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12 September 2016

Looking for a Chance in Tamil Cinema as Lyricist - Sample Lyrics Attached

The below mentioned Lyricist is looking for a Lyricist Job in Tamil Cinema. He has high potential in making Lyrics in short time with effectiveness. A sample of his work on Mother's love is shown below;

விழி திறக்கும் முன் என் விழி திறக்கும் முன் முதல் முத்தம் கொடுத்தாய்....
ஒளி இரவென வெயில் மழை குளிரென கருவில் யுத்தம் புரிந்தாய்.....
உன் அன்பைப் பார்த்த பாறையிலும் அட காவிரி ஊறுதம்மா.....

03 October 2014

Looking for Tamil Actor Chance in Tamil Cinema

Name - Kumar

Contact Number - 9176960857

E mail -

Modeling Photos of Kumar to get a chance in Tamil Cinema:

Name of Model - Kumar

05 September 2014


Tamilnadu Online Part Time jobs

We are looking for Content writers for our this web page.

Number of Vacancies : 02

Skills Required: 

1. Writing skill with very simple English words;

2. Should be a Tamil cinema fan watching all the Tamil cinemas without fail.

3. Should be capable of determining the pluses and minuses of a Tamil movie.

4. Should have open mind to learn new things.