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11 October 2014

Tamil Cinema actresses - An Overview:

Every Tamil cinema is getting its shape with the work of hundreds of workers including the Tamil Cinema directors, assistant directors, music director and his crew, production team, visual effects team, stunt master and is crew, cinematographer and his crew, lighting supervisor and his crew, then the workers engaged with the all other works like, travel, food, accommodations and last but not the least; the acting artists. From the time since the cinema was discovered, at the initial stage with the name of drama, these acting profession has been given the very first priority when the audience expressing their review / response about the drama / movie. Because the very first thing getting into the eyes of the audience is the artist who is acting the roles. Even though the art department's work is also getting into the eyes of the audience, he ( the audience ) is looking at those fine sets only as the supporting things for the artist to perform the role.

Latest Tamil Cinema Actresses profiles

In this so important part ( acting artists ) part of the cinema, we got so many artists coming around the script of the movie / drama. But mainly the cinema will have a main male role ( Hero ) and a main female role ( Heroin ). Even thought there are few Tamil movies came without having a heroin in it, 99.9% of Tamil movies are having heroins. So, in this article of Tamil cinema, we are going to see such important Tamil actresses / Tamil cinema heroins only. I got the idea of writing this article after seeing the Tamil movie Endrendrum Punnagai and Raja Rani. One of the rare things happened in those movies that the heroins of those movies are elder than the heros of the movie in real life; that Tamil actor Jeeva has one year of age lesser than the age of Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan who did the heroin role in that movie and Tamil actor Jai ( date of birth April 1985 ) has 6 months lesser age than Tamil actress Nayantara ( Date of birth November 1984 ) acted as on screen pair for the Tamil movie Raja Rani under the direction of Atlee.

04 September 2014

Tamil Cinema today - An Overview

Tamil Cinema - Overview

Traditional Tamil cinema motivates the people in right ways also it encourage the people to do good activities. The songs and the theme of those cinemas are encouraging the people in good things. But now a days Tamil cinema indirectly motivate the younger generation in wrong path. It also gives abnormal thinking as well as wrong information about the real world. For example in a movie BBO gave salary of Rs.50, 000/- for a month to to an youngster but real fact any BBO doesn’t give such amount of salary to any fresher. In Tamil movies they introduce a virtual world to the person who seen it.

Tamil Cinema