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I will give birth before marriage - Tamil actress Shruti Hassan

Tamil actress Shruti Hassan has given a controversial statement to the media that she will get pregnant and give birth to a child before marriage.

Tamil actress Shruti Hassan hot and controversial statement

Interview with Tamil cinema director Shankar about his movie I

Tamil cinema director Shankar is the one who has taken the Tamil cinema industry to the international level with his twenty years of cinema career by directing all his cinemas with the Top class output. If we see the recent previous cinemas of Shankar, they are Endhiran and Shivaji, both of the movies are huge hit movies came with the acting of Tamil actor Rajnikanth. What all the fans of Shankar are thinking that Shankar has done his level best, now he has come up again with the Tamil movie I, in which he has shown, slim cut Tamil actor Vikram stills, Cracking A R Rahman music songs, different make up Vikram, innovative teaser and the grand Audio launch of Tamil movie I etc.,
Tamil cinema director Shankar

Here we shall see the fresh interview of Tamil cinema director Shankar at the time of audio launch of Tamil movie I.

Question to Tamil Cinema director Shankar:

Tamil cinema lyricist Kabilan Interview about his song lyrics in Tamil movie I

Tamil cinema lyricist Kabilan Interview about his song lyrics in Tamil movie I:

Tamil Cinema Lyricits Kabilan

Tamil cinema Lyricist Kabilan in one of the most liked lyricists of all the Tamil cinema directors nowadays. Kabilan has written three songs for Tamil movie I. Few of the most successful songs from Kabilan are Un Smayal araiyil naan uppa sakkaraiya? - Tamil movie Dhill, Egiri gudhithen - Tamil movie Boys;  Karigaalan kaala pola - Tamil movie Vettai karan; Innum Konjam Neram irundha dhan enna? - from Tamil movie Mariyaan and many nice songs were written by Kabilan. Now we shall see the interview from that lyricist Kabilan:

Question to Tamil cinema Lyricist Kabilan:

Tamil actor, director Radha Krishnan Parthiban - complete Interview about his movie Kadhai Thirai kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam

Tamil actor come director Mr. Radha Krishnan Parthiban has started his hunting of whom and all selling the Thiruttu VCD / DVD of very new Tamil cinemas soon after his movie, Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam's success in which Tamil actors Vishal, Arya, Vijay Sethupathy actresses Taapsee pannu and Amala Paul have acted. You can find the questions asked to Parthiban and his answers for those questions in the interview.
Vishal in Tamil movie Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakam

Question :

What do you think about the success of the Tamil movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam ?

I have got feelings up to getting tears in eyes after seeing the success of this movie. It took one week for me to see how the people are watching the movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam. Only yesterday I saw the movie in Escape theaters with the people. Before and all they just give a smile when seeing me in public but yesterday during the interval time of the movie all the ladies are screaming by seeing me just like how they scream when seeing Tamil actors like Arya. I am seeing this just the success of the story of the film; this is a success for the admiring style of audience has changed. Nowadays happiness is coming out through eyes as tears. I am going to send Tamil movie Kadhai Thirai Kadhai Vasanam Iyakkam to lot of cinema festivals and hoping that the movie will receive many prices.

Complete Interview of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth with Tamil actor Vivek

Tamil Actor Rajnikanth Profile Photo
In this page of, we shall look about the special recent interview of Tamil actor Super Star Rajnikanth which was conducted by Tamil actor Vivek for the Television channel namely Jaya TV and this interview was telecast. In this interview Rajnikanth has talked openly about many things including answers for the questions, Has Rajnikanth forgiven his enemies? personnel life of Rajnikanth, Cinema industrial life of Rajnikanth, Spiritual life of Rajnikanth, Fans of Rajnikanth etc., The question and answers placed in the interview are as follows; we shall remember that all the questions asked and mentioned below are asked by Tamil actor Vivek and all the answers given by Rajnikanth. Now we shall go for the minutes of the interview;

Question : ( by Vivek )

There is a song sung in one of the movies of you is with the lines; Change never changes, like that song have you ever forgiven your enemies?

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor young Super star STR Simbu has spoken openly in an interview for the Television Pudhu Yugam in the program, Natchathira Jannal which has been anchored by one of the famous Tamil actresses Sangeetha. In this page of, we shall have a glance about that open talk of Simbu about his personnel life, career including his words, as if he does not like to act in cinemas any more because of some reasons.

Tamil actor STR Simbu - Silambarasan Interview

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor Simbu has said as follows in that open talked interview for the Channel Pudhu Yugam saying, Simbu has been in various sections of the Tamil cinema like acting, singing, direction and other sections. When Simbu works for some cinemas he feels that he should have not learnt Tamil cinema itself.  As Simbu had known about the Tamil Cinema earlier he had predicted about the comics and mistakes going on here. Nowadays Simbu doesnot like to act in any kind of cinemas anymore and thinking of doing something else than Cinema. Also Tamil actor STR Simbu added that he has put a circle around him and being inside.