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30 May 2020

Tamil actress Sunitha Varma Photo Gallery | Wall Paper | Images

Tamil actress Sunitha Varma / Janapriya
Sunitha Varma
In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall look about one of the famous South Indian actress Namely Sunitha Varma intro details about her and Photo gallery of her. 

Birth place of Sunitha Varma : Vishakapatnam

Date of Birth - 30 May 1987 ( Age as of 2020 - 33 )

Other names of Sunitha varma are - Jana Priya in Tamil and Radha Varma in Malayalam

23 July 2015

Tamil Actress Reshmi Menon Photo Gallery/ Wallpaper Images/ Hot Stills

Tamil Actress Reshmi Menon shape seen in T-Shirt 

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer Photo Gallery/ Wallpaper Images/ Stills

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer Photo Gallery

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer Hot Navel in Saree

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer in transparent saree

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer Wallpaper Image

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer Hot pose

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer in Transparent dress

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer sizzling photo

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer romantic look Wallpaper Photo

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer adjusting saree

Tamil Actress Janani Iyer exposing thighs
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11 June 2015

Nayanthara Gets Set for a Beauty Treatment

Some of the latest pictures of Tamil Actress Nayanthara has got released. It seems that Tamil Actress Nayanthara is not as pretty as she was before few days. What may be the reason behind this drastic change in her look? Why does Tamil Actress Nayanthara look so pale and charmless? These are the exclamations that all Tamil Actress Nayanthara's fan followers are getting right now.
Tamil Actress Nayanthara look

And the reason behind this is found that busy schedule with lot of projects running around for her is the major reason for Tamil Actress Nayanthara's recent look. So what's to say about her earnings? It will be in multiples as reciprocation of her beauty.
Tamil Actress Nayanthara appearence
But though Tamil Actress Nayanthara earns a lots sum, she is not even able to take rest and care for her health. Then how can Tamil Actress Nayanthara think about her look and appearance?

Tamil Actress Nayanthara recent still
Will Tamil Actress Nayanthara get bacvk to her form and set her market up right? What step is Tamil Actress Nayanthara up to take to set back to her prior charming look?
Tamil Actress Nayanthara latest pic with Naanum Rowdydhan Director
RJ Balaji with Tamil Actress Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathy
Tamil Actress Nayanthara one who has completed her 30 years of age, is still now holding her NO.1 place in Tamil Cinema Industry. Tamil Actress Nayanthara does not see partiality while acting with either young actors or higher level actors. This is the reason why everyone likes Tamil Actress Nayanthara. But recently as Tamil Actress Nayanthara is working for many movies at a time, it seems that she get no time to take rest.As she loses her sleep, glow in Tamil Actress Nayanthara's face is also getting demolished day by day. Particular for fans who are seeing Tamil Actress Nayanthara after long time or for one who is seeing her newly only question that rises in their mind is, Why is Tamil Actress Nayanthara looking so dull?

Will Tamil Actress Nayanthara come back to glow?

Tamil Actress Nayanthara has become aware of this right now. In the previous days Tamil Actress Nayanthara use to go to Kerala and take Ayurveda Treatment now and then. Due to the busy schedule at present she is not able to do that and so Tamil Actress Nayanthara decided to postpone it. But as Tamil Actress Nayanthara herself finds to seem dull and also seeing the reports in the social media about her diminished beauty, she has planned to go to Kerala and take the Beauty Treatment that she followed in Ayurvedic Therapy. So Tamil Actress Nayanthara will come back to her original glow.

05 October 2014

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani Latest Gallery

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall see number of photos of Tamil actress Hansika Motwani who has been one of the top 3 heroins of Tamil cinema today.

Tamil actress Hansika Motwani profile picture with her cute smile

01 October 2014

Tamil Actress Genelia Deshmukh who is pregnant gave pose for photo

Tamil Actress Genelia Deshmukh pregnant photos - at the gate of a hotel in mumbai
Tamil actress Genelia Deshmukh who was introduced to Tamil cinema with the Tamil movie Boys under the direction of Shankar in the year 2003 got famous in Tamil cinema since from her that debut movie itself. Then she acted in some super hit movies in Tamil namely Sachin, santhosh Subramaniam, Uthama Puthiran and Velayudham. Genilia became from Genelia D' souza to Genelia Deshmukh in the year 2012. Yes Genelia got married to Bollywood celebrity Deshmukh.

30 September 2014

Tamil cinema celebrities - Fasting Protest followed by Jayalalitha arrest

Tamil actress Selvi. Jayalalitha was arrested in a civil case on September 26th 2014 and sentenced for 4 years of jail for her. Following that judgement from the court in Bangalore, Tamil cinema industry has made a fasting protest today ( 30th September 2014 ). In this page, you can find all the photos of the participants from that hungry protest.

Tamil actors Vikram, Vimal and Karthi at the Fasting protest by supporting Tamil actress Selvi Jayalalitha

22 September 2014

Tamil actress Emy Jackson Gallery

In this page of Tmail cinema bio, we shall see the Photo Gallery of Tamil actress AMy Jackson who has acted in the big movies like I, Madarasapatnam etc in Tamil Cinema.

Tamil Actress Amy Jackson Profile Picture