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23 February 2019

Latest Tamil Cinema News Today - 23rd February 2019 Saturday

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall have a look at the Tamil cinema news for today 23rd February 2019 with a glance on Kushoo Sundar Tweet about Tamil Actor Sundar C and Tamil Actress Kushboo Anniversary yesterday

07 January 2017

Tamil Actor RajiniKanth Top Remarkable Movies

Tamil Actor RajiniKanth Top Remarkable Movies:
                              Actor RajiniKanth,An actor who still controls the box office of Tamil cinema for more than 25 years.A Tamil actor who is well known throughout the world.Who is having more fan base in south India.Mainly called as Super Star.He entered Kollywood in late 70s but now Kollywood is known by everyone because of him. He Proved black skin and rough face can also rule the Tamil cinema fans heart.From Black and white generation to current digital generation he is the leading actor of Tamil Cinema and still holds many box office record.He acted 160 movies some may appreciated,some may enjoyed,some may disappointed but many movies still in hearts of cinema fan.An actor can't survive in Tamil cinema only by their fans,general audience also accept him.

01 January 2017

Tamil Actress Kushboo Sundar to compete in Tamil Cinema Producers Association

There is an announcement made from the team of Tamil actor Vishal in the Tamil Cinema Producers association that Tamil actress cum Producer Kushboo Sundar will compete in the upcoming Tamil Cinema Producers Association Elections 2017. 

The date of Tamil Cinema Producers Associations election 2017 is exactly in the First week of February 2017. In this election, there was an open statement declared from Vishal side that they will compete in this election for sure. From the moment when the Tamil Cinema Producers association Election was declared, there are some silent wars have been going on between Tamil Actor Vishal and the current administrators of Tamil Cinema Producers Associations by means of announcing reports. As the date of election 2017 is getting closer, there are a lot of groups have been discussing about this nowadays in the Tamil Cinema industry. 

14 September 2014

Tamil actress Deepika Padukone supporting words about Swetha Basu prostitution case

Tamil actresses Kushboo and Deepika Padukone have given their supporting voice to Tamil actress Swetha Basu who was earlier arrested in a prostitution case. Tamil actress Swetha Basu was arrested in a prostitution case at Hyderabad on the date - 2nd September 2014. Swetha Basu has acted in the Tamil movie Ra Ra and Chanda Mama. We should also mention here that Swetha Basu has won a National Award for her performance in the movie Makthe when he was child.
Deepika Padukone

The reason for what Swetha Basu went to prostitution is said to be money that Swetha Basu had less Cinema opportunities and less money in hand. At this situation, there is a lot of Cinema celebrities coming forward to support Swetha Basu the one of the National Award winning director Hensel Metha and actress Aditi Rao and Tamil actress Kushboo said their supporting words on Swetha Basu ( Tamil actress Kushboo's support to Swetha Basu ) and now the Tamil actress Deepika Padukone has also come forward with her supporting words to Swetha basu.

08 September 2013

Profile and Biography of Tamil Actress Kushboo

Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Kushboo:
Tamil actress Kushboo Profile photo

In this page of our Tamil cinema blog, have taken the topic of Tamil actress Kushboo to talk about, including the profile of Kushboo, personnel details of Kushboo and filmy career, filmography of Tamil actress Kushboo.

Profile of Tamil actress Kushboo:

Original Name - Naggarth Khan

Birth Date - 29 September 1970

Age - 50 ( as of 2021 )

Husband Name  - Sundar C ( Director )

Number of Siblings  - 3

Number of Children - 2

Name of Children - Avanthika and Anandhitha