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Director Suraj Speech and payback from Tamil Actress Nayantara

Tamil Actress Nayantara
   Director Suraj Speech and payback from popular Actress
Tamil movie Maruthamalai, Thalainagaram , padikathavan fame director Suraj recently directed movie Kaththi sandai. Vishal starter Kaththi Sunday movie released last week running in theaters. Directer Suraj attended an interview recently for the promotion. In that interview, He was questioned why did heroines in his movies were used more glamorous and very dressed in Obscenity way.

                       His Reply for that question was so shocking. He replied heroines are getting paid in Crores and so they are not supposed to appear fully clad on screen.Heroines should make low-class audiences happy by wearing glamorous costumes.He further said Let heroines show their acting abilities in any other ways, When it comes to commercial films, they are paid only to provide the required glamours to the audience. This statement Sparked controversy among many. As a director his statement makes the actress who is all worked in his previous movies makes shamed.  After his speech got noticed a popular actress who never lends her the voice for her movie promotion gives voice for her co-actress in Tamil cine industries.

Tamil actress Meenakhi Slapped Assistant director hard in Naermugam shooting spot.

Tamil actress Meenakshi writing apology for slapping
Assistant director of Tamil movie NEarmugam
Tamil actress Meenakshi who was introduced to Tamil movies through the Tamil movie Karuppa Saamy Kuthagaikaaran pairing with Tamil actor Kiran has slapped one of the assistant directors of Tamil movie Nearmugam and it has come as a controversy in the media today. Meenakshi made her appearance also in the Tamil movies like, TN 07 AL 4777; Rajadhi raja ( pairing with Tamil actor cum director Raghava Lawrence ), Mandhira Punnagai and Agam Puram etc.,Recently, Meenakshi made her guest appearance for a video song in Tamil movie Vella Kaara Durai and did dancing.

Now, Tamil actress Meenakshi has been acting in Tamil movie Naer Mugam; the shooting of this movie has been going on well versed in Chennai city. At this stage, Meenakshi has slapped one of the Assistant directors of the crew of Naermugam. At once, that Assistant director has got fainted on the spot. As an immediate action, the crew of the movie has taken that Assistant director to the nearby hospital and a serious treatment going on for that Assistant Director and they have arrested Tamil actress Meenakshi inside the shooting spot by telling that she can not go out without making apologies to the Assistant  director for slapping him on the chin.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha is going to do Secret love marriage with Tamil actress Reshmi !!

Tamil actor Bobby Simha love story with Tamil actress
The current buzz in Tamil cinema is that Tamil actor Bobby SImha and Tamil actress Reshmi who have been acting together for the Tamil movie Urumeen are in love and they are going to get secret marriage soon. but this information is just believed to be a gossip and no truth in that as none of those two, Bobby Simha or Reshmi have opened their mouth so far. This gossip will remain as gossip only till any of Bobby or Reshmi opened their mouth and give explanation about this issue.

Tamil actor Bobby Simha was introduced into cinema industry through short films and then he moved to Feature films through his debut film, Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi directed by Tamil cinema director Balaji Mohan and then gradually improved his career through the fine movies like, Pizza, Neram etc., On the other hand, Tamil actress Reshmi was introduced in the Tamil movie Inidhu Inidhu and she has very limited number of movies in his career that she has acted just only 3 movies overall. The acting performance of Tamil actress Reshmi in her debut movie Inidhu Inidhu was appreciated by Tamil cinema fan.

Tamil actress Sneha is not pregnant - declared by Sneha

The marriage of Tamil actress Sneha with Tamil actor Prasanna happened in the year 2012. After marriage, Tamil actress Sneha started reducing her appearance in the cinemas. The last movie of Tamil actress Sneha by this time is Tamil movie Un Samayal Araiyil pairing with Tamil actor Prakash Raj.

Tamil actress Sneha laughing about her rumors !!

There were some news spreading around that Sneha is pregnant now and Sneha is going to give birth to a baby soon. But when Sneha talked about this pregnancy news, she has said that, she is not pregnant and all the news about her pregnancy came through the media so far are just rumor, not true. Sneha has added that she was working in the Tamil cinema for many years busily. Now, Sneha has been enjoying her rest times in the house happily. Sneha has also said that Sneha herself and Tamil actor Prasanna have not become ready so far to become parents and it will take some more time to get pregnant and to become parents.

Marriage of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty

Tamil actress Anushka Shetty 
Tamil actress Anushka Shetty was introduced to the Tamil movies with the Tamil movie Rendu ( paired with Tamil actor Madhavan ), then she got a high fame with her movie Arundhathi. Then Anushka acted in the super Tamil movies like, Vettai Karan ( pairing with Tamil actor Vijay ), Deiva Thiru Magan ( Tamil actor Vikram did the main role in this movie ), Irandam Ulagam ( paired with Tamil actor Arya ), Singam, Singam II ( pairing with Tamil actor Surya.) Now Anushka has been acting in the Tamil movie Linga, pairing with Tamil actor Rajini kanth and the shooting of this movie has got just finished.

The present movie of Anushka in Telugu is Rudrama devi and Baahubali, among these two movies, Rudramadevi shotting has got finished and the shooting of Baahubali has been going on. By this time, the current age of Tamil actress Anushka Shetty is 32. So the parents of Tamil actress Anushka have beed looking for a bride for Anushka Shetty recent days and they have found a bride for Anushka and he is a business man it seems.

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani words about Ravi Teja

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani has got much excited by seeing the activeness and the energy level of the Telugu cinema actor Ravi Teja it seems. The Telugu movie Power in which Telugu star Ravi Teja and Hansika Motwani have acted was released on 12th September 2014 under the direction of K S Raveendra with the production of Rockline Venkatesh. The Telugu movie Power was released in 900 number of cinema theaters.

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

Tamil actress Deepika Padukone supporting words about Swetha Basu prostitution case

Tamil actresses Kushboo and Deepika Padukone have given their supporting voice to Tamil actress Swetha Basu who was earlier arrested in a prostitution case. Tamil actress Swetha Basu was arrested in a prostitution case at Hyderabad on the date - 2nd September 2014. Swetha Basu has acted in the Tamil movie Ra Ra and Chanda Mama. We should also mention here that Swetha Basu has won a National Award for her performance in the movie Makthe when he was child.
Deepika Padukone

The reason for what Swetha Basu went to prostitution is said to be money that Swetha Basu had less Cinema opportunities and less money in hand. At this situation, there is a lot of Cinema celebrities coming forward to support Swetha Basu the one of the National Award winning director Hensel Metha and actress Aditi Rao and Tamil actress Kushboo said their supporting words on Swetha Basu ( Tamil actress Kushboo's support to Swetha Basu ) and now the Tamil actress Deepika Padukone has also come forward with her supporting words to Swetha basu.

Mid night Attack on Tamil actress Roja

Tamil actress Roja was attacked in the mid night and this event has made vibration today. Yesterday the festival in the Gengaiamman happened at the Sithur district of Andhra Pradesh. In that festival of the temple, Tamil actress Roja took part as the MLA from YSR Congress party. When the Aarthi was showing to the goddess of the temple, someone from the Telugu Desam party came to quarrel by words to the Tamil actress Roja. After that the quarrel started between the Telugu Desam and YSR Congress party people in the temple. Then both group engaged in fighting together with hands.

Tamil actress Roja

Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal did fraudulent activity to Udhaya Nidhi Stalin !!

Tamil Actress Kajal Agarwal
Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal is one of the leading actresses in the Tamil cinema, Hindi and Telugu Cinema Industries and the birth place of Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal is Mumbai. Kajal Agarwal has got famous with her Super hit Tamil movies like Naan Mahaan Alla, Maatraan, Thuppaki and Jilla and nowadays she is one of the top ranking highly paid Tamil actresses.

On the other hand, Tamil actor and producer Udhaya nidhi Stalin has been acting in the Tamil movie Nanben da and Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal was booked for the heroin role of this movie earlier. For the Tamil movie Nanben da, Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal had been given INR 4000000 as the Salary advance. But due to some un expected reasons it looks like Tamil actress Kajal Agarwal could not act in the movie Nanben da. After that, Tamil actress Nayantara was booked for the heroin role of the Tamil movie Nanben da. Now the status / update about the Tamil movie Nanben da is that the movie is at the end of shootings status.

All about Tamil actress Hansika Motwani

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani is one of the very famous Tamil actress who has been admiring all Tamil Cinema audiences with her beauty and acting talent. When we go across the Profile and biography of Tamil actress Hansika Motwani, we could find that her date of birth is on the year 1991, her birth place is Mumbai. But in this page, we will see only about the current controversies, news released about Hansika Motwani and the announcements Hansika Motwani made through media. So do stay with this page to get daily updates about the Tamil actress Hansika Motwani.

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani controversie dated 28 August 2014:

Director says no to Nayantara even after she is ready to reduce her salary!!

Tamil Actress Nayantara has expressed her wish on acting in one of the very newly started movie namely Romeo Juliet and Nayantara has said that she is ready to reduce her salary for getting into the movie. But the director of the movie Lakshman has denied to rope in Nayantara and has taken Tamil actress Hansika Motwani. Tamil cinema director Lakshman is one of the assistant directors of director S J Surya. Laxman has started a new Tamil movie namely Romeo Juliet in which Tamil actor Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani are acting.

Tamil actress Trisha participated in a controversial event conducted by Raja Pakshe

Tamil Actress Trisha Krishnan
It was decided not to go and participate in any events happening in the country Sri Lanka by all the Tamil actors and actresses. Even the music events also have been prohibited by the Tamil play back singers recently for the same reason. There are many objections have been getting raised opposing who and all participating in the events in Sri Lanka regardless of Tamil actors / Tamil actresses or music related guys from the Tamil cinema industry.

Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai agrees to act in Irumbu Kudhirai movie after rejecting the same movie earlier!!

Tamil Actress Lakshmi Rai
Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai is acting again in a Tamil cinema in which she had rejected to act earlier as she got the invitation again from the team. The other casts in that cinema are Tamil actor Adharva, actress Priya Anand and others. The name of the movie in which all above said casts have got committed is Irumbu Kudhirai.

The role of Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai in the movie Irumbu Gudhirai is a bike racer and Lakshmi Rai has not done the role of bike racer before could be noted here. Almost 60 percentage of the movie Irumbu Kudhirai were shooted without Laxmi Rai by the director of the movie Yuva Raj. Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai was in anger as the movie was proceeded without herself. When Lakshmi Rai talked about the movie, she said that she didnot even know whether she is in the project of Irumbu Kudhirai. Also she added that there was problem for her on segregating the call sheet for that movie as no information about the shootings.

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor young Super star STR Simbu has spoken openly in an interview for the Television Pudhu Yugam in the program, Natchathira Jannal which has been anchored by one of the famous Tamil actresses Sangeetha. In this page of, we shall have a glance about that open talk of Simbu about his personnel life, career including his words, as if he does not like to act in cinemas any more because of some reasons.

Tamil actor STR Simbu - Silambarasan Interview

Tamil Actor STR Simbu says he doesnot like to act in Cinemas anymore!!

Tamil actor Simbu has said as follows in that open talked interview for the Channel Pudhu Yugam saying, Simbu has been in various sections of the Tamil cinema like acting, singing, direction and other sections. When Simbu works for some cinemas he feels that he should have not learnt Tamil cinema itself.  As Simbu had known about the Tamil Cinema earlier he had predicted about the comics and mistakes going on here. Nowadays Simbu doesnot like to act in any kind of cinemas anymore and thinking of doing something else than Cinema. Also Tamil actor STR Simbu added that he has put a circle around him and being inside.

Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu got scoldings from Nagarjun?

Some media are saying that one of the most popular actresses among the south Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Samantha Ruth Prabu has got scoldings / warnings from one of the Telugu Super star actors Nagarju. a recently. The reason for this warning to Samantha is one of her tweets through Twitter.

Nowadays most of the top celebrities of Tamil cinema and other language actor / actresses using the social networking sites like twitter and facebook for directly being in touch with their fans. Even though this is one of the healthy moves by these young generation celebrities. On the other hand it is giving themselves troubles. We have a number of examples for this like; STR Simbu and Hansika declared their love through twitter. Even the affair between Samantha and Sidhardh also started releasing smokes through Twitter only. Recently Samantha has tweeted 2 / 3 line news about her current Telugu movie namely Manam in which Nagarjuna acts as the hero and he himself produces the movie. 

Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabu Controversies

In this page of Tamil cinema, you can find the latest rumors, gossips and controversies about the Tamil actress Samantha Ruth Prabu with day to day updates.

Samantha Ruth Prabu - Controversy about surgeries:

Samantha had been one of the best actresses who has been giving Box office hit movies, not only in the Tamil cinema industry but also from all the South Indian Cinema industry as well. The fans of Samantha have got little disappointment on her face that is suspected to be undergone for surgery and looks like plastic coated.

Now the fans of Samantha have been requesting her not to undergo any surgery / make up over dose things like other actresses do.

Mystery Behind Actress Alphonsa's Lover, Vinoth Kumar Death

Following the mysterious death of Actress Alphonsa’s boyfriend Vinoth Kumar’s, she had eaten large amounts of sleeping pills and was admitted in ICU at a private hospital. While she was in the hospital for two days, information about her beloved's death was released.
On 6th morning around 7 O'clock, Alphonsa returned home. From the conversations with Alphonsa and some of the press reporters, these things were revealed.

Tamil Actress Alphonsa

Alphonsa says about her Married Life: