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23 May 2020

C R Parthiban

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall look about Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor C R Parthiban including his personnel life, education, cinema journey etc.,
Tamil actor C R Parthiban
C R Parthiban

Place of birth of Tamil actor C R Parthiban - Vellore

Studied in Chennai 

Education : B A Economics  

During the college days of Tamil actor Parthiban he has acted in college dramas. Actor C R PArthiban was inspired by the acting talent of Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan. After finishing up degree, C R Parthiban was working in the Tamilnadu Secretariat. By working there, he was acting in some dramas too in all over the areas of Chennai city and Veera Pandiya Kattabomman is one of them. I made a job application to Gemini studios for a Gumastha position or any such position. But they saw me as an actor. They asked me my current salary, I replied that I am getting 82 rupees. They said they can offer 150 rupees I was still and was thinking then they said they can offer 200 rupess then I dont know what they thought they said they will give 300 rupees. Then I agreed for the job. 

05 December 2019

Tamil Actress Vadivukkarasi Latest Interview

Actress Vadivukkarasi has given her experience in a video statement to one of the leading Tamil Website. In her statement she said as follows:
Tamil actress Vadivukkarasi in Sigappu Rojakkal

My native place is Ranipet situated near Vellore. My father name is Shanmugam, interested in Cinema. He is financing for Cinema, also acting in small characters in movies. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the entire family has migrated to Chennai. Leading film director A.P.Nagarajan is my uncle. This means he is my mother's elder sister's husband. Even though it is very hard to go to theater to see movie. I started to continue my school studies. But due to family situation unable to complete my studies. But have studied up to PUC.

24 November 2017

Tamil Actor Vishal Angry speech about the death of Producer Ashok Kumar

Tamil Cinema Producer-Director Ashok Kumar committed suicide at his residence in Chennai. The police authorities has received a letter written by Director Ashok Kumar before his attempt to suicide. He has mentioned the reason for the suicide in that letter. For the details regarding the message in the suicide letter and to see the image of the suicide letter you can click this link.

Tamil Cinema Producer Ashok Kumar is a Co-Producer of Upcoming Tamil Movie Kodiveeran. This will be the last movie that he had produced.Producer Ashok Kumar has mentioned in the letter about the tortures he faced by a financier named Anbu Cheziyan which made him to take this decision.

25 October 2017

Interview of Nadigar Thilagam Shivaji Ganesan by Actress Jayalalitha - A Flashback

The famous legend Actor Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan has given an interview in 1967 for a cinema article named Bommai. He was interviewed by Tamil actress J.Jayalalithaa the late Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and leading film actress in the mid-1960s.

Let us see the conversation below!!!

Jayalalithaa : You have been referred by Sivaji in front of your name.May I know the reason for that??

03 February 2017

Interview with Tamil Actor Abdool

Hi Friends,
          Until now Tamilcinemabio.blogspot posts movie review, music review, Latest cinema news, Top lists and all others.For the first time, we are getting the live interview from the celebrity. Tamilcinemabio blogs start its first attempt on interviewing other than posting news.Lets see the first live interview with a Tamilcinemabio blog.

          We are going to Interview an Actor.We all know YouTube is now important media to show unknown talent.This actor is also one of the talents of YouTube.His acting in videos from YouTube channels like Temple Monkeys, AdhePut Chutneys etc as noticeable and appreciated by who are all watched.His acting talent in Put chutney video Ctrl+Alt+Delete was best.Now he stepped up to Kollywood throThe Kangal movie.He is None other than Alphonse of he Kangal, Young Actor Abdool. Lets Start.

28 January 2017

Latest Interview of Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy

Latest Interview of Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy

I Will answer boldly whatever question raised to me - these qoutes are not given by any officials, Its by Makkal Selvan Vijay sethupathi.Vijay sethupathi latest sensation who speaks from heart given an interview for a private news channel. Lets see it.

For the question you did he speak some common issues in public medias he says - people from media asks me questions based on common issues in tamil nadu.Thats why I answer. I will answer boldly whatever question raised before me. While asking about speech for perarivalan He calmly said - My friend told me about Perarivalan and  says me to give speech for him. Eventhough i'm a cine artist me too a common man in this society like Perarivalan. Thats the reason I speak about him. In either way beyond me media should show some light on supports who are all supporting for him from starting.

17 August 2015

Tamil actress Anjali latest Interview- Relvealing about her role in Iraivi

Tamil actress Anjali interview for press - latest

 In this page, we shall see about one of the latest interviews given by Tamil actress Anjali after the release of her movie in the year 2015 in Tamil, namely Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). The interview included the words from Tamil actress Anjali like, she wanted her fans to talk that they have never seen Anjali like this before and that is one of the reasons for Anjali to agree for the Tamil movies like Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ), Mapla Singam in which the role of Tamil actress Anjali having many scenes showing Anjali with sizzling dresses. Also she added that the role of Tamil actress Anjali in the movie Iraivi under the direction of Tamil cinema director Karthik Subburaj will have the flavour of her role in the movies like Angaadi Theru.

Tamil actress Anjali has got a strong position in the Telugu cinema industry. After a long gap, Tamil actress Anjali has come to Tamil cinema industry with hit movies like Tamil movie Appatakkar ( Sakalakala Vallavan - 2015 ). Now we shall have a look at the questions and answers tool place in the interview of Tamil actress Anjali.

20 June 2015

Tamil actress ( Kaaka muttai movie fame ) Aishwarya Rajesh Interview

Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh
Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh who is just 25 years of age has acted in the mother role in Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai which got several National Awards for the year 2015. Earlier Aishwarya Rajesh has acted in the Tamil movies like Atta Kathi, Satta padi kutram etc., In this page we have got an interview in which Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh talks about her experience in her movie Kaaka Muttai and how she accepted such a big role in her young age etc.,

Question to Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh:

What about the appreciations you got after the release of Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai?

14 November 2014

Tamil Cinema Director Hari - Interview

Tamil cinema director Hari interview
We the audience of Tamil cinema would have definitely got excited by seeing the movies of Tamil cinema director Hari that they are with very high speed, blasting dialogues and laughters with color full video songs etc., So here we have the complete interview of Tamil cinema director Hari talking generally about his movies and his experiences.

Question to Tamil cinema director Hari?

When did you understand that, the movie with action and entertainment is your perfect route in Tamil cinema?

Answer from Tamil cinema director Hari:

12 October 2014

Tamil actor Johny - Short Interview - Sharing few words about his role in Tamil movie Madras

Hari Named as Johnny (sub artist) in the Tamil movie madras which was released on 26 September 2014. In the film madras director has narrated the life of an ordinary North Chennai youngster. Many sub artist characters also plays important role in this film. The character name of Tamil actor Karthi is Kaali, Character name of Tamil actress Catherine Tresa Alexander is Kalaiarasi, character name of Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan is Anbu, charater name of Vinoth is Maari, character name of Nanthakumar is Kannan, character of Tamil actress Rama is Kaali's mother, character name of Rithika as Mary, imman Annachi and Jayabalan had expressed their talent completely.

Tamil actor Hari ( Johny of Tamil movie Madras ) photos

About Tamil movie Madras:

Directed by - Pa. Ranjith

Produced by - K. E. Gnanavel Raja, S. R. Prakashbabu & S. R. Prabhu

Music by - Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography - G. Murali

09 October 2014

Tamil Cinema Director Gautham Vasudev Menon Interview - Talking about Thala 55

Tamil Cinema director Gautham Menon
Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon who has been directing the next Tamil movie of Tamil actor Thala Ajith which is not yet named and widely called as Thala 55 has given an interview about the movie Thala 55 and has revealed some interesting facts and interesting shooting spot events below. The interview of Gautham Vasudev Menon started with his words about the lyrics of a song from Thala 55 that "Oru Velli Golusu Pola Indha Boomi Sinungam Keezha, Aniyadha Vairam pola Andha Vaanam minungum mela" and Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar is singing this song on screen and this song is establishing the role of Ajith in thala 55 - says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Then the director Gautham Vasudev Menon revealed the basic story line of Thala 55 that the story is the thin line of the travel of an youngster from his 28th year of age ( Entering the marital life ) upto 38th year of age ( 10 years of life after marriage ). So there are 4 number of different character looks for Ajith in the movie Thala 55 that one of the portions of the role is coming with the look of curling haired Ajith Kumar, Ajith with Salt and pepper look and two other looks and Ajith has done many things to show the difference between those four looks of him in the movie. Ajith has done ocmplete work outs and became fit for an action block in the movie, Then the people who were traveling in his real life for more than 10 years are telling that Ajith is totally looking different and they like the looks. If this is the same reaction from the audience after the release of Thala 55, then the part 2 of Thalla 5 can be expected -says Gautham Vasudev Menon.

06 October 2014

Tamil cinema story Writer Pawan Kumar - Interview about Enakkul Oruvan 2014 of Tamil actor Sidharths

Tamil movie Enakkul Oruvan 2014
Poster / First Look
The movie Lucia in Kannada language got Super hit with the box office that it has collected 3 crores of Indian money even though the production cost of the movie was 0.75 crore only. This movie made a huge difference in the total Cinema industry. From when the time of the tweet from the director Anurag the movie made its wind wider in a lot of the cinema festivals. Now the movie Lucia has been made in the Tamil language again with the acting of Tamil actor Sidharth and actress Deepa Sannadhi in the name of Enakkul Oruvan 2014 under the direction of Prasad Ramar. Here we shall see the latest interview with the director of the Kannada movie Lucia namely Pawan Kumar.

Question to Tamil cinema story writer Pawan Kumar:

It looks you are going to make a new attitude of Crowd finding with the movie Lucia?

Answer from Tamil cinema story writer Pawan Kumar:

04 October 2014

Director of Tamil movie Porambokku Podu udaimai - Jananathan- Interview

Tamil movie Porambokku director Jananathan is one of the best directors in Tamil cinema that his Tamil movie Iyarkai has got the Indian national award under the category of the Best featured film in the year 2003 which was his very first movie worked as a director and screen director. Then the Tamil movie Peraanmai under the direction of Jananathan was given high positive reviews and response by all the medias of Tamilnadu. The latest on going movie of Jananathan is Tamil movie Porambokku in which Tamil actors, Arya, Vijay Sethupathy and Shaam acting in the lead roles of the movie.role
Tamil movie Porambokku Podhuudaimai - Poster

Tamil cinema director Jananathan Interview about his next movie Porambokku:

03 October 2014

Tamil actor Vikram Interview about his role in Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram who got noticed by the whole Tamil cinema audience by his acting performance in the movie, Sethu has spoken to the media recently and shared about his experience in Tamil movie I. The trend of Tamil cinema today is the Tamil movie I, directed by Tamil cinema director Shankar with the acting performance of Tamil actor Vikram and actress Amy Jackson with the music of A R Rahman. Even though there are many Tamil cinema director Shankar interviews been made about this movie already, for the very first time, Tamil actor Vikram has spoken out about the movie I for an English channel.
Tamil actor Vikram with beast get up for Tamil movie I

Tamil actor Vikram interview about Tamil movie I:

02 October 2014

Tamil actor Jeeva ( aka ) Jiiva Interview about Tamil movie Yaan and Kaththi

In this page of Tamil Cinema bio, we shall see about the latest Interview of Tamil actor Jeeva (aka) Jiiva who has been acting in Tamil cinema more than 10 years. Before going to the interview, we shall have a short biography details about Tamil actor Jeeva that Jeeva was born in Chennai, date of birth is, 04th January 1984 ( current age is 30 ) and his father is one of the famous producers of tamil cinema Mr. R B Chaudary.

Question to Tamil actor Jeeva ( aka ) Jiiva:

Tamil actor Jeeva for Yaan
Tamil movie Yaan shooting was started before 2 years. What is the reason for this delayed releasing date?

 Answer from Tamil actor Jeeva ( aka ) Jiiva:

Tamil movie Yaan can not be called as a movies got too much time for the release. Tamil movie Raam shooting was going on for one and half years. The basic story of Tamil movie Yaan travels from Mumbai to Swizerland and Morocco. The basic story of Yaan is that how the hero of the movie is going to Morocco and struggling there in Morocco without knowing the language and the places and there he gets a love.

30 September 2014

Tamil actress Priya and director Atlee - Love Story

Tamil cinema has been getting a lot of love stories not only on the theater screens but also out of the screen between the artists working in Tamil cinema industry. Starting from Gemini Ganeshan - Savitri, Tamil actor Kamal Hassan - Gauthami, Sarath Kumar - Radhika, Mani Rathnam - Suhasini, Raja Kumaran - Devayani, R. K. Selva Mani - Roja,  Sundar C - Tamil actress Kushboo, Ajith - Shali, Tamil actor Surya - Tamil actress Jothika, Tamil actor Dhanush - Aishwarya, and recently Tamil actress Amala Paul - Director A L Vijay. Now here the buzz is that the Tamil cinema director Atlee who gave the mass hit movie Raja Rani is engaged with Tamil actress Priya who has acted in the movies like Singam, Singam 2, etc.,

Marriage date of Atlee - Priya: 09 November 2014
Tamil cinema couple - Tamil cinema director Atlee with Tamil cinema actress Priya

Soon after seeing the Engagement photos of Tamil actress Priya with director Atlee all of us the Tamil cinema audience got surprised with happy. With happiness, we got a thousand questions when did this couple fell in love? how it was not disclosed this much time? etc., So the following article contains the complete interview with this cute couple, Tamil actress Priya and director Atlee.

27 September 2014

Tamil actress Amy Jackson Interview

Tamil Actress Amy Jackson
Tamil actress Amy Jackson has got huge famous in India by her acting in Tamil and Bollywood movies even though she is an European girl. Amy Jackson introduced to Tamil cinema with Tamil movie Madarasa Patnam director by A L Vijay. We the Tail audience were thinking that the role of Amy jackson in Madarasa Patnam really demanded an European girl thats why she came to Tamil and she will not act in Tamil cinema any more. But she acted in Tamil movie Thaandavam, a hindi movie and now, she is the talk of Tamil cinema now by her appearance in Tamil movie I.

Here is the latest Interview with Tamil actress Amy Jackson:

Question to Tamil actress Amy Jackson:

Dont you have language problem when acting in Tamil movies?

25 September 2014

An Interview with Tamil movie I Senior make up technician - Sean Foot

Sean Foot - Tamil movie I
The Weta Workshop which is placed at New Zealand is very special one for creating the characters in movies without using the Computer graphics and animation works. One of the senior technicians of the crew involved in the make up works in Tamil movie I Mr. Sean Foot has spoke with us about his experience with the Crew of Tamil movie I and some interesting facts about Tamil movie I too.

Interview with Sean Foot ( Senior make up technician for Tamil movie I ): 

Question to Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot:

What is special with Tamil movie I

Answer from Tamil movie I - senior make up Technician Sean Foot:

Tamil cinema director Suseendran interview about Tamil movie Jeeva

Tamil movie Jeeva is one of the most expected Upcoming Tamil movies which has been scheduled to get released tomorrow ( release date - 29th September 2014 ). As this is the right time, we have got a complete interview with the director of the movie Suseendran.
Tamil cinema director Suseendran Interview

When the director of Tamil movie Jeeva starts talking he said the statement that in every country sports men lose only after playing the game but in India only our players are losing without getting a chance to play the game itself and this is the core story of the movie Jeeva. But to tell this story, the director Suseendhran has chosen the game of cricket. The core story of Jeeva tells about what are the troubles being faced by an youngster who has competency and talent to become a national cricket player. Also the director Suseendran has told that, this movie would be the movie which can make himself proud even after seeing the movie after 10 years.

24 September 2014

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarznegger letter about Tamil movie I - Audio launch function

The hollywood actor Arnold Schwarznegger who participate in the Audio launch of Tamil movie I has said that the Audio launch function of I was better than the Oscar Awards function and also the Golden Globe award function.
Arnold Schwarznegger in Tamil movie I Audio launch

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarznegger has mentioned like below in the letter has written to the producer of the movie I Aascar Ravichandran;

Arnold has started the letter with a thanks for the all efforts done by Aascar Ravichandran and all the Team of movie I for making the Chennai trip of Arnold Schwarznegger for the Tamil movie I Audio launch. Arnold has added that he feels very proud to be a part of the grand function of Tamil movie I Audio launch. Arnold has also appreciated the I Team for making such a wonderful film and also such a grand audio launch.