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29 August 2014

Tamil movie Irumbu Kudhirai complete Story and Review

In this page of Tamil movie we shall look about the Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai in which Tamil actor Atharva, actress Raai Lakshmi have acted.Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai is the movie which is coming be keeping Tamil actor Atharva as hero after his movie Paradesi is one of the reason for the expectation on the movie, additionally the music of the movie has been done by G. V. Prakash Kumar is another plus for this movie. We shall look into the Cast and Crew of Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai, Story line of the movie and review of Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai.
Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Irumbu Kuthirai:

Main male role ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Atharvaa

26 March 2014

Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai agrees to act in Irumbu Kudhirai movie after rejecting the same movie earlier!!

Tamil Actress Lakshmi Rai
Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai is acting again in a Tamil cinema in which she had rejected to act earlier as she got the invitation again from the team. The other casts in that cinema are Tamil actor Adharva, actress Priya Anand and others. The name of the movie in which all above said casts have got committed is Irumbu Kudhirai.

The role of Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai in the movie Irumbu Gudhirai is a bike racer and Lakshmi Rai has not done the role of bike racer before could be noted here. Almost 60 percentage of the movie Irumbu Kudhirai were shooted without Laxmi Rai by the director of the movie Yuva Raj. Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai was in anger as the movie was proceeded without herself. When Lakshmi Rai talked about the movie, she said that she didnot even know whether she is in the project of Irumbu Kudhirai. Also she added that there was problem for her on segregating the call sheet for that movie as no information about the shootings.

29 January 2014

Profile and Biography of Tamil actor Adharva

Tamil Actor Atharvaa
In this page of, we shall see about one of the Tamil actors Adharvaa who is young and energetic actor in the field. In this page we will see the birth date, age of Atharvaa, place of birth, parents of Atharvaa, back ground of Adhrava and other important details about him followed by the complete filmography of Atharvaa etc.,

Biography of Tamil actor Atharvaa:

Atharva is one of the star kids of Tamil Cinema that his father is none other than the famous actor in Tamil Cinema, Murali who has acted in so many Super hit movies like Idhayam, Pudhu Vasantham etc., The name of mother of Adharva murali is Sobha. Date of birth of Tamil actor Adharvaa Murali is 7th May of 1989, place of birth is Chennai, Tamilnadu. So the present age of Tamil actor Adharva now is 24. There are 2 siblings for Adharva Murali namely Kavya ( sister ) and Aakash ( brother ). Atharva has normal height and a lean body with normal weight for acting in the cinemas.