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Tamil Movie LKG Press Meet Gallery with R J Balaji and Priya Anand

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall look about the latest movie LKG's press meet in the presence of Tamil actor R J Balaji and Tamil actress Priya Anand etc.,
Tamil Actress Priya Anand in Tamil movie LKG stills

Tamil movie Sakka Podu Podu Raja Trailer Launch event - Complete Details

Santhanam was one among the leading comedians of Tamil Cinema Industry. He was introduced as hero in Vallavanuku Pullum Aayutham movie.From then on wards he started acting as hero's in films.Even though there are many rumors revolving around Tamil actor Santhanam ,his next movie Sakka Podu Podu Raja trailer was released by the team in front of his friends and press.

Tamil comedian Santhanam money purse missing !!

At the marriage function of Mr. Rama doss who is one of the political leaders of Tamilnadu, the Tamil cinema comedian Santhanam has missed his money purse. Even though Mr. Rama dass is making many controversies regarding Tamil cinema there were significant number of Tamil cinema celebrities attended the marriage function of the home marriage of Ramadoss and made the function a special one.
Tamil actor Santhanam

The marriage of the grand son of Ramadass was conducted at Mahabali puram at 29th October 2014 evening time. For the reception of this marriage, the Tamil cinema celebrities like directors P Vasu, Vikraman, actor comedian Santhaanam etc., At the time when Santhaanam entered the reception function, there was a huge applause for him in the reception hall. But they have missed Santhanam for introducing him to the bride and bride groom.

Tamil cinema celebrities - Fasting Protest followed by Jayalalitha arrest

Tamil actress Selvi. Jayalalitha was arrested in a civil case on September 26th 2014 and sentenced for 4 years of jail for her. Following that judgement from the court in Bangalore, Tamil cinema industry has made a fasting protest today ( 30th September 2014 ). In this page, you can find all the photos of the participants from that hungry protest.

Tamil actors Vikram, Vimal and Karthi at the Fasting protest by supporting Tamil actress Selvi Jayalalitha

Cuba Film Festival in Chennai - Free tickets..

It is very rare to find an international film festival is getting organized in Chennai of Tamilnadu. That kind of grand festival has been organized in Chennai this week is a vibrant news for all the Tamil Cinema audience and Chennai guys. We shall see the details of that function here.

Name of the Film festival - Cube Film Festival

Place - Chennai

Date - from 22nd September 2014 to 24 September 2014

Time - from morning 6 Am and 8 AM