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07 December 2019

Tamil movie Ponniyil Selvan Casts and Crew updates - Trisha and Amitabh Bachan in

Trisha and Amitabh Bachan roped in Ponniyin Selvan:

Amithap bachchan and Trisha signed the contract to act in this movie. It has been confirmed that Trisha has signed the contract to act in the movie Ponnyin selvan directed by Maniratnam. In continuation to the movie Sekkasivantha vasnam., Maniratnam is getting ready to direct Ponnyin selvan. LICA production is producing this film. Jeyam ravi, Vikram, Karthi, Aishwarya rai, Keerthy suresh, Lal and others are starring in this movie.  
Tamil movie Ponniyin Selvan Casts and Crew

17 February 2019

Tamil Cinema latest news today- 17th February 2019

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have a look at the Tamil cinema news for 17th February 2019 and  have a glance on Tamil Actress Trisha's next movie genre and about a Tamil Movie Kallapart and it casts.

26 November 2017

Upcoming Tamil Movie Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal - Casts, Crew, Story and Overview

In this site Tamil Cinema Bio you can get latest updates about Tamil Cine field like Tamil Actors/ Actresses BiographyActor InterviewsActresses InterviewsAward FuntionsPhoto Galleries, etc. In this article you can come to know all details about the Overview, Genre, Release Date, Story, Casts, Crew and Current Status of Upcoming Tamil Movie Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal.

Upcoming Tamil Movie Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal

Bookmark this page for more updates about this Upcoming Tamil Movie Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal like Certification, Review and theaters in which the movie releases.

07 November 2017

Upcoming movies of Tamil Actress Trisha in 2017

Tamil actress Trisha in sadhuranga Vettai 2
Upcoming movies of Tamil Actress Trisha

In this page of Tamil Cinema bio, we shall look about one of the Tamil actress Trisha who has been in Tamil cinema industry for more than 10 years of time.

Total number of Tamil movies in hand now with Trisha are 5

Total number of Malayalam movies in hand now with Trisha is 1

Total number of Telugu movies in hand now with Trisha is 1

07 November 2016

Tamil movie Kodi - Casts and crew, Story line and Review

Tamil movie Kodi - Dhanush
n this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about Tamil movie Kodi, including its Casts and crew, Story Line and Review with complete details;

Tamil movie Kodi - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Dhanush ( Dual role )

Main Female Actors ( Heroins ) - Tamil actress Trisha and Anupama Parameshwaran

Other actors in Tamil movie Kodi :

Tamil actress Saranya Pon Vannan, Sachu, Tamil actors Kali venkat, Vijaya Kumar, Karunas and other famous actors.

28 April 2015

Break up between Tamil actress Trisha and Varun manian !!

We already heard about the wed lock announcement of Tamil actress Trisha that she is going to marry Mr. Varun who is one of the Tamil cinema producers. But now we have got a hot gossip that the pair of Tamil actress Trisha and Varun has got broken up and the marriage which was engaged by the parents of them also would be cancelled.
Tamil actress Trisha wedding photos with Varun

Tamil actress Trisha has been acting in Tamil cinema for more than 10 years of time as heroin and she has paired with probably all the Tamil cinema super star actors like, Kamal hassan, Vijay, Ajith, Simbu etc., Before months, there was a big announcement of Tamil cinema that the marriage announcement of Tamil actress Trisha with Varun was announced and the engagement with the presence of family friends was conducted on January 23rd of 2015. But in the engagement function, the marriage date of Trisha remained unannounced.  Tamil actress Trisha herself was posting many pictures in which she is posing together with Varun manian in the official Twitter account of Tamil actress Trisha.

07 February 2015

Tamil movie Yennai Arindhal Casts and Crew, Story and Complete Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio we shall look about the Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal in which Tamil actor Ultimate Star Thala Ajith has done the main male role ( Hero ) under the direction of Tamil cinema director Gautham Vasudev Menon with the music of Tamil cinema music director Harris Jayaraj. We shall start the article with the Casts and crew section.
Ajith with Arun VIjay in Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal

Tamil movie Yennai Arindhaal - Casts and crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Thala Ajith Kumar

Main female actresses ( Heroines ) - Tamil actresses Anushka Shetty and Trisha Varun

Main Villain actor - Arun Vijay

23 January 2015

Tamil actress Trisha - Varun Engagement event ( with photos )

Tamil actress Trisha with Varun manian
We all know that one of the most awaited marriages of Tamil cinema that, the marriage of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan has been fixed and the official announcement of Trisha's marriage to the public and media was done by Trisha herself through the social network namely Twitter. The bride of Trisha is Varun manian who is a leading business men in Tamilnadu and Varun is also a Producer making Tamil movies having the banner name of Radiance media group. The Tamil movies came with the production of Radiance Media group are Kaaviya Thalaivan and Vaayai Moodi Pesavum.

We know that Tamil actress Trisha is one of the leading actresses of the industry and she has been grabbing one of the Tamil actresses in the leading actresses list of the industry is well. The movies the she has acted in the industry like Saamy, Ghilli made records in the box office. Even though there were lot of new entries and pretty actresses came into the industry, Trisha has been standing on the toppers stands still because of her acting skill and her pretty appearance in the Tamil movies.
Trisha and Varun

11 October 2014

Tamil Cinema actresses - An Overview:

Every Tamil cinema is getting its shape with the work of hundreds of workers including the Tamil Cinema directors, assistant directors, music director and his crew, production team, visual effects team, stunt master and is crew, cinematographer and his crew, lighting supervisor and his crew, then the workers engaged with the all other works like, travel, food, accommodations and last but not the least; the acting artists. From the time since the cinema was discovered, at the initial stage with the name of drama, these acting profession has been given the very first priority when the audience expressing their review / response about the drama / movie. Because the very first thing getting into the eyes of the audience is the artist who is acting the roles. Even though the art department's work is also getting into the eyes of the audience, he ( the audience ) is looking at those fine sets only as the supporting things for the artist to perform the role.

Latest Tamil Cinema Actresses profiles

In this so important part ( acting artists ) part of the cinema, we got so many artists coming around the script of the movie / drama. But mainly the cinema will have a main male role ( Hero ) and a main female role ( Heroin ). Even thought there are few Tamil movies came without having a heroin in it, 99.9% of Tamil movies are having heroins. So, in this article of Tamil cinema, we are going to see such important Tamil actresses / Tamil cinema heroins only. I got the idea of writing this article after seeing the Tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai and Raja Rani. One of the rare things happened in those movies that the heroins of those movies are elder than the heros of the movie in real life; that Tamil actor Jeeva has one year of age lesser than the age of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan who did the heroin role in that movie and Tamil actor Jai ( date of birth April 1985 ) has 6 months lesser age than Tamil actress Nayantara ( Date of birth November 1984 ) acted as on screen pair for the Tamil movie Raja Rani under the direction of Atlee.

17 September 2014

Marriage of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty

Tamil actress Anushka Shetty 
Tamil actress Anushka Shetty was introduced to the Tamil movies with the Tamil movie Rendu ( paired with Tamil actor Madhavan ), then she got a high fame with her movie Arundhathi. Then Anushka acted in the super Tamil movies like, Vettai Karan ( pairing with Tamil actor Vijay ), Deiva Thiru Magan ( Tamil actor Vikram did the main role in this movie ), Irandam Ulagam ( paired with Tamil actor Arya ), Singam, Singam II ( pairing with Tamil actor Surya.) Now Anushka has been acting in the Tamil movie Linga, pairing with Tamil actor Rajini kanth and the shooting of this movie has got just finished.

The present movie of Anushka in Telugu is Rudrama devi and Baahubali, among these two movies, Rudramadevi shotting has got finished and the shooting of Baahubali has been going on. By this time, the current age of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty is 32. So the parents of Tamil actress Anushka have beed looking for a bride for Anushka Shetty recent days and they have found a bride for Anushka and he is a business man it seems.

03 April 2014

Tamil actress Trisha participated in a controversial event conducted by Raja Pakshe

Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
It was decided not to go and participate in any events happening in the country Sri Lanka by all the Tamil actors and actresses. Even the music events also have been prohibited by the Tamil play back singers recently for the same reason. There are many objections have been getting raised opposing who and all participating in the events in Sri Lanka regardless of Tamil actors / Tamil actresses or music related guys from the Tamil cinema industry.

06 September 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan

Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan:

Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan
Profile Photo
In this page of our Tamil cinema web page, online portal, I have taken the topic of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan who has been acting in Tamil cinemas for many years. I have taken the sub headings of this article, such as the Personnel details of Trisha, Complete profile details about the Tamil actress Trisha, Filmography of Trisha Krishnan etc.,

Personnel information about Tamil actress Trisha:

The date of birth of this top level Tamil actress Trisha is 04th May 1983. So, the current age of Trisha is 31 and will reach the age of 31 with the upcoming May month. Place of birth of Trisha is Tamilnadu, Chennai city. Trisha started her acting and modeling career from the year 1999. Even though Trisha was born in Chennai, she has been acting and getting successful in both Tamil cinemas as well as in the Telugu Cinema. She has also acted in few Hindi languages, Bollywood movies too.