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Tamil Actor Siva Karthikeyan plans to act in minimum 2 movies per year

Actor Sivakarthikeyan is one among the leading ActorS in Tamil cinema Industry. He declared that two new films will get released every year in which he acted.

After the completion of his film with Director Ponram he left back to Chennai.And since we are approaching Diwali he gave a press talk.

Tamil Actor Siva karthikeyan conveyed his Diwali wishes to the public. He said like Diwali means crackers and requested public to be careful while bursting crackers with family.He conveyed Diwali wishes to all families.



Facts are fascinating, especially if they are of a field which most of us are interested in.This field-THE KANAVU THOLIRCHAALAI  as the yesteryear writer Sujata would call it has plenty of facts which are not only fascinating but not known in the same measure to many. This article is the result of yours truly's memory and quite a bit of research on the tamil cinema.The list below is not totally exhaustive. .

Actors who have  paired with two generations -

Sivaji Ganesan with Sandhya and her daughter J.Jayalalitha.
Rajnikanth  with Lakshmi and her daughter Aishwarya

Actress who has paired with two generations
Sowcar Janaki with M.R.Radha and his som M.R.R. Vasu

Indian National Anthem to be played before every movie ( Including Tamil movies ) starts in Theaters

The Supreme Court of India has made a recent announcement to all the Cinema Theaters of India which includes the Cinema Theaters in Tamilnadu also, that in all the theaters should play the Audio of Indian National Anthem with the Visual of having our Indian National Flag on the Screen before each and every Shows in the Theater daily basis.
National Anthem in Tamil Cinema theaters

As all of us know well, during Indian National Anthem, all people who hear the National Anthem, should stand in Attention position and give respect to the Indian National flag and the National Anthem. So the same respect must be performed when ever hearing the National Anthem in Cinema Theaters too. So here after, the Indian National Anthem in Tamilnadu Cinema Theaters will be played right before each and every shows of Tamil / other language movies and all the audience will have to stand in attention position when they hear the Anthem before sitting and enjoying the movie. 

Revolution time of Tamil Cinema in the year 2012:

Revolution time of Tamil Cinema in the year 2012:

Tamil Cinema in other name called as Kollywood is one of the most notable cinema industry in Indian cinema industries. Lot of movies , actors, actress, music directors, singers, directors etc are noticed all over india.

The release date of very first Tamil movie falls in the year of 1918 now Tamil Cinema crossed 98 years . In these years Kollywood faced so much of revolution in movies and technicians. On 60s there was 10 songs in each movie but later it reduced to 5 or below 5 songs some movies it may not need songs too. Mass scenes , hero introduction songs, climax fight sequence all were revolutions happens before in Kollywood.

Interesting intermission blocks / scenes of Tamil Cinema

Interesting intermission blocks / scenes of Tamil Cinema

Hi everyone;

Best Interval Scenes / Blocks in Tamil Cinema
As per any language cinema fan ( including Tamil Cinema Fans ), intermission scene of a movie is very important . Intermission scene either will make audiences to tie with the seat or run out of a theater. In Tamil cinema industry intermission scene is taken as most important part of the movie. Even when the movie gets bored intermission scene of the movie will make the Tamil Cinema Audience sit till movie ends.

So now we are going see the most unforgettable / Interesting intermission scenes of Tamil cinema . Here we are not going rate the scenes; we will just see which intermission scene still lives in heart of Tamil cinema fans.

Interval Scene of Tamil Movie Baasha:

Tamil Cinema today - An Overview

Tamil Cinema - Overview

Traditional Tamil cinema motivates the people in right ways also it encourage the people to do good activities. The songs and the theme of those cinemas are encouraging the people in good things. But now a days Tamil cinema indirectly motivate the younger generation in wrong path. It also gives abnormal thinking as well as wrong information about the real world. For example in a movie BBO gave salary of Rs.50, 000/- for a month to to an youngster but real fact any BBO doesn’t give such amount of salary to any fresher. In Tamil movies they introduce a virtual world to the person who seen it.

Tamil Cinema

Tamil Copycat movies copied from hollywood list

Here I have collected the Tamil movies that have copied from hollywood movies. Some movies were copied from other language movies such as German, French too. Some movies have scene by scene copy from hollywood movie and in some movies only the plot has been extracted. Few movies listed here were accepted by directors that the movie is remade from the hollywood movie. Some directors never accept that they have copied even we have several proofs.