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17 September 2014

Tamil actress Sneha is not pregnant - declared by Sneha

The marriage of Tamil actress Sneha with Tamil actor Prasanna happened in the year 2012. After marriage, Tamil actress Sneha started reducing her appearance in the cinemas. The last movie of Tamil actress Sneha by this time is Tamil movie Un Samayal Araiyil pairing with Tamil actor Prakash Raj.

Tamil actress Sneha laughing about her rumors !!

There were some news spreading around that Sneha is pregnant now and Sneha is going to give birth to a baby soon. But when Sneha talked about this pregnancy news, she has said that, she is not pregnant and all the news about her pregnancy came through the media so far are just rumor, not true. Sneha has added that she was working in the Tamil cinema for many years busily. Now, Sneha has been enjoying her rest times in the house happily. Sneha has also said that Sneha herself and Tamil actor Prasanna have not become ready so far to become parents and it will take some more time to get pregnant and to become parents.

21 August 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil Actress Sneha

Sneha in saree photo
Profile and Biography of Tamil Cinema actress Sneha
In this blog page, I am going to give you the comprehensive information about the Tamil actress Sneha who has been in the Tamil cinema industry for many years.

Biography of Tamil actress Sneha:

The real name of Tamil actress Sneha is Suhasini Rajaram Naidu, birth date of Sneha is 12 Oct 1981. Names of parents of Tamil actress Sneha is Rajaram Naidu is Padmavathy Rajaram.

The languages in which Sneha has acted in her filmy career are, Tamil Cinemas, Malayalam Cinemas, Telugu and Sandalwood cinema industry. The very first movie of Tamil actress Sneha was Ingane Oru Nilapakshi in the year 2001. Her debut movie in Tamil movie was Virumbuhiren. Sneha did more or less glamourous scenes in her first movie, Virumbuhiren specially in the video song, Kombu mulaitha muyale..