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06 January 2019

Evergreen Voices of Tamil Cinema

Evergreen Super Voices of Tamilnadu 
Thiyagaraja Bagawather

Ever since Cinema began to talk , Tamil cinema had the possession of several unique voices. Some melodious,some majestic , some melancholic and some mellifluous. Each of them enchanting in every way with perfect intonation, Shruthi, emotions and pitch . In the higher Octaves they were simply remarkable  with effortless ease to bring off the Bruggaas. My, what a range and what a variety..From Classical.. to Folk.. to Western gaana… the male and female singers excelled in all the genres. 
Leading from front was the legendary Tamil Actor M.K.Thiagaraja Bhagawathar (Tamil Cinemas’s first Superstar ). Going  abreast with him were PU. Chinnappa,S.G.Kittappa, Honappa Bhagawathar and Dhandapani Desigar to be followed later on by the one and only the most manly and majestic T.M.Soundarrajan. Around the same time the Tamil Cinema Industry had at its service several talented singers like Nadipisai pulavar K.R.Ramasami ( the first actor to spread the Dravidian movement far and wide), C.S.Jayaraman, T.R. Mahlingam.M.K.Radha, Trichy Loganathan, Sirkazhi S. Govindarajan,the classical exponent BalamuraliKrishna, A.M. Raja, P.B.Srinivas,A.L. Raghavan,Dharapuram Sundarajan, S.c Krishnan and Ponnusami.