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26 December 2015

Mother of Tamil actor STR talking about Beep song - Talking about leaving the country

“We don’t need Tamil Nadu. We will go to Karnataka or Kerala and find our ways.”- Says Tamil actor STR / Simbu’s  mother. ‘Beep Song’ which was sang by Tamil actor Simbu and got released in youtube and it became viral and created major issues among the people. Coimbatore Cyber Crime Police have received a case that this song is against women and they filed a case against Simbu and music composer Anirudh and the police have started their investigation. The Police has summoned two times against Simbu and Anirudh to cooperate with the investigation.
Tamil actor STR's Mother talking about Beep Song
Many cases are also filed in Saidapet Court. In between these issues, many non-govermental women organisations have started to protest in front of Tamil actor STR / Silambarasan Simbu’s house which is located in Thiyagaraya Nagar. Some people burned the images of Simbu and Anirudh to show their thoughts against them.In this case, T.Rajendran’s speech about ‘Beep Song’ has been released a few days before. Now, a video of Simbu’s mother in which she expresses her thoughts about ‘Beep Song’ is also released.