities like directors P Vasu, Vikraman, actor comedian Santhaanam etc., At the time when Santhaanam entered the reception function, there was a huge applause for him in the reception hall. But they have missed Santhanam for introducing him to the bride and bride groom.

27 September 2014

Tamil actor Vijay statement about Lingusaamy and Venkat Prabu

Before many years, the fans of one celebrity were quarreling with the other. But nowadays those things are happening lower than the past comparatively. Instead one fan of other is doing the quarrel through social media websites and engaging in the physical clash for few times comparatively. For now, that kind of social media clash has been going on between Tamil actors Vujay Ajith and Surya.
Tamil actor Vijay

This kind of clashes are not stopping with those leading actors only. Recently tvihe Tamil cinema fans started criticizing the Tamil cinema director Lingusaamy followed by the flop of his movie Anjaan in which Tamil actor Surya did the major role. Earlier to the release of the movie Anjaan, Lingusaamy had spoke in the media that I am tuning all my talents and have been unloading all the talents and arts I have learnt these years in the movie Anjaan.

17 August 2013

Tamil actress Jothika comes back to act in Tamil movies again!!

Tamil actress Jothika comes back to act
Tamil actress Jothika comes back to act in Tamil movies again!!

A latest hot buzz about the Tamil cinema's one of the best real life couple, Tamil actor Surya and actress Jothika is that, Jyothika will come back to act in Tamil cinema soon.

In a latest speech of Tamil actor Surya who is the husband of Jyothika said that his wife, Jyothika has the desire of getting back to act in movies again. Most probably the actresses who are marrying the co actors never come back to act and we have plenty of examples for this like Tamil actress Amala and Nagarjun. But in our Tamil cinema couple, Surya and Jothika, it is different and it shows by the speech of Surya.