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Tamil movie Viduthalai Part 1 Review

Tamil movie Viduthalai Part 1
  This movie Viduthalai Part 1 has a very strong baseline story about a land and how the people living on the land are affected by government action in an attempt to implement a scheme towards the development of the state. 

But this strong line has been handled by showing a love story happening in the land with a lot of beautiful, horrible, and thoughtful scenes. 

The main character of the movie is the hero ( Kumaresan - Soori ) and Heroin ( Tamilarasi - Bavani Sri ). 

Kumaresan does not do anything as big heroic but simple innocent things. But those simple things give a big impact on the story to move from one place to another which is one of the toughest things to handle when the story would have been at the script level. 

Tamilarasi falls in love as a normal village girl, she behaves like a common village girl. She also does nothing heroic or out of her role's nature. 

Tamil movie Vaathi Review

 This movie is all about education. The core of the movie is to give education for free in society and not to collect huge fees in schools. 

Tamil movie Vaathi - Review

When we come out of the theater, we feel satisfied with a good movie-watching experience for sure as it has one of the mandatory things to be said in content. 

To say this, this movie has been constructed with solid scenes without any high masala heroic scenes or any frowning scenes.

The movie happens mostly in a school where Dhanush has played the teacher role and what are the changes he does to the village students studying in the school and the politics around it. 

One of the solid scenes of this movie is when Ben Karunas pours water on his teacher's leg to protect his feet from the hot sun. Particularly this scene could have been taken into a big masala scene with cinematic effects and big quarrels between students and their parents. But the scene is very much shuttle and simple to grab enough attention of the audience and to make them feel inside the village witnessing the scene happen in front of them. 

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 Review ( Experience )

 This movie is based on a set of books written by Kalki in the 19th century namely Ponniyin Selvan talking about the Great Chola Empire, the people of those days, the culture of Cholas, the Architecture of Chola, and the intense politics involved in the Empire by explaining the Travel of a character namely Vandhiya Thevan.  

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

From the first scene of the movie, with a voice-over of actor Kamal Hassan, we can get straight into the movie and its field. 

The subsequent scenes of the movie take us on the floor of Chola Empire ruled by Sundara Cholan between the sky and Chola soil. 

I could feel that the man Kari Kaalan ( Aditya Karikala Cholan ) has lived like a lion on war fields since from the introduction scene of him with the roaring acting of Vikram, the way how the war scene of Chola Vs Rastriya Kingdom was screened. Especially the acting of Vikram by sitting on his horse by holding his sword and going around the opponent king who is on his knees on the floor. 

Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu Review

 The basic concept of this movie is about a poor young boy who lives in the Southern Part of Tamilnadu ( Naduvankurichi which is near Tiruchendur in Thoothukudi District ). 

Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu Movie Review

The movie has taken the lifestyle style, family situations and other things of people who go from the above said place to big cities like Mumbai for survival and become part of a gangster group in the city. 

For that purpose, this movie has chosen the life of Muthu Veeran (  19 years old boy ) to talk about with a detailed characterization of him. Struggles faced by Muthu Veeran who is an angry young man and the growth he gains in his life because of the courageous steps he takes in the Gang. 

Natchathiram Nagarkiradhu - Movie Review ( Experience )

Natchathiram NAgargiradhu Review
 This movie ( Natchathiram Nagarkiradhu ) has a concept. The concept is about the politics existing in Love. 

To carry this concept about the Universal Language ( Love ), the director Pa. Ranjith has taken a play crew who practice drama in a Theater located in Pondicherry, India. 

The whole story of this movie is happening in a Drama theater, where the crew lead ( Master ) conducts a play about Love having all the cast as the crew of the play. 

Following are the Love Tracks taken to establish the concept of the movie. 

1. The love of the crew head who is called by the crew members as Master with his wife. 

Vikram 2022 Review

 Story Line :

Vikram 2022 Review

A huge amount of drugs is getting captured by Police from Santhanam ( this role is done by Vijay Sethupathy ). Followed by that, some of the policemen are getting killed by Santhaanam and his gang. Among those policemen, the father of that policeman is Karnan ( this role is done by Kamal Haasan ). On the other hand, there is an unknown gang with a group of masked guys killing government officials and Karnan and taping the murder scene on video and sending it to the police department. 

Role of Amar ( Fahad Fassil ) :

On seeing those video clips, the police department assigns a group of guys who are specialists in finding the mysterious criminals all around the country led by Amar ( this role is done by Fahadh Fassil ). This role has no permanent name, no id cards like Aadhaar / ration card in the country. 

Tamil movie Maanadu Review

Tamil movie Maanaadu Review
 Maanadu Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Simbu

Main Female actor ( Heroin ) - Kalyani Priyadarshan

Main Negative actor ( Villain ) - S J Surya

Director - Venkat Prabu

Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Tamil Movie Jagame Thandiram Story and Review

 In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at the latest Tamil movie Jagame Thandhiram which has been released through OTT due to COVID 19 pandemic situation. 


Suruli is a gangster living in Madurai. Due to a police case on him, he gets a situation to hide from Tamilnadu police and at the same time, he gets an opportunity to go to London for doing a murder. 

So, Suruli moves to London and kills a man who opposes the man who called him to London from Madurai. 

Only after killing him, Suruli comes to know that the man who was killed by him was a good man, helping the refugees, especially from Sri Lanka to London. 

Tamil movie Karnan - Review, Decoding

 This movie is about a village called Podiyankulam located in South Tamilnadu. The village has few people who are working with the forest they have nearby. One of the main problems the village has is the unavailability of public transportation such as a bus. They don't have any transportation to go out from the village even for education.  

Tamil Movie Karnan review and decoding

As they don't have a bus stop and none of the buses stop for them, they have to be depending on the bus stop located nearby Podiyankulam called Melur. As podiyankulam people have to be depending on melur for the bus stop, Melur people look at Podiyankulam low. Because of this, many quarrels are happening between these two villages. 

Tamil movie Sultan Review / Analysis

 Casts and crew:

Tamil movie Sultan 2021 Review

Actors: Karthi, Rashmika Mandanna, Ramachandra Raju, Nawab Shah, Napolean, Lal, Yogi Babu, Sathish, etc.,

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director: Bagyaraj Kannan 

Producer: SR Prabu 

Cinematography: Sathyan Sooriyan

Editing: Ruben

Release Date: 2 April 2021 

Running time: 149 minutes


This movie has handled 3 stories at the same time, those are, 

1. A boy who grows up in the midst of 100 men who are involved in day-to-day violence that they work for the father of that boy and living with the boy and his father in the same house for decades. 

2. A village near Salem is suffered by a man called Siva Seelan who wants to vacate the whole village and get the village to a corporate company that wants to get steel from the land of the village. 

Godzilla Vs Kong ( Tamil Dubbed ) Review, Story, Casts and Crew

Kong Vs Godzilla ( Tamil Dubbed ) Review
 Release date: 24 March 2021 in India

Running Time :  113 Minutes

Languages in Tamilnadu - English, and Tamil 


Godzilla Vs King is a movie based on the life of King Kong and Godzilla. 

Visual effects are in top class to give treat for the eyes of the audience. 

Tamil movie Thaen - Review

Castes and Crew : 

Tamil movie Then review
Male Lead: Tharun Kumar | Female Lead: Abarnathi | Director: Ganesh Vinayakan | Producers: Ambalavanan and Prema | Music - Santosh Bharadwaj | 

Concept of the movie: What will happen to a family person who lives in a forest in this modern-day India. 

Story :

Velu is a man living in a Forest in Tamilnadu. 

He gets love marriage even after the god denies the marriage symbolically. 

Then he gets a child and lives in the forest happily. Both he and his wife work inside the forest. 

All of sudden, his wife gets stomach ache and it gets severe. 

As the medicine person in the forest does not give hope to Velu, he gets his wife to the nearby city and tries to save his wife. 

Tamil Movie Ka Pe Rana Singam Review

 In this movie, we shall look at one of the latest movies, K P Ranasingam released in 0ctober 2020. Including casts, crew, and review. 

Ka Pe Ranasingam Casts and Crew :

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Vijay Sethupathy

Main female role ( Heroin ) - Aishwarya Rajesh

Other major actors: Rangaraj Pandey, Munishkanth, Vela Ramamurthy, Bhavani Shree ( sister of Vijay Sethupathy ), Poo - Ram, Abhishek, Mohan ram, Namo Narayanan, T Siva, Mathew Varghese, Hello Kandhasamy, Vazhaku en Muthu Raman, Thavasi, Saravana Sakthi, Arul Dass, Arunraja Kamaraj, C V Kumar, Durai Sudhakar. 

Director: Virumandi

Tamil movie Silence Review

Tami movie Silence review
Tamil movie Silence review
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at one of the Tamil movies released in October 2020, namely Silence. We, Will, look at the Casts and crew, Storyline, and Review of the movie. 

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Silence:


Anushka Shetty


Shubba Raju

Shalini Pandey

Micheal Madsen

Director : Hemant Madhukar

Casts and Crew and complete review of Tamil movie Kaalidas 2019

In this page of Tamil Cinema bio, we shall look about one of the latest movies released in the end of 2019 namely Kalidass in which Tamil actor Bharath has done the lead role male.
Tamil movie Kalidhas 2019 - Bharath and Ann

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Kaalidhas 2019;

Main lead role male - Bharath

Main lead role female - Ann Sheetal

Other actors - Suresh menon, Velraj, Palaya joke Thanga durai, Priya Dharsini and others.

Director - Sri Senthil

Producer - V. Bhargavi, M S Srinivasan etc.,

Music - Vishal Chandrasekar

Tamil movie Chekka Chivandha Vaanam - Casts and Crew, Review and Story line

Tamil movie Chekka Chivandha Vaanam - Casts and Crew, Review and Story line:

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall have a look about one of the latest Tamil movies, Chekka Chivandha Vaanam which is one of the multi starer movies in Tamil Cinema, under the direction of Tamil cinema Director Mani Ratnam.

Tamil movie Chekka Chivandha Vaanam  - Casts and Crew:

Main male actors - Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathy, STR Silambarasan, Arun Vijay and Aravind Saamy

Main female Actors - Tamil actresses Jyothika, Aditi Rao and Aishwarya Rajesh

Other actors in Tamil movie Chekka Chivandha Vaanam : Tamil actors Prakash Raj, Jaya Sudha, Thiyagarajan, Mansoor Ali Khan and others;

Tamil movie Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren ( ONNPS ) Review,

Tamil movie Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren ( ONNPS ) Review:

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren review
In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about Tamil movie Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren which is released in the beginning of January 2018 having Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathy as main male actor ( Hero ).

Tamil movie Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren Review:

There is a mob of casts have been roped in for this movie and they are suitable for their corresponding roles too. Some of them are rare too, that many characters who have acted in Tamil movie Naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanom have acted in this movie after a long time. All of their characters have been justified them well and good. Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathy role is the main focus all over the movie and he has carried it good as usual. But the scope for acting is not so strong in this movie for him as he has to be maintaining the character's weight throughout the movie. The location and its back story of this movie is totally new / weird for Tamil cinema.

Tamil movie Thaana Sendha Koottam ( TSK ) Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about one of the Pongal 2018 released Tamil movies Thaana Sendha Koottam ( TSK ) Review with Casts and Crew and Story line.

Tamil movie Thaana Sendha Koottam - Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Tamil actor Suriya

Main female actor ( Heroin ) -  Tamil actress Keerthy Suresh

Other actors of Tamil movie Thaana Sendha Koottam - Ramya Krishnan, Senthil, Karthik, Kalai Arasan, Nandha, R J balaji, Yogi Babu, Thambi Ramaiah, Sathyan, Siva Sankar, Vinodhini, Brahmanandham, Suresh Menon, Bala singh etc.,

Director - Vignesh Sivan,

Tamil movie KodiVeeran - Review, Complete Story

In this page of Tamil cinema bio. we shall look about Tamil movie Kodi Veeran in which Tamil actor Sasi Kumar has done the lead role.

Click here for - Tamil movie Kodi Veeran - Overview in which cast and crew, story line of the movie have been explained well.
Tamil movie Kodi Veeran - Story Line:
 The basic story of Kodi Veeran is the quarrel, violence between the hero and villain of the movie. This simple story line has been narrated with the back ground of brother sister and other relationships in villages. The first half of the movie is making us to get confused and to under estimate the connection between the sister and brother relationships in the second half, but the second half has connected the different characters and their relationships together well and good.

Tamil Movie Thiruttu Payale 2 - Casts and Crew, Story line and Review

Tamil Movie Thiruttu Payale 2 - Casts and Crew, Story line and Review

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall look about the Casts and Crew, Story line and Complete Review of the movie. Thiruttupayale 2 is one of the Tamil movies released with high expectations mainly because of the Star combination and director.

Tamil movie Thirutu Payale - 2 - Casts and Crew:

Main actor Male ( Hero ) - Bobby simha

Main negative Actor ( villain ) - Prasanna

Main Female Actor ( Heroin ) - Amala Paul

Other actors of Tamil movie Thirutupayale 2 - Director Susi Ganesan has done a major role in this movie. M S Baskar, VJ Adams and others have also acted in this movie.

Director - Susi Ganesan